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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Telluride, Colorado

with the Flatlands Ski Association (FSA)
January 17-24, 2016

Teri, Kim, Dave, Phil, Bill and El

Full race results

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Full moon over I-80

Ole's outside view

Phil at Ole's

El and Phil at Ole's

Heavy snow in Colorado

Steamies outside view

Steamies inside view

Steamies decorations, part 1

Steamies decorations, part 2

El at Steamies for Sunday brunch

Snowy Telluride sidewalk

Downtown Telluride

Telluride courthouse

Near the ski area

Road work

Snowy Telluride main street

Painter near the Elks Lodge

Phil in downtown Telluride

Teri and Phil downtown

Piles of snow downtown

Phil and El downtown

Bicycles in the snow

Clearing the sidewalks downtown

Dog at the base of the steps

Dog closeup

Snowy side street

Unusual decorations

Telluride library

Library decorations

View from the library, part 1

View from the library, part 2

Strange mural

El waiting at the Telluride library

Phil waiting at the Telluride library

Condo hallway

Condo master bedroom, part 1

Condo master bedroom, part 2

Condo second bedroom, part 1

Condo second bedroom, part 2

Condo third bedroom

Living room and kitchen area

Mark in the kitchen

Phil and El in the condo

Dave and Teri

Teri fixing dinner Sunday evening

Dave, Phil, Mark and El on Monday morning

Dave, Phil, Mark and Teri

Monday morning view of the mountains

El, Mark, Dave, Teri and Phil

El, Dave, Teri, Phil and Mark

Telluride Mountain Village on Monday morning

Along the top of the ridge

El, Dave and Mark

Wide easy cruising run

Dave, El, Mark and Teri

El, Dave, Phil and Mark

Dave, Teri and El watching the valley

Mark, Phil, El and Dave

Teri and Phil on the chairlift

Mountains and trees, part 1

Mountains and trees, part 2

Isolated pinnacle

Mountain peaks and small trees

Teri's photo stop

Phil and Teri's photo stop

Phil resting

Sharp mountain ridge

Kim's photo stop

Kim closeup

Teri next to a dead tree

Flat topped mountains

Canyon inside a large valley

Kim near the top of the lift

Rugged ridge

Mountain closeup

View from Goronno's Ranch

Goronno's Ranch outside view

Phil, Kim, Dave, Mark and El at lunch

Lunch with a view

Dave at lunch

Phil, Teri and Dave at lunch




Teri and Phil

Relaxing after lunch

Teri and Kim

Skis after lunch

Teri in deep snow

Phil and Teri in deep snow

Mark and Dave along the ridge

Telluride airport runway

Peaceful landscape

Phil in the trees

Mark in the trees

Teri in the trees

Phil and Mark

Trees and snow

Isolated peak

Long ridge

El, Mark and Phil

Resting along the top of the ridge

Broad valley view

Mark closeup

Descending into the Telluride valley

Phil and El on a traverse

Mark resting under the gondola

Teri with camera, part 1

Teri with camera, part 2

Phil preparing for the hot tub

Hot tub with beer

Dale and Merry at dinner

Dave and Mark at dinner

Phil at dinner

Post-dinner discussion

Cornerhouse bar poster

Teri cooking breakfast Tuesday morning

Phil cooking breakfast Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning view from the condo

Base of lift near the condo

Stream near the condo

Stream, part 2

Stream, part 3

Stream closeup

Scenery near the base

Condo complex entrance

Mountains in the distance

Mountains at daybreak

Fresh snow near the condos

Tuesday morning view from the lift

Valley view from the lift

Directions to runs

Tuesday morning valley view

Mark and Dave

Bill and Mark

Tuesday morning valley fog

Bill on an easy slope

Dave on fresh powder

Teri with mountain scenery

Mountains and trees

Snow covered road

Kim and Mark on the lift

Fresh snow and valley fog

El and Phil getting off the lift

El and Bill

Mark resting

Kim resting

Wide easy cruising run Tuesday morning

Top of Revelation Bowl

View down into the canyon

Skiers in Revelation Bowl

Snowy trees, wide valley

Dave resting near the snowy trees

Snowy trees closeup

Cabin and ski run near the top of the ridge

Mark, Dave and Phil

Kim closeup Tuesday morning

Dave, Mark, Kim and Phil

Teri, Dave, Kim and Phil

Teri, Dave, Kim and Phil closeup

Trees framing a mountain

Trees and a sharp ridge

Mark on the lift

Long sharp ridge

Dense snowy trees

Fresh powder seen from the lift

Teri on the lift

Ski patroller hiking up the trail

Ski patroller resting

Mark's photo stop

Warning sign

Mark and Phil resting

Kim and Dave resting

Dave trapped in deep snow

Dave trapped in deep snow, closeup

Wide run in the trees, part 1

Wide run in the trees, part 2

Teri and Kim on the lift

Dave, Kim and Teri on a bump run

Dave and Kim in the bumps

Dave, Phil and Teri along the ridge

Kim along the ridge

Teri uphill of cabin restaurant

Preparing for lunch, part 1

Preparing for lunch, part 2

Mark at Goronno's

Tuesday afternoon lunch at Goronno's

El, Kim and Phil at lunch

Bill at lunch

El and Dave at lunch

Increasing cloudiness Tuesday afternoon

Ski patroller with dog

Ski patroller with dog approaching the lift

Ski patroller and dog getting on the lift

Teri and Kim in the bumps and trees

Kim maneuvering through the bumps

Phil and Kim resting in the bumps and trees

Mark, Dave and Kim returning to the base

Kim, Mark and Dave

Town view from under the lift

Dave and Phil at the end of the skiing day

Bear statue at the condos

Late Tuesday afternoon hot tub gathering

El, Dave and Kim in the hot tub

Mark, El, Bill and Dave

Mark cooking breakfast Wednesday morning

Dave, Phil and El at Wednesday morning breakfast

Mark, Dave, Teri, El, Phil, Judy and Rich at the start of the skiing day

Wide area with new snow

Mountains and clouds on Wednesday morning

Phil, Dave, Mark and El

Wednesday morning gathering

Judy, Phil, Dave and El

Mark, Judy, Phil, Rich, Dave and El

Unusual rock formation

Dave's photo stop

Phil's photo stop

Rich's photo stop

Unusual scenery

Mark, Phil, Dave, Rich and Judy

Thin low clouds, fresh snow

Boundary rope

Dead trees and fog

Lots of snow on the roof

Goronno's Ranch area

Rest stop above the mountain village

El's photo stop

Mountain village view

Snowy view from the lift

Goronno's Ranch in the snow

Outdoor seating area

Snowy woods

Lift view in the trees, part 1

Lift view in the trees, part 2

Lift view in the trees, part 3

Town view from the gondola, part 1

Town view from the gondola, part 2

Town view from the gondola, part 3

End of the valley closeup

Lower valley view

Phil on Thursday morning

Mark, El and Phil preparing to ski

Judy, Rich and Steve

Thursday morning scenery

Kim, Mark, Phil, Dave and El

Mountain photographer

Teri, Dave, Mark, Bill and El

Snow blowing off steep ridge

Steep ridge closeup

Judy, Dave, Mark, Bill and El

Sunny quiet landscape

Teri in the fresh snow, [art 1

Teri in the fresh snow, part 2

Long traverse on the mountainside

Long traverse, continued

Thin snowy trees

Skiing down the long traverse,  part 1

Skiing down the long traverse,  part 2

Bluebird day, dense snowy trees

Dave on a wide easy slope

Bill on a wide easy slope, part 1

Bill on a wide easy slope, part 2

Slow descent towards the base

Dense mixed forest

Large fancy house in the trees

Tunnel underneath the road

Wide easy run with cabins

Wide easy run, part 2

Dave, Mark, Bill and Judy

Dave, Bill, Mark and Judy

Dave, Bill, Judy, Mark and Kim

Lots of snow on the trees

Thursday view from the lift

Thursday broad valley view

Trees and distant mountains

Broad ridge

Thursday mountain closeup

Thursday lunch stop

Preparing to race

Race course

Phil racing, part 1

Phil racing, part 2

Lower racecourse

Race officials

Two racers on the course

Phil's second run, part 1

Phil's second run, part 2

Thursday mountain village view

Phil on Thursday afternoon

Mark on Thursday afternoon

Steep and tight tree run

Mark resting in deep snow

Mark and Kim

Wide cruising run towards the mountain village

Returning to the valley Thursday afternoon

Mark and Phil at the end of the skiing day

Back at the condos

Skiers in costume

FSA race chairs

Kim, Mark, Steve and Pat

Kim, Mark, Steve and Pat closeup

Snowshoe race start

Snowshoe race, continued

Bill with snowshoes, part 1

Bill with snowshoes, part 2

Bill completing his section

Next snowshoe race section

Teri with snowshoe race paperwork

FSA race chairs at the snowshoe race

Mountain Village scenery

Omaha Ski Club table at FSA welcome party

Cindy, Susan, Andy, Pat, Steve and El

Pat, Brian, Cindy and Susan

Mark, Bill, Dave and Mary

Mary, Judy and Merry

Welcome party overview

Welcome party food

Teri at the welcome party

Herb and Teri

Bill, Dave, Mary and Rich

Rich, Judy, Merry and Al

Al, Jerry, Mark and Kim

Andy and Pat

Susan and Andy

Brian and Cindy

Herb, Teri, El and Phil

Phil and Teri at the welcome party

Thursday night decorations

Nighttime view from the gondola

Telluride valley view at night

Gondola download exit station

El and Dave preparing to ski Friday morning

Phil preparing to ski

Kim and Mark preparing to ski

Wide open run Friday morning

Kim, El, Dave, Phil and Mark

Gathering near the race course

Race course top view

El waiting to race

Lined up waiting to race, part 1

Lined up, part 2

Lined up, part 3

Phil at the starting gate

Phil on his way

Rich at the starting gate

Rich on his way

Phil about to start his second run

Phil on his way again

Race course detail view

Andy and Rich at the stating gate

Andy about to start

Rich on his second run

Andy and Rich on their second run

Andy and Rich on their second run, continued

Post-race gathering

Friday morning landscape

Friday afternoon landscape

Afternoon race lineup

Judy in the lineup

Teri in the lineup

Teri at the starting gate

Teri starting

Teri on the race course

Increasing cloudiness

Clouds and trees

Friday afternoon valley view

Phil with valley view

Teri with valley view

Returning down the valley

Snow near the condo Friday afternoon

Friday afternoon view from the lift

Gondola near the valley

Intermediate gondola station

Friday evening sunset, part 1

Friday evening sunset, part 2

Friday evening sunset, part 3

Friday evening view from the gondola

Mountain village view from the gondola

Gondola station exit area

Friday evening FSA gathering,  part 1

Friday evening FSA gathering, part 2

Mark and El at Saturday morning breakfast

Saturday morning lift line

Saturday morning view from the lift

Kim and Phil on the lift

Teri on the lift Saturday morning

Teri, Kim and Phil on the lift

Saturday morning wide cruising run

Kim, Andy, Pat, Brian and Phil

Saturday morning valley view

Steeper run

Rich on Saturday morning

Saturday late morning landscape

Dense trees

Smooth cruising run

Wide view over the valley

Teri Saturday morning

Kim Saturday morning

Rich and Judy

Rich and Judy closeup

At the mountain picnic

Getting picnic food

Serious mountain picnic lunch

Mountain picnic overview

Along the long table, part 1

Along the long table, part 2

Along the long table, part 3

Along the long table, part 4

Mountain picnic BBQ

Mountain picnic BBQ closeup

Mountain picnic ski rack

Mountain picnic food line

Wooden bear statue in deep snow

Bill, Teri, Phil, Kim and Judy

Steve and Jim

Kim, Phil, Judy, Andy and Pat

Mary, Judy and Phil

Gathering for the race chair race

Setting up the race chair race

Race chair race overview

Race about to start

Race chair race, part 1

Race chair race, part 2

Race chair race, part 3

Race chair race, part 4

Race chair race, part 5

Race chair race, part 6

Race chair race, part 7

Race chair race, part 8

Race chair race, part 9

Race chair race, part 10

Teri at the race chair race

Race chair race, part 8

Race chair race, part 9

Race chair race, part 10

Teri at the race chair race

Phil resting Saturday afternoon

Brian closeup Saturday afternoon

Phil, Andy and Pat

Andy closeup

Saturday afternoon cruising run

Poachers Pub Saturday afternoon

Novice race course

Preparing for the novice race

Watching the novice race

Novice race, part 1

Novice race, part 2

Novice race, part 3

Novice race, part 4

Novice race, part 5

Novice race, part 6

Snow covered boulders

Increasing clouds late Saturday afternoon

Distant pinnacle

Distant mountain range

Snow covered storage pond

Phil near huge boulder, part 1

Phil near huge boulder, part 2

FSA medals table

FSA awards closeup

FSA awards banquet buffet

Awards banquet food

Matt and Mary

Brian, Cindy and Bill

Kim, Bill and Joe

Mary and El

Susan, Andy, Cindy and Brian at the Omaha banquet table

Brian and Pat

Around the Omaha table

Mary, El, Rich and Judy

Bill and Matt after dinner

Steve, Jim and Mary

Watching the awards ceremony

FSA awards ceremony, part 1

FSA awards ceremony, part 2

Lined up for awards

Merry with credentials

Teri with fellow award winners, part 1

Teri with fellow award winners, part 2

Teri under the FSA sign

Teri's medal

Herb and Bette

End of the awards banquet

Full moon late Saturday night

Leaving Telluride Sunday morning

Driving through the mountain village

Snowy mountain roads, part 1

Snowy mountain roads, part 2

Snowy mountain roads, part 3

Improving conditions

Reddish cliffs

Light snow, rugged terrain

Sparse vegetation

Pines and sagebrush

More snowy conditions

Unusual clouds

Long scenic road

Cerro Summit

Snowy canyon

More snowy roads

Going up Monarch Pass

Steep snowy road, part 1

Steep snowy road, part 2

Monarch ski area entrance

Better conditions east of the pass

Clearing in the valley

Broad flat valley

Early Sunday afternoon view