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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Copper Mountain, Colorado
December 9-12, 2017


Phil, Teri, Ben, Dale, Joe and El


Click on image to view full size

Approaching the mountains

On the way to Copper Saturday morning morning

Phil getting ready to ski

El on Saturday morning

El and Len

El's photo stop

Phil's photo stop

Teri closeup

Snowmaking in progress

Welcome party, part 1

Welcome party, part 2

Welcome party, part 3

Welcome party food line

Welcome party pizzas

Welcome party salad

El, Dale and Ben at the welcome party

Len, Teri, Phil, Ben, Dale and El

Condo dining area

Condo living room, part 1

Condo living room, part 2

Condo master bedroom

Condo second bedroom

Hot tub

El, Phil and Dale in the hot tub

Sunday morning view from the condo

View from the condo, part 2

View from the condo, part 3

View from the condo, part 4

Bridge over frozen pond

Local landscape

Preparing to ski on Sunday morning

Dale, El, Ben and Phil getting ready to ski

Near the base of the Eagle lift

El near the top

Sunday morning I-70 valley view

El resting Sunday morning

El and Phil resting

El and Len's photo stop

Joe, Dale, Ben and Phil

Len, Phil, Ben, dale, Joe and El

Sunday morning view to the northwest

Len and Ben

View along the upper ridge

El and Dale

Resting in a group

Lincoln (Cornhusker) club skiers

Ben and El

Joe's photo stop

Phil and Len

Len, Ben and Dale

Phil, Joe, Len and Ben

Broad easy run

Joe and Ben at lunch

Ben, Dale and El at lunch

Ben, Dale, El and Brian

Lunch soup

Snowmaking on Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon view to the northeast

Long groomed run heading to the valley

Sunday afternoon view down the cruising run

Skiing down to the valley

Late afternoon view

Wide open area

Joe, Ben, Brian, Pat and Phil at Jack's

Brian at the end of the skiing day

Ben and Brian

Phil, Teri and El at Jack's

El, Joe and Ben

Lefty Lucy sign

Jack's wall decorations

Main base at night, part 1

Main base at night, part 2

Sunday evening at the Eagle BBQ restaurant

BBQ restaurant layout

Joe, Teri, Phil, Dale and El at Sunday evening BBQ dinner

Joe, Phil, Dale, Ben and El

Brisket sandwich with fries and beer

BBQ ribs and mashed potatoes

Mixed BBQ food

Monday morning at the main base

Phil at the base on Monday morning

Dale at the base Monday morning

Dale, Phil, Ben and El waiting to ski

Monday morning view to the northeast

Monday morning view of the back bowls

Long wide groomed traverse

Phil and El

Ben resting on Monday morning

Ben and El on Monday morning

Dale skiing slowly

View across the ridge, part 1

View across the ridge, part 2

Teri on Monday morning

Ben on Monday morning

Joe on Monday morning

Dale, Ben, El and Phil

Along the top of the ridge

Base of the American Flyer lift

El overlooking the valley

Ben turning

Descending the hill

Joe turning

Phil turning

Small chapel

El near the trees

Phil watching the slope

Interstate 70 view

Joe near the chapel

Dale and El

Overlooking the Solitude Station restaurant

Joe, Dale and El at lunch

Phil at lunch

Lunchtime chili

Monday afternoon along the ridge, part 1

Monday afternoon along the ridge, part 2

Wide run

Monday afternoon scenery

Ben, Joe and Dale

Dale, El and Phil

Snowguns at work Monday afternoon

Bright sun along the lift

El on the lift

Distant peak

Interesting scenery, part 1

Interesting scenery, part 2

Returning to the base

Lengthening shadows

Late afternoon view near the top

Competition jumps and halfpipe

At the Lewis house on Monday evening

Simon Lewis, El and Dale

Phil, Simon, Len and Ben

Dale, Joe and El

Tree lights at the Copper base

Base of the Eagle lift on Tuesday morning

Joe and Dale preparing to ski

Tuesday morning view from the top

Tuesday morning view to the west

Joe with valley view

Dale with valley view

Ben with valley view

View down the Super Bee lift

Leaving the mountains, part 1

Leaving the mountains, part 2