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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Snowbasin and Powder Mountain, Utah
March 17 - 22, 2009

Snowbasin summit gathering

Click on image to view full size

Wyoming scenery, part 1

Wyoming scenery, part 2

Mark, Dave and Ben preparing to ski

Fancy bathroom at Snowbasin

Snowbasin base area

Teri ready to ski

Mark at the top of the Needles gondola

Above the base area

Mark and Ben

Dave, Mark and a local volunteer guide

Snowbasin scenery

Rest stop

Mark and Ben in the gondola

Dave in the gondola

Group photo stop

Teri on the ridge

Ski area boundary

Snowbasin rest stop

Variable vegetation

Ben, Dave, Phil, Garth and Pat

Mark at the summit ridge

Hill AFB view from the summit ridge

Teri and Dave skiing down the summit ridge

Dave skiing near the Strawberry gondola

Top of the Olympic men's downhill

Top of the Olympic women's downhill

Deciding where to ski

Scenic view to the east

Snowbasin midway point

Top of the Wildflower downhill run

Dead tree

Smooth blue cruiser

Top of the Olympic men's downhill

Top of the Olympic women's downhill

Deciding where to ski

Scenic view to the east

Mark looking downhill

Mark and Pat at the summit ridge

Looking southeast

Scenic cliffs

Mark at lunch

Lunchtime gathering

Ben, Dave and Mark at lunch

Summit ridge

Ben, Dave, Mark and Pat

Ben at the end of the day

Pat, Ben, Dave, Mark and Nancy before dinner

Dave and Nancy at dinner

Mark and Ben at dinner

Mark, Ben, Pat, Teri and Nancy

Mark and Ben at Powder Mountain

Pat at Powder Mountain

Teri and Pat watching the valley

Powder Mountain scenery

Approaching the Powder Mountain base area

Top of the blue cruiser

View to the west

Dave and Pat on the Sundown lift

Sundown section of Powder Mountain

Teri near the top of the Hidden Lake lift

Scenic valley

Pat and Dave

Group photo stop

End of the Powder Mountain skiing day

End of the skiing day, part 2

Resting at the Powder Keg bar

Dave and Mark

Garth and Phil

At the Powder Mountain watering hole

Local waterfall

Local creek

Underpass mural

Irish restaurant

Irish dinner gathering

Irish decorations, part 1

Irish decorations, part 2

Irish decorations, part 3

Garth and Pat

Powder Mountain base area

Mark preparing to ski

Pat and Mark on fresh corduroy

Pat resting

Dave resting

Ben resting

Dave, Teri and Pat near the top

Mark, Dave and Teri watching the valley

Dave, Ben, Pat and Mark

Powder Mountain cliffs

View from the lift

Strategy session

Pleasant Powder Mountain landscape

Valley view

Pat and Dave waiting at the lift

Dave at the platter lift

Powder Mountain lunch

Powder Mountain lunch, Part 2

Beach party transportation

Beach party briefing on the bus

Garth, Phil, Pat and Teri on the bus

Approach to Antelope Island

Antelope Island vegetation

Getting off the vehicle

Antelope Island dinner, part 1

Antelope Island dinner, part 2

Antelope Island dinner food

Antelope Island party area

Mid-life crisis

Beach party band

Evening entertainment

Boardwalk to the beach

Discussion at the beach

Mark taking a stroll

Antelope Island beach view

Waterside photo

Teri and Nancy

Phil and Garth

Ben at the beach

Calm salty water

Pat wading

Nancy, Garth and Teri

Calm salty water, part 2

Strolling on the beach

Teri at the shoreline

Dave and Nancy at sunset

Phil, Mark and Ben

Louisville ski club group

Impressive sunset, part 1

Impressive sunset, part 2

Impressive sunset, part 3

Walking back to the party area

Tiki torch

Phil and Garth at sunset

Mark, Ben and Pat

Beach party dancing, part 1

Beach party dancing, part 2

Beach party dancing, part 3

Snowbasin base lodge

Needles gondola

Antelope Island view from Snowbasin

Southeast view

View to the north

Pat at Snowbasin

Ben at Snowbasin

Dave overlooking the valley

Pat overlooking the valley

Dave, Teri, Phil and Garth

Phil on the ridge

On the traverse

Dave, Garth and Phil

Dave and Phil evaluating the slope

Garth resting

Interesting vegetation

Steep valley at Snowbasin

Ben, Dave, Mark and Phil at lunch

Dave, Mark, Phil and Teri after lunch

Steve, Mark and Phil

Interesting cliffs

End of the skiing day

Mark, Garth and Ben at dinner

Nancy and Teri

Pat and Dave at dinner

Garth and Phil at breakfast

Breakfast gathering

Returning through Wyoming