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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Beaver Creek, Colorado
March 31 - April 5, 2015

Dale, Ben and Teri

Click on image to view full size

Charter sign

Condo complex entrance

Outside view of the condos, part 1

Outside view of the condos,  part 2

Condo living room

Condo master bedroom

Condo second bedroom

Kitchen counters and living room

Kitchen and dining area

Condo dining area

Indoor pool

Outdoor pool and hot tub

Tuesday afternoon view from the condo

Janet, Dale, Ben and Phil at Tuesday evening dinner

Burger and fries dinner

Wednesday morning view from the condos entrance

View from the condos entrance, part 2

Wednesday morning breakfast

Phil, Dale and Teri on the Beaver Creek slopes

View to the east

Dele, Ben and Phil

Arrowhead valley view, part 1

Arrowhead valley view, part 2

View up the ridge

View up the Arrowhead lift

Wide cruising run

Dale resting on Wednesday morning

Ben skiing on wide easy run

Phil resting on Wednesday morning

Snowy valley view

Valley closeup

Complex trail system, part 1

Complex trail system, part 2

Phil on a wide slope

Ben and Phil Wednesday morning

Dave on Wednesday morning

Wide open scenery

World Cup race stands

Racing stands and restaurant

Wide valley

Aspens and spruce

Interesting vegetation

Variety of trees

Thin trees, steep valley

Traverse through aspen trees

Dale, Phil and Mark on the traverse

Dale, Phil and Mark, part 2

Along the top of the ridge

Snowmaking water storage pond

Bachelor Gulch entrance

Arrowhead entrance

Near the top of Arrowhead,   part 1

Near the top of Arrowhead,   part 2

Phil near the top of Arrowhead

Dale and Ben

Wide easy Arrowhead cruising run

Ben at Arrowhead

Teri at Arrowhead

Phil descending on the easy slope

Under the Arrowhead lift

Under the lift, part 2

Under the lift, part 3

Under the lift, part 4

Strip of snow under the lift

Traverse downhill from the woods

Skimpy snow cover

Clump of aspens near the lift

Returning to the main area

Grouse Mountain view

World Cup viewing stands on Wednesday afternoon

Viewing stands and restaurant

Viewing stands closeup

Traverse under the lift

Wednesday afternoon valley view

Overlooking the main base

Phil at the base village

Base village decorations

Teri back at the condo late Wednesday afternoon

Janet making salad Wednesday evening

Spaghetti dinner at the condo

Spaghetti dinner closeup

Janet, Dale, Ben and Phil at Wednesday evening dinner

Janet resting on Thursday morning

Thursday valley view

Phil, Dale and Janet

Ben, Phil and Janet on Thursday morning

Phil and Janet

Wide steep slope

Wide Thursday morning cruising run

Trees in the valley

Peaceful Thursday morning landscape

Wide traverse

Janet and Dale

Ben and Phil resting

Thin trees with valley view

Narrow traverse

Narrow traverse with Grouse Mountain view

Traverse through the woods

Ben and Dale on a long slushy slope

Wide cruising run on Thursday afternoon

Thursday afternoon base view

Thursday afternoon view near the base

Creek near the condo

Base village skating rink

Base village decorations on Thursday evening

Skier statue at the base village

Base village walkway, part 1

Base village walkway, part 2

Creek near the base village

Springtime vegetation, part 1

Springtime vegetation, part 2

Base village entrance

Aspens along the creek

Creek in the trees

Phil on the boardwalk

Thursday evening view of the mountains

Thursday evening sunset

Friday morning view from the condo

Mountain view from the condo

New snow outside the condo

New snow, part 2

New snow, part 3

Friday morning breakfast

Breakfast area

Breakfast buffet, part 1

Breakfast buffet, part 2

Phil, Ben, Janet and Dale at Friday morning breakfast

Penguin statue in the condo

Condo fireplace and artwork

Condo bedroom decorations, part 1

Condo bedroom decorations, part 2

Snowy trees on Friday morning

Ice carving

Ice carving sign

Ben skiing in the fresh snow

Phil on the fresh snow

Wide open steep run

Snowmaking pond with fresh snow

Phil near the snowmaking pond

Phil, Ben and Dale

Fresh snow at Arrowhead,   part 1

Fresh snow at Arrowhead,  

part 2

Fresh snow at Arrowhead,   part 3

Phil and Dale at Arrowhead

Phil skiing at Arrowhead

Approaching the Bachelor Gulch base

Main base viewed from the southwest

Phil on a wide open run

Thin trees, steep slope

Approaching the main base

Aspens on the ridge, part 1

Aspens on the ridge, part 2

Above the main base

Long valley, part 1

Long valley, part 2

Interesting scenery

Grouse Mountain view on Friday afternoon

Traverse into a wide cruising run

Beaver statue

Centennial lift view

Dale and Phil

Bachelor Gulch base area

Phil and Teri watching the valley

Approaching the Beaver Creek village base

Friday afternoon view from the condo

Condo kitchen area

Condo bedroom

Janet at dinner

Saturday morning breakfast

Phil and Janet on Saturday morning

Saturday morning landscape

Janet and Teri

Teri on Saturday morning

Unusual boundary fence

Saturday morning traverse, 

part 1

Janet on the Saturday morning traverse

Saturday morning traverse, 

part 3

Tall aspens

Janet and Phil

Melting snow and aspens

Valley view and trees

Trees and mountains, part 1

Trees and mountains, part 2

Dense woods overhead

Aspens with valley view

Phil on a long easy run

Janet and Phil resting

Mark and Janet

Mark and Dale

Beano's Cabin entrance

Beano's cabin decorations

Impressive valley view

Mark resting

Dale resting

Saturday evening condo window

Phil preparing Saturday dinner in the condo

Saturday evening hamburger dinner table

Hamburger dinner at the condo, part 1

Hamburger dinner at the condo, part 2

Hamburger dinner closeup

Saturday night ice cream

Dale, Mark and Phil cleaning up after dinner

Ben, Mark, Dale and Janet at

Sunday morning breakfast

Sunday morning breakfast closeup


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