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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Winter Park, Colorado
January 9 - 13, 2008

Ben, Steve and Roberta on the slopes

Click on image to view full size

Roberta on the shuttle bus

Teri on the shuttle bus

Teri and Roberta evaluating the slopes

Teri and Roberta, part 2

Roberta and Teri at Mary Jane

Teri in deep snow

Ben in the snow

Snowy landscape

Hot tub view from the condo


View from the condo

Ben and Steve at the Winter Park pub dinner

Teri and Roberta at the Winter Park Pub dinner

Looking out the windows

Lots of snow outside

Winter Park Pub outside view

Teri resting

Teri celebrating

Steve resting

Ben resting

Roberta and Ben skiing in heavy snow

Teri skiing in heavy snow

Teri and Roberta on a sunny day

Quiet landscape

Teri and Ben

Roberta and Ben on the lift

Sun, snow, mountains and trees

Teri's rest stop

Ben's rest stop

Snowy tress

Cloudy mountaintop

Sunny valley

Low clouds

Sunlight in the tress

Ben resting in the Eagle Wind area

Teri resting in the Eagle Wind area

View down the trail

Snowy trees in the sun

Snow flurries in the valley

Teri with valley overlook

Cloudy valley view

Overlooking the Winter Park base

View from the base

Icicles and swimming pool near the condos

Swimming pool

Route 40 in the late afternoon

Icicles at night, part 1

Icicles at night, part 2

Roberta resting

German restaurant

Teri, Roberta and Ben

Fancy German food, part 1

Fancy German food, part 2

German dessert

Snowy Winter Park gas station

Men's bathroom sign

Clearing skies

Coal train near the Winter Park base

Returning home through Berthoud Pass

Berthoud Pass scenery