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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Christmas Party
December 11, 2016

Along the long table

Click on image to view full size

Nebraska Brewing Company outside view

Linda and Steve

Andy and Susan

Phil and Teri

Ben, Teri and Valerie

Teri and Valerie

Cindy and Brian

Gina, Felix, Jordyn, Ellen, Ben and Bill

Jordyn, Ellen and Bill


Gina and Felix

El, Valerie, Ben and Pat

Janet, Phil and Teri

Janet, Teri and Phil

Checking the menus

Beginning of dinner

Deciding what to eat

Gift exchange table

Dinner underway

Getting updates

El and Pat

El, Pat, Andy, Brian, Susan and Valerie

Linda, Steve and Teresa

Bill and Teri

Around the long table

El, Pat, Andy and Susan

Steve, Teresa, Cindy and Brian

Brian, Bill and Dale

Taco salad

Cajun pasta

Mashed potatoes, salmon and vegetables

Burger with beer cheese soup

Buffalo chicken sandwich with fries

Daniel, Valerie and Paulette

A relaxed occasion

El making announcements

Gift exchange underway

Start of the gift exchange

Dale opening his gift

Paulette opening her gift

Teri opening her gift

More interesting gifts

Joe opening his gift

Ben opening his gift

Gift exchange, continued

Ben opens another gift

(first one was stolen)

More discussions

Steve opens his gift

Phil checks out the gifts

Joe opens another gift

(first one was stolen)

Lively debate

Ben opens his third and final gift

(second one was also stolen)

Jordyn opens her gift

Ellen opens her gift

Susan opens her gift

Valerie opens her gift

Phil opens his gift

End of the gift exchange

Concluding remarks

Taking a closer look at the gifts