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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Lake Tahoe area, Nevada and California (Flatlands Ski Association)
January 28 - February 4, 2007

Twelve skiers in a row

Race results

Click on image to view full size

Gay, Gary and Brian at Kirkwood

Kirkwood landscape

Skiers at the top of Kirkwood

Watching the Kirkwood valley

Sun behind Kirkwood cliffs

Kirkwood valley and base area

Kirkwood cliffs

Relaxing at the Kirkwood base

Kirkwood after-ski drinks

Lakeland welcome party beverages

Lakeland welcome party discussions, part 1

Lakeland welcome party discussions, part 2

Lakeland welcome party discussions, part 3

Morning view of the Alpine Meadows base

Morning view of Lake Tahoe from Alpine Meadows

Examining the trail map

Assembled Alpine Meadows multitude

Alpine Meadows photo stop

JP, Gary and Andy

Alpine Meadows lunch break

Afternoon view of Lake Tahoe from Alpine Meadows

Mark, Gary, Andy and Phil

Lake Tahoe through the trees

At the top of Alpine Meadows

Alpine Meadows sunset

Alpine Meadows post-ski break

Squaw base view from the tram

JP and Brian waiting on the tram

Squaw large scale view from the tram

Semi-steep slope at Squaw

Squaw rest stop

At the top of Squaw

Deciding where to ski

Top of the slope

JP, Ellen, Mary, Pat and Brian

Phil, JP, Ellen, Pat, Brian and Mary

Squaw group photo stop

All in a row at Squaw

Christine, JP and Mary

Mary with Lake Tahoe background

Squaw double-diamond slope

Post-skiing rest and refreshments

Tahoe Queen dinner boat

Boarding the Tahoe Queen

Calm waters at Lake Tahoe

Dennis and Andrea at sunset

Lake Tahoe sunset view

Underway on the Tahoe Queen

Tahoe Queen dinner

Discussions on the boat

Lake Tahoe in the moonlight

Mary in the moonlight

Lake Tahoe view from Heavenly's Gunbarrel lift

Lake Tahoe casino area

Mark near the top of Heavenly

Twisted trees at the top of Heavenly

Ellen, Mary and Mark at the California-Nevada border

Mary at the top of Heavenly

Mary and Mark on the east side of Heavenly

Mark, Mary and Ellen, part 1

Mark, Mary and Ellen, part 2

Mary and Ellen at the Snow Beach tiki bar

Ben prepares to cross-country race

Jim and Ellen prepare to cross-country race

Omaha Ski Club cross-country team

Final cross-country preparations

Mark waiting to race

Jim cross-country racing

Jim at the finish line

Ellen about to finish

Ben about to finish

Mark near the finish line

Ready to party, part 1

Ready to party, part 2

Party time at Tahoe Wabo

Heavenly race course, side view

Heavenly race course from the top of the World Cup lift

Snow and trees

At the top of the race course

Racing underway

Ben racing

Mark racing

Linda racing

Gay on the race course

Base of the race course

Race course closeup

Linda after the race

Cruising towards the lake

Gary overlooking the lake

Reflections in the lake

Jim, Mark and Ben at Harvey's

Lake Tahoe morning view from the dock

Lake Tahoe south shore

Lake Tahoe morning reflections

Mark overlooking Lake Tahoe

Ben near the top of Heavenly

Looking east towards Nevada

Pat and Andy

Nevada desert view

Linda cross-country skiing

Seagull at Heavenly's California base

Post-skiing conference

Brian with the Coors girls

Cynde and

Pat dancing

Brian's song, part 1

(6 MB movie)

Brian's song, part 2

(6 MB movie)

JP gets his medal

Phil gets his medal