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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Banff area, Alberta, Canada
March 21-28, 2012

Fourteen club skiers

Click on image to view full size

Merry at the Omaha airport

Rich and Judy at the Omaha airport

Mel and Ester at the Omaha airport

Teri and Phil

Cynde and Ellen

Ben, Gayle, Ellen and Cnyde

Bob, Al, Dave and Nancy

Kim, Mel and Ester

Minneapolis skyline viewed from the plane

Ellen, Nancy and Dave at the Minneapolis layover airport bar

Teri at the Minneapolis airport

Minneapolis airport gathering

Ben, Ellen, Kim, Nancy and Dave

Ben, Kim, Dave and Nancy

Calgary airport sign

Ellen at the Calgary airport

Kim at the Calgary airport

Calgary airport gathering

Loading the bus to Lake Louise

On the bus

Liquor store stop

View from the bus, part 1

View from the bus, part 2

Wildlife bridge over the Canadian highway

Fairmont Lake Louise front view

Lake Louise hotel driveway area

Hotel room view

Snowy Lake Louise

Lake Louise hotel room

Lake Louise hotel lobby

Fairmont Lake Louise welcome party sign

View from the welcome party

Lake Louise welcome party lineup

Welcome party food table

Welcome party, part 1

Welcome party, part 2

Welcome party, part 3

Welcome party, part 4

Mark and Ellen

Mark, Ellen and Ben

Ester, Mel and Phil

Ellen with tapestry

Downstairs dinner at Lake Louise

Lake Louise dinner gathering, part 1

Lake Louise dinner gathering, part 2

Nancy, Dave and Kim at dinner

Ben, Mary Ava, Mark and Ester

Bob, Andy and Al at dinner

Snowy Lake Louise hotel room view

Phil eating breakfast

Snowdrifts outside the hotel

Chateau Lake Louise corridor

Elk heads in hotel lobby

Waiting in the lobby

Cynde and Bob

Cynde, Bob and Ellen

Waiting for the shuttle bus

Bob and Phil

Looking up at the hotel

Hotel history sign

About to ski at Lake Louise

Rich, Kim and Phil

Dave, Ellen and Kim

Gathering at the Lake Louise base

Dave and Kim on the gondola

Teri and Phil on the gondola

Ellen, Judy, Ben, Phil, Kim and Cynde

Cindy, Gayle, Judy, Bob, Dave and Phil

Mark, Cynde, Gayle and Judy

Judy, our guide, Dave and Phil

Gathering near the top of Lake Louise back bowls

Filtered sunlight and new snow

Lake Louise group photo stop

Rest stop in the back bowls


Kim, Ben, Dave, Ellen, Mark and Judy

Nine skiers resting

Judy, Cynde, Ben, Ellen, Kim and Mark

View from the Lake Louise lift

Kim, Ben and Mark

Cynde doing a snow angel

Panoramic view of the Lake Louise base

Teri, Kim, Dave and Ellen at the Lake Louise base

Ben, Kim, Dave, Ellen and Cynde

Dave, Judy, Cynde, Kim, Ellen and Ben

Lake Louise base, side view

Snowy view towards the lifts

Stuffed bears

First days lunch at Lake Louise

Lunchtime gathering viewed from above

Lake Louise lunch, continued

Dave, Cynde and Phil

Rich, Judy, Ellen, Kim and Ben

Lake Louise parking lot view

Cynde and Ellen

Rich and Judy on the lift

Rich and Judy resting

Rich, Kim and Ben on the lift

Mark and Judy on the lift

Phil, Al, Mark and Andy

Long smooth run towards the valley

Lake Louise hot tub gathering

Kim and Ellen in the hot tub

Cynde, Judy, Rich and Teri

Teri, Kim, Mark and Ben

Lake Louise pool

Hot tub discussions

Nancy, Ellen and Teri after the hot tub

Pre-dinner lobby gathering

Teri and Phil in the hotel lobby

Andy, Bob and Al

Mel, Ester and Merry

Leaving for dinner

Railroad station entrance area

Station Cafe entrance

Railroad souvenirs

Station decorations

Station Cafe dinner gathering, part 1

Station Cafe dinner gathering, part 2

Station Cafe dinner gathering, part 3

Checking the menus

Checking the menus, part 2

Railroad station furniture

Passing train

Unusual food