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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Copper Mountain, Colorado
December 14-18, 2016

El, Valerie, Mark, Phil, Ben and Dale


Click on image to view full size

Snowy area near the motel

Valerie on Wednesday morning

Phil and Valerie

Snowy view towards the lake

Snowy benches

View towards the parking lot

Valerie at Wednesday morning breakfast

Phil and Teri on Wednesday morning

Snowy view from the motel room, part 1

Snowy view from the motel room, part 2

View from the lift

Snowy trees and icicles

Phil on Wednesday afternoon

Teri on Wednesday afternoon

Teri in heavy snow

Snowing heavily in the parking lot

Phil returning to the car

Snow back at the motel, part 1

Snow back at the motel, part 2

Snowy tree branches

View towards the lake

Snowy woods near the motel

Phil and Valerie in the hot tub

Pleasant motel room

Bathroom stuff

Ruby Tuesday outside view

Ruby Tuesday dinner menu

Checking the menus, part 1

Checking the menus, part 2

Ben, Dale and Andy

Phil, Valerie, Pat, El, Ben and Dale

From the salad bar

Unusual salad

Fancy food, part 1

Fancy food, part 2

Chicken with salad and bread

Wednesday evening dinner

Brian, Teri, Phil, Valerie, Pat, El, Ben, Dale  and Andy

Ice cream sundaes

Ice cream sundae closeup

Thursday morning lake view,

part 1

Thursday morning lake view,

part 2

Thursday morning breakfast at the motel

Valerie and Phil at Thursday morning breakfast

Thursday morning bagels

Teri with bagel

Lake view from the road

Along Dillon Dam Road

Dimly visible sun, part 1

Dimly visible sun, part 2

Ski instructors

Valerie on the snowcat Thursday morning

Phil on the snowcat Thursday morning

Skiing class

Phil with instructors

Ski school, continued

Phil and Valerie Thursday morning

Valerie getting lessons

Getting lessons, continued

On the Green Acres poma lift

Teri at Green Acres

Valerie and Phil on the poma lift

Valerie and Phil on an easy slope

Mark near the top

of Copper Mountain

Andy near the top

Brian and Pat near the top

Interstate 70 view

Watching Lefty Lucy at Jack's

Motel room view

Phil and Valerie outside the Chinese restaurant

Chinese restaurant menu

Chinese dinner and welcome party

Chinese dinner

Kung pao chicken

Ben, Andy, Brian, Mark and Dale

Phil with Chinese food

Valerie and Teri at the Chinese dinner

Phil, Ben, Brian, Mark, Dale and Valerie after dinner

Friday morning view of the lake

Friday morning lake view, continued

Lake and mountains

El, Valerie, Mark, Phil, Ben and Dale in the falling snow

on Friday afternoon

Valerie, Mark, Phil, Ben and Teri

Valerie, Mark, Phil, Ben and El

Valerie on Friday afternoon

Teri and Phil in the falling snow

Phil resting

Len resting

Dale resting

El, Phil, Ben and Mark

Ben, Mark and Phil on the lift

Snowy and foggy view from the lift

Snowy woods

Shot ski at Jack's, part 1

Shot ski at Jack's, part 2

Valerie and Ben with Lefty Lucy

Copper base area on Friday night

Ben, Phil, Dale and Mark in the motel's hot tub

Arapahoe Cafe and Pub menu

Ben and Mark at Friday night dinner

Phil at Friday night dinner

Dale and El at Friday night dinner

Car covered in new snow on Saturday morning

Lots of new snow at the motel

Snowy trees seen from the lift

Snowy view from the lift, continued

Fresh snow near the top of the lift

Skiers at the top of the lift

Phil resting Saturday afternoon

Teri resting Saturday afternoon

Phil's photo stop with snowy trees

Ben and Mark resting

Clearing skies Saturday afternoon

Snowy forest

Patchy fog

Improving visibility

Mountain in the clouds

View under the lift

Andy, Brian and Len at Jack's

Andy and Brian closeup

Ben and Phil

Andy, Brian and Len, continued

Pat and Andy at Saturday night dinner

Valerie and Brian

Snowy view out of the

Arapahoe Cafe

Arapahoe Cafe stairway

Strange decorations

Snowy Arapahoe Cafe sign

Frosty Sunday morning view from the motel

Snowy trees in front of the lake

Motel entrance

Leaving the motel

View from Dillon

Snow covered countryside

Proceeding out of Dillon, part 1

Proceeding out of Dillon, part 2

Sunday morning view from the lift

Patchy clouds in the valley

Mark resting Sunday morning

Gong uphill to the

Eisenhower Tunnel

Frozen waterfall next to Interstate 70

Out of the mountains

Back in Nebraska at the

Kearney arch

Kearney arch closeup