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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Lauritzen Gardens "Tempo of Twilight" concert
August 2, 2016

Lauritzen Gardens entrance closeup


Click on image to view full size

Lauritzen Gardens entrance

Greenhouse near entrance

Inside the greenhouse, part 1

Inside the greenhouse, part 2

Inside the greenhouse, part 3

Inside the greenhouse, part 4

Inside the greenhouse, part 5

Inside the greenhouse, part 6

Inside the greenhouse, part 7

Flowers, part 1

Flowers, part 2

Flowers, part 3

Flowers, part 4

Flowers and water lily pads

Greenhouse fountain

Banana tree

Asparagus fern


Walkway with trellises

Pool with lights

Big urn

Thick green lawn

Stream in the woods

Small waterfall

Interesting vegetation


Pond with walkway

Model train, part 1

Model train, part 2

Model train, part 3

Model train, part 4

Model train, part 5

Model train, part 6

Model train tracks and buildings

Model train trestle

Model train buildings closeup

Model train bridge over the walkway

Model train closeup,

part 1

Model train closeup,   

part 2

Model train bridge over the stream

Unusual flowers

Interesting decorations

Gathering for the concert

Audience area

Concert sign

Rhythm Collective band playing, part 1

Band members, part 1

Band members, part 2

Band members, part 3

Band members, part 4

Band equipment

Attentive audience

Ellen, Ben and El

El during a break

El dancing

Band playing, part 2

Soap bubble release

Small semicircular pond

Wide open area

Wide walkways

Teri with Interstate 80 view

Felix with Union Pacific locomotive