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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado
January 4-8, 2012

Phil, Cynde, Mark, Teri, Pat and Ben

Click on image to view full size

Phil at his room

View from the room

Evergreen Lodge parking lot

Beaver Creek rest stop

Mark and Phil watching the valley

Cynde, Pat and Phil

Quiet Beaver Creek morning

Dry Beaver Creek valley

Aspens along the slope

Mark, Pat and Cnyde with host

Phil and Ben

Teri and Ben

At the top of Bachelor Gulch

Deciding where to ski

Ben, Cynde, Pat, Phil and Mark

Phil and Cynde


Teri and Phil

Cynde, Phil, Ben and Pat

Easy cruiser

Phil checking the trail map

Joey, Cynde, Ben, Phil, Mark and Pat

Teri, Joey, Cynde, Ben, Phil, Mark and Pat

Summit way station

At the end of the skiing day

Welcome party in Phil's room

Welcome party, part 2

Cynde with welcome party food

Phil with welcome party snacks

Drinks at the Evergreen Lodge,

part 1

Drinks at the Evergreen Lodge,

part 2

Drinks at the Evergreen Lodge,

part 3

Drinks at the Evergreen Lodge, part 4

Pat, Cynde, Teri and Mark at Vail

Phil skiing at Vail

Ridge top run

Vail ridge top scenery

Back bowl area

Ben resting

Interesting landscape

Cynde stretching

Teri resting

Two Elks Lodge before lunch

Two Elks Lodge inside view

Pat and Phil resting

Ben at two Elks Lodge

Phil, Ben, Mark and Cnyde

View towards the Vail base

Along the ridge, part 1

Along the ridge, part 2

Cynde, Pat and Ben

Teri at the top of the ridge

Ben and Phil skiing down a groomed run

Pat, Cynde and Ben skiing

Pat skiing

Rest stop

Wide easy cruiser

Pat and Cnyde on the easy cruiser

Joey and Shelley

Phil, Ben, Pat, Joey, Cynde and Shelley

Pleasant skiing down an easy run

Beer-thirty, part 1

Beer-thirty, part 2

Pointing fingers

Fancy drink

Teri in used ski chair

Cynde in used ski chair

Joey, Shelley, Cynde and Pat at Friday night dinner in Vail

Phil, Ben and Mark at dinner

Teri and Phil at dinner

Prime rib with baked potato

Ice sculpture in Vail Village

Mark, Pat and Phil in the snow at Vail

Mark resting in the snow

Phil resting

Pat resting in the snow