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Omaha Ski Club Member Postings

Ben and Mark at Arapahoe Basin
May 26-28, 2007

Busy at the base

Click on image to view full size

Near the base

Mark about to ski

Ben about to ski

Inside the mid-mountain restaurant

Halfway up the Lenawee lift

Overlooking Lake Dillon

Loveland Pass view

Halfway up the Norway lift

Overlooking the valley

Snowy landscape

Fake 80s band

Afternoon parking lot view

In the gully

Mark on Sunday morning

Ben on Sunday morning

View from the Exhibition lift

Sunday on the Norway lift, part 1

Sunday on the Norway lift, part 2

Loveland Pass view with skimming pond

Looking uphill from the base

Pseudo-reggae band

Battle of the brewpubs, part 1

Battle of the brewpubs, part 2

Battle of the brewpubs, part 3

Battle of the brewpubs, part 4

Strange dog

Looking up from the base

Mountain goats, part 1

Mountain goats, part 2

 Mountain goats, part 3

Mountain goats, part 4

Mark on Memorial Day morning

Ben on Memorial Day morning

Memorial Day morning, part 1

Memorial Day morning, part 2

Mark examining mountain goat tracks

Mid-mountain restaurant

Mark with brownish snow

Looking down the valley

Lake Dillon on Memorial Day

Norway lift view

Pond skimming

Rest area at the top of the lift

Memorial Day band, part 1

Memorial Day band, part 2