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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Schweitzer, Idaho
January 6-12, 2010

Nine Omaha Ski Club skiers with Schweitzer mountain guide

Click on image to view full size

Brian, Teri and Andy at the airport

Loading the shuttle at the Spokane airport

Sandpoint, Idaho

Local road to Schweitzer, part 1

Local road to Schweitzer, part 2

Ben, Andy and Brian

Condo beds

Welcome party, part 1

Welcome party, part 2

Welcome party, part 3

First evening's dinner, part 1

First evening's dinner, part 2

Salmon with rice and vegetables

Fancy and unusual fish dinner

Teri at breakfast

Ben after breakfast

Pat after breakfast

Brian in the condo

Schweitzer at sunrise

Mountain orientation

Mountain tour

Mountain tour rest stop

Andy and Brian on the slope

Andy, Steve and Teri near the top

Photo overlook

Mountaintop gathering

Snowy mountainside

Pleasant skiing

Trail signs

Teri at the summit

Snowy trees

Base complex

Parking lot view

Lunchtime gathering, part 1

Lunchtime gathering, part 2

Valley and lake view

Teri and Andy on the summit ridge

Brian and Teri

Outdoor swimming pool

Snowy roof

Pat in the condo

At the base

Pat waiting at the base

Morning landscape with valley fog

Pat, Andy, Bill, Brian, Ben and Dave

Ridgetop gathering

Bill on the ridgetop


Brian and Pat getting off the lift

Lake behind the trees

Dave, Pat, Andy and Brian

Midday view


Pat, Brian, Teri and Andy on fresh corduroy

Pat and Andy

Andy, Teri and Brian

Under the lift

Full parking lot

Andy overlooking the base


Peaceful landscape

Above the base area, part 1

Above the base area, part 2

Andy, Pat, Brian and Ben

after skiing

Andy, Pat, Brian and Teri

At the ski storage area

Dinner gathering, part 1

Dinner gathering, part 2

Bill, Dave and Teri

Steve and Russ

Steve, Ben and Russ

Pat, Teri and Andy

Pat, Teri and Brian

Teri resting

Warning sign

Foggy morning

Teri in the fog

Low clouds

Multiple cloud layers

Andy and Brian in new snow

Cloudy day

Base complex, part 1

Base complex, part 2

Unusual view, part 1

Unusual view, part 2

Fog near the lake

Bear statue

Bar and cafeteria entrance

Lake view between buildings

Clock tower

Andy on the ridge

No peeing

Strange growth on trees

Wide blue cruiser

Snowy trees

Brian overlooking the valley

Pat, Brian, Ben and Andy at the base of the Stella lift

Old boiler at the base of the Stella lift

Dave and Bill at lunch

Quiet lake

Along the top of the ridge

Lake closeup

Snowy trees on ridge

Andy, Brian, Ben and Pat at the end of the day

Base lodge

Breakfast with Russ, Dave and Bill

Brian and Andy

Pat, Steve, Ben and Bill

Loading the van for the return trip

Unloading the van at the Spokane airport

Baggage pickup at Eppley