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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Park City and Deer Valley, Utah

March 11-18, 2017

Mark, Vance, Phil, Ben, Maggie, Kim and Teri

Click on image to view full size

On the drive in

Olympic ski jump

Approaching the ski area

Welcome sign

Condo living and dining area

Condo living room

Phil next to the condo steps

Condo master bedroom

Driveway view from the condo

Master bedroom decorations

Condo bathroom

Condo second bedroom

Condo backyard view

Condo kitchen area

Setting up in the kitchen

Condo complex sign

Condo complex pool

Condo complex roadways, part 1

Condo complex roadways, part 2

Old snowbank

Moose statue

Wine and pizza arrival party

Arrival party, part 2

Arrival party, part 3

Vance, Phil, Ben and Kim

Arrival party discussions and paperwork

Enjoying the pizza

Sunday morning lift ride

Sunday morning base view from the lift

View from the ridge

View along the ridge

Ben on Sunday morning

Teri on Sunday morning

Sunday morning landscape

Checking the trail map

Ben, Mark and Phil

Ben, Mark and Phil closeup

Teri, Ben and Mark

Long groomed run

Resting at the top of Silverlode lift

Interesting terrain

Descending towards the base

View from the mid mountain restaurant

Slow zone

Ben, Mark and Phil at the restaurant

Restaurant deck

Lodge poster

Ben, Phil, Kim and Teri on the lift

Sunday afternoon view from the lift

Top of McConkey's lift

Along the fence line

Phil, Kim and Ben

Cruising down the groomed run

Ben resting Sunday afternoon

Powder monkey

Old mining equipment

Phil near old conveyor belt

Phil checking out old stuff

View down the valley

Teri near old trees

Teri at the end of the skiing day

Phil at the end of the day

Ben at the end of the day

Condo hot tubs late Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon back view from the condo

Sunday evening crockpot

Sunday evening condo dinner

Sunday dinner closeup

Mark, Ben, Vance and Kim at Sunday evening dinner

Mark, Ben, Teri, Kim and Phil

Ben with pie

Monday morning at the condo

Teri, Phil and Mark at the shuttle bus stop

Phil preparing to ski

Pig Pen Saloon

Phil and Kim on the lift

Wide open lift view

Monday morning view from the lift

Teri on the lift Monday morning

Impressive Monday morning view

Ben and Mark on Monday morning

Phil on Monday morning

Ben and Kim on the gondola

Phil and Mark on the gondola

Teri on the gondola

Monday morning trees

View from the gondola

Kim on the gondola

Valley with trees

Ben, Mark and Kim on the lift

Phil on the lift Monday morning

Teri on the lift with trees

Pleasant Monday morning landscape

Small stream

Birch trees, part 1

Birch trees, part 2

Road in the trees

Monday morning view from the ridge

Excellent conditions

Ben and Kim near the top of the lift

Mark and Phil

Phil, Mark and Kim on a bump run

Run through the trees

Kim and Ben at lunch

Fancy lunch pizza

Monday afternoon view from the lift, part 1

Monday afternoon view from the lift, part 2

Monday afternoon gondola view

Returning on the gondola

Uphill view from the gondola

Monday afternoon return to the base

Ben and Maggie at the hot tub, part 1

Ben and Maggie at the hot tub, part 2

Monday afternoon at the hot tub, part 3

Monday evening spaghetti dinner

Monday evening spaghetti dinner closeup

Mark, Ben, Vance, Kim and Phil at Monday evening dinner

Tuesday morning lift view from the parking lot

Canyons parking lot lift view

Base of the Canyons parking lot cabriolet lift

Ben and Mark getting on the cabriolet lift

Canyons signs

Cabriolet lift view, part 1

Cabriolet lift view, part 2

Phil, Teri and Ben

Canyons valley run

Wide Canyons groomed run

Ben resting Tuesday morning

Mark. Phil and Teri on Tuesday morning

Canyons ridge run

Phil, Mark and Ben Tuesday morning

Kim and Ben

Orange chairlift view, part 1

Orange chairlift view, part 2

Phil and Teri inside the orange chairlift

Crystal clear Tuesday afternoon

Dense trees, clear sky

Tuesday afternoon landscape

Tuesday afternoon trail signs

Phil, Ben, Mark and Kim

Open area and trees

Big fancy house

Teri on Tuesday afternoon

Birch trees in deep snow

Birch trees and blue sky

Ben, Phil and Kim photo stop

Brown and green trees

Private access road

Mark and Ben on the chairlift

Returning on the gondola Tuesday afternoon

Downhill gondola view

Phil returning on the gondola

Ben returning on the gondola

Kim returning on the gondola

Mark returning on the gondola

Teri returning on the gondola

Skis on the gondola

Impressive view

Valley view from the gondola

Approaching the gondola base

On the big long groomed run

Returning to the main base

Moose on skis

Tuesday evening at the condo

Small bird on tree

Unusual contrail

Ski run viewed from the condo

Skiers returning to the base

English beer widget

Ben and Mark timing the spinning beer widget

Mark and Phil with the beer widget

Maggie, Mark, Ben and Phil at the shuttle bus stop on Wednesday

Preparing to ski at Deer Valley on Wednesday morning

Mark at the Deer Valley main base

Mark and Kim on Wednesday morning

Mark watching the valley

Wednesday lunch at Deer Valley

Wednesday afternoon Deer Valley view

Excellent weather

Kim at the top of the ridge

Deer Valley view, continued

Wednesday afternoon side view

Pleasant Deer Valley landscape

Downloading to the Deer Valley main base

Approaching the Deer Valley main base, part 1

Approaching the Deer Valley main base, part 2

Sun in Park City birch trees

Phil on freshly groomed Park City run

Old Park City lift tower

Base of old lift tower

Tramway poster

Phil on long traverse

Peaceful Wednesday morning Park City landscape

View from the Park City town lift

Park City town lift

North view from the town lift

South view from the town lift

Looking northwest

Looking west

Teri on the town lift

Phil on the town lift

Looking northeast

Dense birch trees

Birch trees and conifers

Park City view from above

At the top of the ridge

Top of the ridge, part 2

Skiing down the ridge

Isolated birch trees

Phil on Wednesday afternoon

Wednesday afternoon landscape, part 1

Wednesday afternoon landscape, part 2

Wednesday afternoon landscape, part 2

Old snowbank at the condos

Local Chinese restaurant

Restaurant sign

Wall decorations

Seating area

Mark, Maggie and Ben

Phil and Kim

Teri, Phil and Kim at dinner

Broccoli with beef

Rice with meat and vegetables

Leaving the restaurant

Thursday morning moon, part 1

Thursday morning moon, part 2

Early Thursday morning near the condos

Phil making breakfast, part 1

Phil making breakfast, part 2

Thursday morning scrambled eggs

Magpie near the condo

Ben and Mark at the shuttle bus stop

Terrain park on Thursday morning

Thursday morning trees and old tank

Mark checking out old tank

Old tank, part 1

Old tank, part 2

Mark resting on Thursday morning

Ben resting on Thursday morning

Phil resting on on Thursday morning

Thursday morning beyond the rope

Mark, Ben and Phil rest stop

Phil near the top of the lift

Thursday morning scenery

Teri's photo stop

Phil and Teri's photo stop

Thursday morning Park City view

Park City downtown viewed from the town lift

Near the base of the town lift

Northwest view from the town lift

Birch trees in the snow Thursday morning

Phil and Mark on slope over Park City

Ben and Mark overlooking Park City

Near the Park City town lift base

Thursday morning downtown Park City view

Park City view, part 2

Park City view, part 3

Thursday morning north view from the town lift

East view from the town lift

Looking up the town lift

View to the northeast

Thursday afternoon trees, part 1

Thursday afternoon trees, part 2

Wide open runs

Thursday afternoon landscape, part 1

Thursday afternoon landscape,    part 2

Thursday afternoon landscape, part 3

Thursday afternoon lunch area

Thursday afternoon gondola view

Long valley

Phil and Mark in the gondola

Ben in the gondola

Teri in the gondola

Uphill underneath the gondola

Big valley

Dense trees

Thursday afternoon view from the chairlift

Small creek near the lift

Creek in the trees

Liftline across the road, part 1

Liftline across the road, part 2

Hidden creek

Green saplings

Increasing cloudiness

Curvy creek

Log over the creek

Long creek

Bridge and path over the creek

Descending gondola view

Wasatch beers

Party in a box

Boneyard restaurant

Fish, tartar sauce, fries and coleslaw

Heavily decorated burger

Tuna slices with vegetables

Fancy Thursday evening food

Peaceful Friday morning landscape

Looking uphill Friday morning

Mark on top of the ridge

Mark and Phil resting Friday morning

Restaurant inside old building

Old tower near trail

Kim, Ben, Phil and Mark

Bluebird day

Long wide groomed run

Kim and sleepy Ben in the gondola

Phil in the gondola Friday afternoon

Teri on the gondola Friday afternoon

Friday afternoon descending gondola view

Descending gondola view, part 2

Descending gondola view, part 3

Descending gondola view, part 4

Descending gondola view, part 5

Kim and revived Ben in the descending gondola

Giant lunch building

Interesting decorations

Wide slope on Friday afternoon

Quiet Friday afternoon landscape

Ben, Phil, Maggie and Kim in the condo

St Patrick's Day dinner in the condo

Vance, Maggie, Ben, Mark, Kim and Phil

St Patrick's Day corned beef and cabbage

Corned beef closeup

St Patrick's Day dinner closeup

On the way to the end of trip party

End of trip party, part 1

End of trip party, part 2

End of trip party, part 3

Mark, Ben and Vance at the end of trip party

At the food table

Relaxing on the couch

Party discussions, part 1

Party discussions, part 2

Party discussions, part 3