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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Keystone, Colorado
February 12-17, 2013

Ben, Lamont, Phil, Rich and Judy

Click on image to view full size

Condos outside view

Condo map

Condo building entrance

View from the condo

Condo terrace

Condo living room

Condo dining area

Condo kitchen

Condo master bedroom

Condo second bedroom

Condo third bedroom

Phil at the condo

Phil and Teri cooking at the welcome party

Welcome party dinner

Welcome party dinner, part 2

Welcome party food

Pleasant cruising run

Teri resting

Phil resting

Ben resting

View from the top

Nice scenery

Fresh snow cover

Phil in the trees

Ben in the trees

Phil and Teri at the gondola midstation

Approaching the main base

Susan, Bruce, Rich and Judy

Phil and Ben near the top of the gondola

Teri near the top of the gondola

Lamont and Patty

Outdoor swimming pool

Hot tub entrance

Ben and Phil in the hot tub

Ben, Lamont and Patty in the hot tub

Preparing for the Wednesday evening taco party

Taco party, part 1

Taco party, part 2

Ben and Judy

Rich, Bruce and Susan

Phil, Ben and Susan

Teri in the falling snow

Phil near the trees

Clearing skies over the valley

Labonte's Cabin viewed from above

Rich resting

Phil stopped on a blue cruiser run

Rich skiing in blowing snow

Phil at the top of North Peak

Phil and Rich

Ben between the trees

Teri closeup

Phil resting in the trees

Snowy tree run

Route 6 valley view

Waiting for the Friday morning bus

Lamont, Patty and Phil in the training area

Magic carpet tunnel

Teri on the magic carpet

Lamont on the magic carpet

Ben on the magic carpet

Patty and Phil

Phil and Patty, part 1

Phil and Patty, part 2

Phil and Patty, part 3

Patty in the training area

Phil in the falling snow

Teri in the snowy trees

Ben in the snowy trees

Closely spaced trees

Clearing over the valley

View from the lift

View from the lift, part 2

Ben and Phil on the lift

Teri on the lift

Snow and ice sculpture

Chili ingredients

Teri, Phil, Judy and Rich at the Friday evening chili party

Lamont, Susan, Bruce and Patty at the chili party

Saturday morning landscape

Teri, Phil and Lamont

Phil, Lamont and Ben

Terrain park jumps

North Peak runs

View to the north

Long lift lines on Saturday

Lamont and Ben in the trees

Phil in the trees and bumps

Sun and snowy trees

Distant mountains

Beginner area

Chinese restaurant in Dillon