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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Copper Mountain, Colorado (Flatlands Ski Association)
January 28 - February 1, 2009

Snowshoe racing team

Race results

Click on image to view full size

Foxpine Inn condos

Pat in the trees

Teri in the trees

Phil, Ellen, Pat and Pat at Jack's

Christine, Craig, Merry and Barb

Al and Andy

Andy, Harvey and Bob

El and Pat

Mary about to ski

Teri and Mary ready to ski

Len, Mary and Alan rest stop

Joe and Mary

Ellen and Kim preparing to ski

Ben and Kim

Cold valley overlook

I-70 view

Joe, Len, Dan and Teri

Group lunch gathering, part 1

Group lunch gathering, part 2

Kim and Ellen at lunch

Alan at lunch

Gary skiing

Judy skiing

Group photo stop

Mary, Ben, Judy and Richard

Richard, Gary and Judy

Waiting for the shuttle bus

Joe and Mary on the bus

At the snowshoe race

Snowshoe race underway

Len at the snowshoe race

Teri and Mary after the snowshoe race

Second snowshoe race team

Second snowshoe race team getting ready

Second snowshoe race

Alan, Ellen and Tom

At Jack's after the snowshoe races

Carol, Ben and Ellen at Jack's

Pat, Teri and Brian

Dancing on the bar, part 1

Lefty Lucy

Cynde and Pat

Cynde, Pat and Judy

Dancing on the bar, part 2

 Andy, Gay and Brian

Teri and Marty

Gathering around the long table

FSA welcome dinner

Barb, Craig and Mary Ava

Andy and Al

Al and Christine

Marty, Ben and Carol

Merry, Tom and Teri

Richard and Judy

After dinner

Phil distributing racing bibs

Happy gathering

Ellen, Mary and Felix

Kim, Teri, Joe and Mary

JP, El, Andy and Pat

Pat and Phil

Pat, Teri and Phil

Kim and Ellen at the condo

On the foggy ridge

Thin flat cloud layer

Wide blue cruiser

Teri preparing to race

Kim and Teri about to race

Kim racing

Kim on the race course

Teri at the starting gate

Teri speeding through the race course

Teri rounding a turn

Mary at the starting gate

Gay on the race course

Judy, Gay, Mary, Teri and Alan

Gay, Kim, Mary and Teri

Pleasant valley view

Men's challenge race area

View from the race area

Len and Alan resting

Six skiers in a row

Brian and Andy

Al, Pat, Andy, Bob, Dan and Tom

Teri and Mary overlooking I-70


Ellen and Ben at lunch

Stunted trees

View near the top

Clearing skies

Quiet bowl

Ellen at the top of Storm King

Teri and Mary near the Storm King summit

Len and Mary

Alan and Len in a large chair

Teri and Len in a large chair

Pat, Cynde and Lefty Lucy at Jack's

At the end of the ski day

Gay, Andy, Pat and Cynde

Bar dance at Jack's, part 1

Bar dance at Jack's, part 2

Foxpine Inn condo

Alan cooking

Condo living room view

Early morning view from the condo

Alan, Teri, Len and Mary

Len, Mary and Russ

Crystal clear summit view

Alan racing on a snowboard

Dan resting

Alan resting on a steep slope

Impressive view

Mary and Teri at the top of the ridge

Teri and Len overlooking the valley

Skiers overlooking the valley

Alan at the side of the trail

Ellen near the poma lift

Impressive scenery

Last day on the women's race course

Kim and Ellen waiting for the snowcat

Ellen and Kim with the snowcat

Tucker Mountain snowcat area

Tucker Mountain hiking trail

Kim and Ellen watching the scenery

I-70 overlook

Base area from above

Merry and Dan

Teri and Len at the end of the skiing day

Lucy and Lefty at Jack's

Dancing on the bar at Jack's

Andy, Bob and El at the FSA awards banquet

Mary, Joe and Al

Teri and Mary at the awards banquet

Barb, Dawn and Russ

Denny and Mary Ava

Nick, Richard and Ruth

Dan, Phil and Christine

Kim, Ben and Ellen

JP, Andy and Brian

Gary and Gay

Cynde and Pat at the awards banquet


Marty and Denny

El and Tom


Group gathering at the awards banquet

Awards banquet Mexican food

Phil's medal ceremony

Phil with medal