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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Corporate Cycling Challenge
August 20, 2006

End of ride photo stop

Click on image to view full size

Ben, Ellen, Steve and Teri waiting to start

Ellen, Roberta, Steve and Teri about to start

Teri waiting to start

Ben waiting to start

Ben, Ellen, Steve and Roberta at the starting area

At the starting area

Starting area crowd

Last-minute consultations

Teri at the starting area

Ellen, Steve and Roberta at the starting line

Just about to start

The ride is underway

Pedaling through traffic

Making progress

Pat, Brian and Andy providing support

Fort Calhoun halfway point overview

Fort Calhoun halfway point closeup

Brian at the halfway point

Brian, Andy and Pat waiting for the cyclists

Almost done

Steve about to finish

Teri about to finish

End-of-ride water bottle

Steve rehydrating

Steve and Brian waiting for the last riders

Brian, Andy, Pat, Steve and Roberta at the finish line

Relaxing at the end of the ride