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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Copper Mountain, Colorado
December 12-16, 2012

Pat, El, Pat, Phil, Andy and Teri

Click on image to view full size

Base of the American Eagle lift

Andy and Pat waiting to ski

El, Pat, Phil, Andy and Teri about to ski

Pat about to ski

Phil and Andy about to ski

Looking towards the east

Pat, Andy, Teri, Phil and El

Rest stop with Brian

View to the west

Pat, Phil, Pat and Teri

El looking towards the base

Andy, Ben, Pat, Phil and El

Wide easy cruiser with valley view

El and Phil on the lift

Pat, Andy, Ben, Phil and El

Andy, Pat, Ben, Phil and El with valley view

Andy and Ben at lunch

Pat, Pat, El and Ben

Pat, El, Ben and Phil

Thursday afternoon rest stop

Along the Flyer lift

View from the Flyer lift

Phil and Teri on the lift

Thursday afternoon gathering at Jack's

Thursday afternoon at Jack's,

part 2

Thursday afternoon at Jack's,

part 3

Pat, Ben, Cindy and Brian

Brian, Phil and Teri


Brian and Pat

Lefty Lucy setting up

Lefty Lucy on Thursday afternoon

Andy and Lucy

Teri and El

Cindy and Brian

Ben, Cindy, Brian and El

Cindy, Brian and Pat

Cindy, Ben and Pat

Teri and Andy

Andy, Teri, Phil and Pat preparing to ski

Phil waiting to ski

Teri waiting to ski

Andy waiting to ski

Pat, Andy and Phil

Ben waiting to ski

Andy, Teri and Pat

Rest stop at the top of the lift

Phil and Andy skiing, part 1

Phil and Andy skiing, part 2

Pat, Andy, Pat, Ben and Phil

Phil at the trail map

Andy, Pat and Ben on the lift

Friday lunchtime gathering

Phil and Pat at the base of the Timberline lift

T-Rex on-mountain restaurant

Clearing skies, rugged landscape

Pat and Andy near the summit

Pat, Andy and Phil near the summit

Ben, Pat and Phil on the lift

Pleasant scenery

I-70 valley view

Ben, Pat and Phil at Jack's

Andy, Pat and Cindy

Ben, Pat, Brian and Phil

Andy, Pat, Cindy, Ben and Phil

Lefty Lucy playing Friday evening

Lucy singing on the bar

Pat, Andy, Phil and Ben at the hot tub

China Szechuan menu

Phil, Ben, Pat and Andy with Chinese food

Exotic Chinese food, part 1

Chinese food, part 2

Chinese food, part 3

Chinese food, part 4

Saturday morning motel breakfast

American Eagle lift on Saturday morning

Pat, Andy, Phil and Pat about to ski

Teri resting on a steep slope

Teri skiing in deep snow

Teri, Andy and Pat in heavy falling snow

El, Pat, Pat, Andy, Brian and Ben in heavy falling snow

Pat, Pat, Andy and Ben

Phil's rest stop

Andy's rest stop

Resting in fresh powder

Andy after a minor slipup

Four skiers on the lift

Pat, Ben and El

Fresh powder on the slopes

East Village base view

Jack's outside view

Gathering at Jack's

Ben and Pat at Jack's

Cindy, Brian and Ben

Teri and El

Pleasant late Saturday afternoon at Jack's

Brian on the stage with Lefty Lucy

Brian with Lefty Lucy T-shirt

Brian, Teri, Phil and Pat with a shot ski, part 1

Brian, Teri, Phil and Pat with a shot ski, part 2

Andy, Pat, Cindy, Ben and Brian

Italian dinner gathering

Phil, Ben, El, Pat, Andy at Toscato's Italian restaurant

Italian salad

Fancy exotic lasagna

Unusual spaghetti with mushroom slices

Large hollow spaghetti with vegetables and mushrooms

Colorful Italian seafood plate

Ben preparing to ski on Sunday morning

Teri and Phil preparing to ski

Teri on Sunday morning

Fresh powder

Phil and Ben on Sunday morning

Teri resting

Snowy and foggy conditions