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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Big Sky, Montana

 with the Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council (CMSC)
February 21-28, 2014

Omaha Ski Club group at the banquet

Race results

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Waiting at the Denver airport

Drive to Big Sky, part 1

Drive to Big Sky, part 2

Teri in the Huntley hotel lobby

Huntley hotel room

Saturday morning outside the hotel

Gathering for the mountain tour, part 1

Gathering for the mountain tour, part 2

Mountain tour underway

Dave, Pat, Phil and Teri with the tour guide

Phil, Bill and Ben

Teri resting

Cloudy snowy landscape

Steve, Phil, Pat, Dave and Jim

Bill near the trees

Partially clearing skies

Jim, Val, Phil, Ben and Dave with the tour guide

View towards the valley

Jim, Val, Ben, Pat, Bill and Steve

Kathy and Ben at lunch

Preparing to ski after lunch

Andy and Brian near the base

Andy, Brian, Bill and Pat

Skiers gathering near the base

Skiers gathering near the base, part 2

Bill, Ben, Pat, Dave and Phil

Dave on a steep groomed slope

Dave skiing towards the valley

Saturday afternoon scenery

Hummers restaurant sign

Steve, Bill, Phil and Brian preparing for dinner

Pat, Ben, Rich and Judy

Judy, Teri and Dave

Andy at dinner

Bill, Phil, Brian, Pat, Ben, Rich and Judy

Saturday evening bison burger dinner

Lift ticket window on Sunday morning

Dave, Brian and Bill in fresh powder

Andy, Dave, Brian, Teri and Bill

Brian, Andy, Pat and Teri

Moonlight Basin sign

Teri making a snow angel

Snowy Moonlight Basin landscape

Dave on the chairlift

Bill and Phil on the chairlift

Peaceful scenery

Peaceful scenery, part 2

Ski patrol storage shed

Phil, Dave, Ben, Andy, Pat and Brian

Bill and Dave

Andy, Brian, Phil, Ben and Pat

Fresh powder, snowy trees

Dave and Teri at the Moonlight Basin sign

Bill with helmet stickers

Steep mountainside

Snowy traverse

Rest stop under the cliffs

Rest stop, part 2

Ben, Dave, Bill, Brian, Phil and Andy

Pat resting

Ben, Dave, Bill. Brian and Phil

Steep and snowy

Dave, Ben, Bill, Brian, Phil Pat, Andy and Teri

Brian, Teri and Bill

Andy closeup

Dave closeup

Ben closeup

Beginning a long descent

Pat and Ben

Bill and Andy

Long descent, continued

Rest stop in an open area

Sun behind the cliffs

Club skiers on the traverse trail

Big trees and cliffs

Dead trees

Phil's photo stop

Ben's photo stop

Dave's photo stop

Bill's photo stop

Ben and Pat

Narrow traverse

Rich, Bill and Phil at lunch

Ben, Dave and Pat

Sunday afternoon hot tub, part 1

Sunday afternoon hot tub, part 2

CMSC welcome party poster

Teri and Phil at the CMSC welcome party

CMSC welcome party food table

CMSC welcome party, continued

Omaha Ski Club table

CMSC welcome party announcements

CMSC welcome party announcements, part 2

Phil with Mardi Gras hat and beads

Teri with Mardi Gras hat and beads

CMSC welcome party desserts

Phil, Ben, Pat, Brian and Andy

Dave, Steve and Bill

Welcome party gathering

Welcome party gathering, part 2

Welcome party overview

Monday morning snowy landscape

Teri resting Monday morning

Phil and Teri near some trees

Large open area

Judy, Steve, Andy, Brian and Phil

View from the lift

About to race

Race course starting area

Bottom of the race course

Andy and Brian about to race

Andy and Brian at the starting gates

Andy racing, part 1

Andy racing, part 2

Ben racing

Phil waiting to race

Phil at the starting gate

Phil racing

Brian at the starting gate

Brian racing, part 1

Brian racing, part 2

Brian racing, part 3

Brian racing, part 4

Phil and Andy after the race

CMSC post-race lunch sign

Post-race lunch food, part 1

Post-race lunch food, part 2

Teri and Phil at the post-race lunch

Phil and Ben at the post-race lunch

Hollis at the post-race lunch

Ben, Andy and Brian

Jim, Valerie and Rich

Judy, Dave and Bill

Dave and Bill

Quiet valley

Phil and Andy on the lift

Pat, Ben and Brian on the lift

Moonlight Basin landscape

Brian, Andy and Teri

Steep snowy mountainside

Uphill lift view

Teri in deep snow and small trees

Phil taking a break

Phil, Brian, Andy, Ben and Pat

CMSC after-ski party sign

Monday's CMSC after-ski party

Party pizza table

Monday party gathering

Pizza, gin and tonic

After-ski party pizza closeup

Rich, Pat and Ben at the after-ski party

Judy, Rich and Pat

Andy, Teri, Phil and Steve

Brian closeup

Jim and Valerie at the after-ski party

Jim and Valerie closeup

Judy, Rich and Pat checking the trail map

Ben, Jim, Valerie, Brian, Bill, Dave and Andy

Andy, Phil, Rich, Judy, Steve and Pat

After-ski party discussions

Ben, Jim and Valerie

Rich and Pat

Unusual beer

Teri and Phil at the end of the party

Brian and Andy at Tuesday morning breakfast

Tuesday morning valley landscape

Cloudy Tuesday morning landscape

Phil and Dave watching the valley

Pat resting above the main base

Slowly clearing skies

Phil and Dave on a long smooth slope

Rich skiing

Lone Peak view from the chairlift

Triple chairlift view

Base of the tram

Tuesday afternoon valley view

Lone Peak in the clouds

Summit Lodge and the mountain mall

Tuesday afternoon hot tub view

Hot tub view, part 2

Clear evening view

Whiskey Jack's entrance

Snow on the window


Tuesday after-ski party sign

After-ski party start

Party food table

Colorful party food closeup

CMSC party hosts

Dave, Bill, Phil and Teri

Dave and Bill at the party

Pat, Brian, Andy and Ben

Andy, Steve and Kathy

Pat, Ben, Andy and Brian

Party gathering, part 1

Party gathering, part 2

Party gathering, part 3

Party gathering, part 4

Party discussions, part 1

Party discussions, part 2

Pat, Teri and Ben

Teri and Ben

Getting drinks

Brian, Ashley and Andy

Wednesday morning steep slope

Bluebird day, dead trees

Clear mountain view

Phil resting Wednesday morning

View up the tram line

Tram line closeup

Tram waiting line

More skiers waiting

Getting on the tram

Tram closeup

View from the tram

View from the top of the tram

View from the top of Lone Peak, part 1

View from the top of Lone Peak, part 2

Descending the side of Lone Peak

At the base of Liberty Bowl

Wide empty bowl

Lone Peak lift

South side of Lone Peak

Under the cliffs

Phil skiing in the bowl

Phil skiing in the bowl, part 2

Phil resting in the trees

Deep snow and trees

Teri on a wide open bowl

Interesting view

Interesting view, part 2

Upper Lone Peak

Bright landscape

Open green run

Brian and Phil

Phil and Teri photo stop

Teri next to the trees

Snowy ridge

Rocky ridge and trees

Challenging terrain

Lone Peak lift in the valley

Valley rest stop

Wide cruising run

Lone Peak behind trees

Brian and Teri resting



Big Sky panorama

Approaching the Big Sky base

Looking down the Dakota lift line

Lone Peak on a bluebird day

Approaching the base area

Cliffs with snow

Lone Peak summit closeup

Top of tree runs

Phil and Brian in the trees

In the tree run above the base

Phil and Brian photo stop

Lone Peak east view

Brian and Teri photo stop

Brian and Phil with Lone Peak in the background

Dead tree in deep snow

Brian photo stop

Brian on the Big Sky magic carpet

Magic carpet closeup

Phil on the magic carpet

Buck's T-4 road sign

Buck's T-4 restaurant

Buck's T-4 history

Dave, Steve, Bill, Kathy and Phil at Buck's T-4 dinner

Rich, Judy, Pat and Brian

Dave and Steve

Bison meatloaf

Fish, rice and vegetables

Ribs and potatoes

Pork chops

Steak with curly fries

Unusual dessert

Chocolate ice cream

Pie with whipped cream

Additional dining area

Rich and Brian with elk and bighorn sheep heads

Deer head and bear skin

Stuffed bear display

Elk head

Stuffed cougar display

Buck's T-4 motel hallway

Buck's T-4 motel lobby area

Shuttle bus sign

Waiting for the shuttle bus

Thursday morning breakfast

Pat with coffee

Thursday morning photo stop

Cloudy valley view

Thursday morning Moonlight Basin landscape

Pat and Dave

Ben and Phil

Approaching the Moonlight Basin area

Valley scenery

Ben and Dave resting

Ben, Dave, Phil and Pat

Thursday morning trees and cliffs

Ben and Dave watching the valley

Dave at the top of the Six Shooter lift

Thursday morning Moonlight Basin traverse

Ski patrol storage hut with toboggans

Lone Peak under the clouds

Moss hanging in trees

Hanging moss closeup

Phil in the mossy trees

Phil and Dave in the trees

Phil and Dave on a steep slope

Ben resting in the trees

Wide easy run

Looking towards the valley

Phil watching the camera

Increasing cloudiness

Teri on a wide easy run

CMSC banquet dinner gathering

Banquet dinner gathering, part 2

Banquet dinner salad

Banquet dinner fish, vegetables and steak

Jim, Phil and Valerie

Banquet dinner underway

Teri and Ann

Banquet dinner dessert

Banquet slideshow

Bill at the banquet

Ben waiting with breakfast bag

Kathy, Dave, Judy and Rich

Preparing to board the bus to the airport

Bus to the Bozeman airport

Deep snow outside

Deep snow outside, part 2