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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Mt Bachelor, Oregon

 with the Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council (CMSC)
February 21-28, 2015

Mt Bachelor view from the distance

Race results

Click on image to view full size

Steve, Steve and Ben at the Omaha airport

Bill, Ellen and Kim

Jo and Phil

Teri and Kim

Steve closeup

Ellen closeup

Phil closeup

Ben, Kim, Bill and Ellen

Ben closeup

Connecting flight at Salt Lake City

Bus at the Portland airport

Loading the bus to Sunriver

Bus loaded

Rest stop near Mt Hood

Buses at the rest stop

Phil at the rest stop

Phil and Teri at the rest stop

Bus fire alarm

Rest stop signs

Sunset along the way, part 1

Sunset along the way, part 2

CMSC welcome party reception

Welcome party food

Steve, Phil and Teri

at the welcome party

Steve, Ben, Phil and Steve

Steve, Jo and Pat

Kim and Bill at the condo

Kim at the condo

Bed upstairs

Condo dining area

Sunday morning breakfast

Sunday morning view from the condo

View from the base

View from the lift

Sunday morning mountain tour, part 1

Mountain tour, part 2

Mountain tour, part 3

Mountain tour, part 4

Mountain tour, part 5

Mountain tour, part 6

Phil on the mountain tour

Mountain tour, part 7

Upper mountain view

Bluebird day

Isolated peaks

Wide easy run

Wide open area

Looking uphill

Trees and blue sky

Near the top of the lift

Sunday valley view

Easy cruising run

View from the mid-mountain restaurant

View from the restaurant, part 2

View to the southwest

View to the west

Bill, Kim and Phil at lunch

Impressive scenery

Deciding which trail to take

Wide valley view

View to the north

Nearby peaks, part 1

Nearby peaks, part 2

Sunday afternoon valley view

Tree covered valley, part 1

Tree covered valley, part 2

Jo and Ellen on the lift

Sunday afternoon view up the lift

Monday morning view from the condo

Walkway near the condo

Pair of geese in the water

Walkway to breakfast

Hallway near breakfast

Great Hall

CMSC banner

Monday morning breakfast

Monday morning view up the lift

Kim and Jo

CMSC mountain lunch

CMSC staff at lunch

Getting lunch, part 1

Getting lunch, part 2

CMSC lunch food, part 1

CMSC lunch food, part 2

Near the summit ridge, part 1

Near the summit ridge, part 2

Steve, Ben and Kim

Monday afternoon rest stop

Monday afternoon rest stop, part 2

Monday afternoon view, part 1

Monday afternoon view, part 2

Monday afternoon view from the condo

Open field near the condo

Condo terraces

Hot tub near the condos

Walking to the High Desert Museum

Museum entertainment

Museum buffet line

Museum dinner plate

Ellen, Kim and Bill at dinner

Ellen, Kim, Bill and Pat

Bill, Pat, Ben, Steve and Phil

Steve, Ellen and Kim

Museum dessert

Antique car

Indian exhibit, part 1

Indian exhibit, part 2

Indian exhibit, part 3

Indian exhibit, part 4

Cowboy clothing

Pioneer exhibit

Indian feathers

Indian clothing, part 1

Indian clothing, part 2

Indian swamp diorama

Indian equipment

Pioneer equipment

Old military equipment

Pioneer diorama, part 1

Pioneer diorama, part 2

Pioneer diorama, part 3

Log cabin exhibit

Chinese laborer exhibit

Museum turtle, part 1

Museum turtle, part 2

Diorama with small owl

Small owl, part 2



Tarantula description

Beer exhibit, part 1

Beer exhibit, part 2

Beer exhibit, part 3

Beer exhibit, part 4

Barrel making

Beer barrels

Beer ingredients

Beer making diagram

Brewing equipment

Bottle labeling machine

Beer glasses

Tuesday morning view from the condo

Tuesday morning rest stop

Teri overlooking the valley

Kim overlooking the valley

Mid-mountain rest stop

Tuesday morning scenery

Jo. Kim and Teri

Wide valley view on Tuesday morning

Ice buildup at the summit

Ski patrol at the top of the lift, part 1

Ski patrol at the top of the lift, part 2

Kim, Ben and Mark

Ellen, Jo and Kim

Mid-mountain restaurant

Jo, Phil and Ben

Jo, Phil, Ben and Mark

Tuesday morning view from mid-mountain

Fresh corduroy, nice scenery

Mid-mountain restaurant viewed from below

Kim's rest stop

Trail grooming vehicles

Pat's rest stop

Jo and Kim

Ellen, Ben and Pat

Ellen and Ben

Pat resting

Jo and Kim watching the scenery

Ellen, Ben and Jo

Panoramic view

Kim, Ben, Jo and Ellen, part 1

Kim, Ben, Jo and Ellen, part 2

Ben, Mark and Kim

Ellen, Jo, Kim, Ben and Mark

Pat on Tuesday afternoon

Ellen and Teri

Tuesday afternoon view up the lift

Lots of trees

Ellen near the mountaintop

Track through the trees

Kim on the lift

Near the mid-mountain restaurant

Groomers at work

Sun over the mountain

Kim, Steve and Ellen

Race course

Ellen at the race course

Waiting to race, part 1

Waiting to race, part 2

Waiting to race, part 3

Waiting to race, part 4

Ben, Kim and Steve

CMSC afternoon party

Afternoon party, part 2

Afternoon party, part 3

Afternoon party food

CMSC announcements, part 1

Announcements, part 2

Announcements, part 3

Announcements, part 4

Increasing cloudiness

Late Tuesday afternoon on the mountain

Large bird

Tuesday evening view from the condo

Hot tub gathering

Steve, Teri, Ellen and Bill

Inside a lava tube cave

On the lava tube cave tour

Wednesday morning view from the condo

Wednesday morning sunrise view of Mt Bachelor

Wednesday morning view, part 3

Trail to breakfast

Wednesday morning breakfast, part 1

Wednesday morning breakfast, part 2

Ellen after breakfast

Crater Lake parking lot

Buildings near the parking lot, part 1

Buildings near the parking lot, part 2

Buildings near the parking lot, part 3

Snowshoes at Carter Lake


Snowshoe closeup

Putting on snowshoes

Crater Lake view, part 1

Crater Lake view, part 2

Crater Lake view, part 3

Crater Lake view, part 4

Crater Lake view, part 5

Crater Lake closeup, part 1

Crater lake closeup, part 2

Crater Lake closeup, part 3

Island in the lake

Bill at the lake

Ellen at the lake

Ben in snowshoes

Steve in snowshoes

Nine Omaha Ski Club people in snowshoes

Snowfield near the lake

Starting the snowshoe hike

Snowshoeing towards the woods

Snowshoe hike in the woods, part 1

Snowshoe hike in the woods, part 2

Snowshoe hike rest stop, part 1

Snowshoe hike rest stop, part 2

Snowshoe hike in the woods, part 3

Snowshoe hike in the woods, part 4

Kim snowshoeing in the woods

Kim taking a break

Ellen snowshoeing in the woods

Crater Lake panorama

Crater Lake history sign

Unusual bird

Crater Lake lunch table

Crater Lake lunch food

Canyon near the lake

Fivespice restaurant sign

Phil and Pat at Wednesday evening dinner

Ellen, Kim, Bill and Mark

Ben, Mark, Ellen, Kim and Bill

Sushi display, part 1

Sushi display, part 2

Sushi display, part 3

Thursday morning view from the condo

Phil on Thursday morning

Giant pine cones

Great Hall outside view

Great Hall inside view

Great Hall fireplace

View from the Great Hall, part 1

View from the Great Hall, part 2

Thursday morning bus to the mountain

Thursday morning fog and clouds

Thursday morning scenery

Partial clearing

Jo, Pat and Mark

Jo, Ben, Kim, Ellen and Mark

Thursday morning rest stop

Thursday morning rest stop,   part 2

Clouds and scenery, part 1

Clouds and scenery, part 2

Clouds and scenery, part 3

Ben, Mark, Kim and Jo

Kangaroo on snowboard

Thursday afternoon landscape, part 1

Thursday afternoon landscape, part 2

Thursday afternoon landscape, part 3

Lichens on tree branches

Rest stop in the falling snow

Pat on the lift

Watching the fire dancers

Fire dancer

Fire dancers, part 1

Fire dancer, part 2

CMSC banquet bar

Omaha table at the CMSC banquet

Second Omaha banquet table

CMSC banner

Banquet salad

Banquet food

Banquet dessert

Kim, Jo and Steve

CMSC banquet announcements, part 1

CMSC banquet announcements, part 2

Hawaiian musicians

Hawaiian dancers, part 1

Hawaiian dancers, part 2

Hawaiian dancers, part 3

Hawaiian dancers, part 4

Hawaiian dancers, part 5

Hawaiian dancers, part 6

Hawaiian dancers, part 7

CMSC staff

Club trip leaders

Friday morning view from the condo

Geese seen from the condo

Geese closeup

A little new snow at Sunriver on Friday morning

Friday morning walk to breakfast

Walk to breakfast, part 2

Friday morning near the Great Hall

The Great Hall on Friday morning

Friday morning breakfast

Friday morning lift line

Friday morning view from the lift

Snowy trees

Intermediate run with new snow

Snowy trees near the lift

Snowy trees with frost

Heavy falling snow

On the lift in falling snow

Snow ending

Rest stop in the snowy trees

Mark at lunch

Mark in the falling snow

Ellen in the falling snow

Kim and Ben

Friday evening at the hot tub, part 1

Friday evening at the hot tub, part 2

Ellen, Kim, Teri and Bill

Friday evening dinner, part 1

Friday evening dinner, part 2

Falling snow on Friday night

Snowy Friday night at Sunriver

Teri, Phil and Mark at Saturday morning breakfast

Snowy Saturday morning, part 1

Snowy Saturday morning, part 2

Snowy Saturday morning, part 3

Departure bus arriving in the snow

Loading the bus, part 1

Loading the bus, part 2

Roll call on the bus

Full bus about to leave

Mt Hood view from the bus


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