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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Copper Mountain, Colorado
January 5-9, 2011

Eight in a row

Click on image to view full size

Eric resting

Teri resting

Lefty Lucy playing at Jack's

Pat at Jack's

Eric and El

Teri in giant chair

Eric in giant chair

View from the motel room

Mark unloading in the parking lot

Almost unloaded

Eric getting ready to ride

Mark and Nick waiting to ski

Low clouds over the valley

Len ,Pat, Nick, Eric, Dave, Mark, Mary and Ben

Dave and Mary




Mark and Ben

Mary and Teri

Mary, Len and Teri

Eric, Dave, Mary, Nick and Len

Ben, Nick, Teri, Dave, Mary and Len

Interstate 70 valley view, part 1

Interstate 70 valley view, part 2

Len, Mary, Ben and Mark at the top of the lift

Mary, Mark and Teri near the top of the lift

Mary, Len, Dave and Nick

Mary, Eric, Dave, Teri and Len

Dave and Nick

Dave, Nick, Len and Mary at the top of the poma lift

Ben, Nick and Eric at lunch

Lunch over, preparing to ski

Andy in the poma lift line

Top of the the back bowls


Western valley overlook

View to the east

Starting down the back bowls

Summit ridge view

Andy and Mark

Dave, Ben and Mark at Jack's

Mary and Joe

Brian and Cindy

Lefty Lucy at Jack's

Lucy singing Independence Day

Three shot skis at once

After the shots

Beer sign

Copper parking lot, evening view

In the motel lobby, about to leave for dinner

Pizza buffet dinner at the Depot

Nick at dinner

Ben, Pat and Mark

Dave and Nancy

Dave at dinner

Len, Joe, El and Mary

At the long table

At the long table, part 2

Morning view from the hotel room

Dave, Nick and Eric getting ready to ski and ride

Mark and Ben getting ready to ski

Mark about to ski

Ben, Mary, Mark, Len, Eric, Nick and Dave

Ben turning sharply

Dave skiing smoothly

Mary turning

Eric riding on a smooth blue run

Len turning rapidly

Len, Dave, Mary and Nick

Dave overlooking the valley

Dave, Nick, Ben and Mary resting near the summit ridge

Summit view to the west

Western back bowls

Six skiers and a boarder in a row near the top

Eric resting in the back bowls

Summit ridge view, day 2

Teri and Dave along the ridge

Teri, Nick and Mary

El and Pat

Deciding where to ski

Back bowl tracks

Bump runs

Mary overlooking the valley

View between the trees

Lefty Lucy playing on Friday evening

Lucy singing with shot ski at Jack's

Dave with Andy's cowboy hat

Two shot skis on the bar, part 1

Two shot skis on the bar, part 2

Celebrating after the shot skis

All lined up

Mountaintop cloud at sunset

Evening view from the motel room

Pizza party at Len's condo

Mary and Teri at the party

Party at Len's condo, part 2

Party at Len's condo, part 3

Party at Len's condo, part 4

Mary slicing pizza

Len, Mary, Ben and Dave

Dave and Mary resting

Ben and Nick on the lift

Nick resting

Len and Dave

Bump run in the trees

Skiing in the gully

Teri resting with crossed skis

Len, Mary, Nick and Dave

Mary and Eric

Resting in the back bowls

Tucker Mountain display

Len and Mary

Tucker Mountain snowcat, part 1

Tucker Mountain snowcat, part 2

Teri and Eric inside the snowcat

Tucker Mountain snowcat track

Eric at the Tucker Mountain entrance

Len, Mary, Teri and Eric at Tucker Mountain

Tucker Mountain hiking trail

Tucker Mountain summit view

Dinner at Silverheels, part 1

Dinner at Silverheels, part 2

Dinner at Silverheels, part 3

Fancy grilled chicken with broccoli

Fancy BBQ trout with sauce and green sprinkles

Snowy drive back, part 1

North Platte lunch on the way back

Snowy drive back, part 2