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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Election Party
May 31, 2014

After-dinner discussions

Click on image to view full size

Phil and Steve with canopy parts

Steve and Phil assembling the canopy

Canopy assembly, part 2

Canopy assembly, part 3

Canopy complete

Teri, Joe, Nancy, Janet, Phil and Dave

Pleasant discussions

Steve resting

Joe resting

Joe and Bill

Teri and Janet

Steve, Steve, El and Joe

Nancy and El

Dave resting

Relaxing before dinner

Joe, Dave and Janet

Steve, Joe, Dave, Nancy and Janet

Nancy and Janet


Nancy, Janet, Phil and Dave

Bob, Joe, Janet and Nancy

El, Phil and Steve

Phil, Dave and Bob

Nancy, Janet, Phil, Steve and Bob

Steve, Dave and Ben

Janet, Steve, Ben, El, Dave and Steve

Phil and Bob

Nancy and Dave

Steve, Rich and Judy

Food table

Food table, continued

Drinks table

Relaxed discussions

Relaxed discussions, part 2

Phil grilling

Rich, Judy, Joe, Dave and Phil

Janet and Phil

Getting food

Dave and Ben

Janet, Joe, Rich, Judy, Ben and Steve

Nancy, Joe, Phil, Ben, Dave and Steve

Getting food

Hamburger dinner plate

Hot dog dinner plate

Relaxing after dinner

Discussions under the canopy

Inquisitive squirrel

Squirrel near the grill

Thirsty squirrel, part 1

Thirsty squirrel, part 2

Thirsty squirrel, part 3

Janet, Joe, Rich and Steve

Under the canopy after dinner

Garden decorations

Canopy disassembly

Canopy parts