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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Crested Butte, Colorado
February 23-28, 2010

All nine skiers in a row

Click on image to view full size

Phil, Ben and Dave in the large condo

First evening condo gathering

Mary, Teri, Dave and Kim

Exotic Korean noodles

(Thanks Kim!)

Kim and Teri working on dinner

Kim distributing dinner

Jeff, Ben, Phil and Kim

Dave, Joe and Mary

Pat, Teri and Phil relaxing after dinner

Pat, Teri and Phil, part 2

Mary and Jeff

Joe, Kim, Dave and Ben

Joe, Jeff, Dave and Ben

Morning wait at the main base

Teri, Mary and Kim near the top of the lift

Photo lineup on the first skiing day

Dave, Ben, Kim and Mary

Mary, Jeff, Phil and Pat

Teri, Mary and Kim in a row

Jeff, Teri, Mary and Kim


Trail signs

Snow covered storage building

Pleasant landscape

Kim at the top of the lift

Mid-mountain rest stop

Teri resting on the terrace

View down the wide cruiser

Upper valley view

Dave and Phil on the lift

Dave, Kim and Mary

Teri with trail signs

Kim and Teri with trail signs

Dave, Mary, Ben, Jeff and Pat at lunch

Jeff and Teri

Teri, Phil and Kim

Looking up at the mountain


Jeff resting

Phil and Kim overlooking the valley

Snowy trees

Rugged landscape

Jeff and Kim on the lift

Dave and Teri on the lift

Mary, Teri and Kim at the end of the first skiing day

Restaurant decorations, part 1


Restaurant decorations, part 2

Restaurant decorations, part 3

Restaurant decorations, part 4

Hot tub gathering

Welcome party dinner, part 1

Welcome party dinner, part 2

Welcome party food

Hawaiian welcome party gathering

Kim and Jeff at the welcome party

Teri and Pat


Mary and Joe

Phil and Mark

Phil and Pat

Breakfast in the large condo

Mark's breakfast on the couch

Mark and Ben at the entrance to the condos

Joe and Mary about to ski


All in a row on the second skiing day

Navigating a bump run

Jeff and Kim

View up the mountain from the long chairlift

Phil between two skis

Dave on a steep slope

Mary on a steep slope

Ben, Jeff, Phil and Kim

Mary and Dave in very difficult terrain

Jeff, Kim, Mary, Ben, Dave, Phil and Pat

Butte above, condos below

Snow squall approaching the valley

Dave overlooking the valley

Rest stop in steep terrain

Phil, Kim, Ben and Dave skiing towards the valley

End of the second skiing day

Ben and Kim

Pat and Teri

Large hot tub gathering

Mary in the snow

Kim in the snow

Night view of the mountain from the condo

Icicles at night

Jeff cooking dinner

Jeff and Mark working on dinner

Rice noodles with spaghetti sauce (Thanks Jeff!)

Dave, Jeff, Ben, Pat and Joe

Domino game

Bridge from the condos to the base area

Blue sky and white mountains

Mark ahead of a very steep slope

Pit stop

Mark, Jeff and Mary

Ski runs on the butte

Mark and Jeff at the ice bar

Mark at fancy lunch stop

Fancy lunch

Mary and Joe plotting routes

Teri with scenery

Trees overlooking the valley

Kim, Mary and Teri in a snow cave

Double-diamond path around boulders

Jeff with valley view

Looking up at double diamond terrain

Teri, Mary, Joe, Kim and Dave

Mary and Joe rest stop

Ben, Kim, Jeff, Pat and Phil

Sunset view

Ice sculptures

Dave at the transit center

Transit center display

Strange ice sculpture

Downtown dinner gathering, part 1

Downtown dinner gathering, part 2

Unusual dessert

Teri, Mary and Kim with ice sculptures

Morning view from the condo

Teri, Phil and Pat preparing to ski

Phil, Teri, Kim, Mark and Jeff

Teri, Kim and Mary on the lift

Phil, Dave and Pat

Jeff, Ben and Mark

Phil resting

Mark resting


Quiet landscape

Kim resting

Downtown Crested Butte, part 1

Downtown Crested Butte, part 2

Last evening's dinner, part 1

Last evening's  dinner, part 2

Last evening's dinner, part 3

Fancy food