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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Party at Dale's lakeside house - Ashland, Nebraska
August 27, 2017


Jordyn, Ellen, Janet, Teri, Phil and Maggie


Click on image to view full size

Maggie on the patio

Dale with a kayak

Phil, Teri and Ellen with a kayak

Curious dog

Teri, Ellen, Dale and Phil

Lakeside dock

Kayaks on the lake

Outdoor patio

Unusual decorations

Teri on the patio

Jordyn, Ellen, Janet, Teri, Maggie and Ben

Lakeshore closeup

Green lake

Lakeside house

Relaxing on the lawn chairs

Maggie, Ben, Dale, El, Jordyn and Ellen

Jordyn and Ellen with sleepy dog

Ben and Maggie on the steps with the dog

Petting the dog

Jordyn kayaking on the lake

Ellen, Teri and Jordyn in kayaks

Teri, Ellen and Jordyn

Jordyn, Ellen and Teri

Kayaking in the distance

Getting out of the kayak

Another try in the 2 person kayak

El relaxing

Ellen, Steve, Janet and Phil

Long narrow lake

Sunlight and duckweed

Duckweed and underbrush

Branches in the water

Duckweed closeup

Kayak and paddleboard on the lakeshore

Path along the lake

Interesting decorations

Teri, Phil, Jordyn and Ellen

Resting dog

Resting dog closeup

Teri and Phil in the kayak

Phil and Teri

Lake view from the kayak

Dense vegetation along the shore

Dale at the grill

Bridge over the lake

Trees and grass along the shore

Eroding tree roots

Calm lake water

Calm water view from the kayak

Dead tree in the water

Teri and Phil with the curious dog

Duckweed cover

Kayak at the dock

Dinnertime outside, part 1

Dinnertime outside, part 2

Multicolored food

Good stuff

Kayak with paddles

Lake at sunset, part 1

Lake at sunset, part 2