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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Park City, Utah area

with the Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council (CMSC)
March 20-27, 2010

Rest stop on a steep slope

Race results

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CMSC welcome breakfast conference room

Ben and Mark at the welcome breakfast

Bill, Dave and Phil

Mary, Gary and Teri

Phil, Pat and Mary

Mark waiting at the bus stop

Gay, Dave and Bill waiting at the bus stop

Ben, Mark, Gary and Mary

Canyons ski area view

Bill, Mark, Ben and Pat preparing to ski

Bill, Dave, Mark, Ben, Pat, Gay and Mary

Gay, Gary, Mary, Mark and Pat at the Canyons

Mark, Bill and Mary overlooking the valley

Phil overlooking the valley

Wide blue cruiser

Peak 990 signs

Canyons ski patrol preparing to transport Teri

Fright Gully

At the end of the first skiing day, part 1

At the end of the first skiing day, part 2

CMSC welcome party

Gay, Bill and Dave with food and beer

Gay with food and beer

Getting welcome party food

Mark and Ben

Dave with refreshments

Mary at the welcome party

Teri at the welcome party

Park City pre-race rest stop

Mark, Mary and Pat on the lift

Park City sleigh horses

Park City race course

Waiting to race, part 1

Waiting to race, part 2

Phil racing

Dave and Mark overlooking the Park City base

Wide blue cruiser at Park City

Phil, Pat and Mark

Gay and Bill resting

Park City vegetation


Pleasant scenery

Gay, Bill and Dave on challenging terrain

Phil resting on a steep slope

Old mining structure in the valley

End of the second skiing day

Gay, Pat and Bill

Teri, Gay, Gary and Mary at a CMSC party in downtown Park City

Mary, Teri and Gary


Snow falling outside

Downtown Park City in the snow

Phil, Gary and Pat

Mary outside in the falling snow

On the shuttle bus to Deer Valley

Preparing to ski at Deer Valley

Deer Valley ski area base,

part 1

Deer Valley ski area base, part 2

Deer Valley lineup

Deer Valley landscape, part 1

Deer Valley landscape, part 2

Ben, Mark and Phil

 Bill, Gay and Dave

Above Perseverance Bowl

Pat, Ben, Bill and Phil

Deer Valley rest stop

 Pat, Bill, Gay and Dave

Dave and Mary

Deer Valley construction

Gathering near the Deer Valley base

 Deer Valley lunch

Steep slopes

Mary near the base

Bill overlooking the valley

Deer Valley base, seen from above

Approaching the base



Dave, Bill and Ben

Chinese dinner

Mark, Ben and Phil checking the menu

Dave, Bill and Gary

More menu decision making

Red moose at outlet mall entrance

Olympic Park bobsled facility

Mary at Olympic Park entrance

Teri at  Olympic Park entrance

Olympic Park storyboard

Mountain certificate pins

Ski jumping display

Mary with ski racing cutout poster

Teri with ski racing cutout poster

Luge display

Olympic Park jumping area

Teri at the torch display

Mary at the torch display

2002 Olympic medals

Salt Lake 2002 pin display

Olympic Park ski jumps

Mary overlooking the ski jumps

View from the lift at Sundance

Sundance landscape

Lake view from Sundance


Sundance mountain view

Sundance rest stop

Bill, Gay, Dave and Pat at Sundance

On the blue cruiser

Pat and Gay

Pat, Gay and Dave

Dave and Pat at Sundance

Lunch at Sundance

Steep canyon near Sundance

Ben at the Canyons

Mark at the Canyons

Canyons eastern valley

Long blue cruiser

Mark resting on Peak 9990 at the Canyons

Ben resting on a steep bump run

Near the top of Peak 9990

Canyons valley view

Mark resting on the Peak 9990 ridge

Italian dinner in downtown Park City

Italian dinner, part 2

Italian soup and bread

Unusual Italian food

Strange green Italian vegetables

Italian tiramisu dessert

Phil, Gay and Pat at Park City waiting for the 2nd race

Pat, Gary and Mary

Park City amusement ride track

CMSC post-race lunch

CMSC post-race lunch, part 2

Park City amusement ride

Pat, Bill and Dave with mining storage building

Mining storage building plaque

Downtown Park City base area, part 1

Phil, Dave, Bill, Mark, Mary and Pat

Downtown Park City base area, part 2

Mark overlooking downtown Park City

View of old houses from the town lift

Gay and Mark on the town lift

Unusual local bird

BBQ dinner in downtown Park City

BBQ dinner menu

Mary, Mark, Ben, Pat and Phil

Gary, Bill, Gay and Teri

Cole slaw and ribs

Pork, fries and green beans

Snowy view from the room

Gary on the Canyons gondola

Bill and Dave at lunch

Mary and Teri at lunch

Scenery at the Canyons

Interesting landscape

Gay and Mary

Snowy view from the lift

After-ski hot tub gathering

At the CMSC awards banquet

Mary, Dave, Bill and Pat

Mark and Phil

Mary, Bill, Pat, Gay and Gary

Dave, Bill, Gary, Pat, Teri and Ben

CMSC awards banquet food

Awards banquet food, part 2

Chocolate cake

Awards banquet gathering

Awards banquet gathering, part 2

Post-banquet dance, part 1

Post-banquet dance, part 2

Post-banquet dance, part 3

Post-banquet dance, part 4