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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Snowmass, Colorado

with the Flatlands Ski Association (FSA)
January 31-February 4, 2018

Group photo at the Flatland Ski Association awards banquet

Full race results

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Condo living room on Wednesday morning

Condo dining area

Master bedroom

Second bedroom

Condo bathroom

At the base of the gondola Wednesday afternoon

Phil and Teri on the gondola

Wednesday afternoon mountain view, part 1

Wednesday afternoon mountain view, part 2

Peaceful Wednesday afternoon landscape

Wide valley view

Art exhibit at the base, part 1

Art exhibit, part 2

Art exhibit closeup

Art exhibit, part 3

Art exhibit, part 4

Art exhibit, part 5

Art exhibit, part 6

FSA race sign in, part 1

FSA race sign in, part 2

Working on the race paperwork

Full moon on Wednesday night

Condo complex on Thursday morning

Condo complex outdoor pool

View from the condo, part 1

View from the condo, part 2

Thursday morning breakfast

Blueberry pancake closeup

Len, Phil and Vance at breakfast

El, Len and Dave on the Thursday morning shuttle

Thursday morning on the gondola

Teri, Phil, El and Vance

Phil, El and Vance on the gondola

Vance and Dave watching the scenery

El skiing slowly

Phil and Simon

Phil, El, Len and Jamie

Vance resting

Widely spaced trees

Vance, Phil and Len skiing quickly downhill

Len, Dave, Vance, Phil and Simon

Rest stop

Checking out the terrain

Phil, Dave, El and a mountain guide

Jamie, Len, Phil, Vance, El and the guide

All in a row on Thursday morning

Cloudy Thursday morning valley view

Dead tree stump

Wide open run along the ridge

Trees and valley view

Gathering for a rest stop

Clouds over the mountains

Lined up and ready

Photo op during a mountain tour

Lined up in 2 rows

Phil and Vance

Another rest stop

Dave resting on Thursday morning

El resting on Thursday morning

Broad open run

Skiing slowly down the slope

Skiing past the camera

Len, Simon and El

Len skiing near the trees

Wildlife panel, part 1

Wildlife panel, part 2

Wildlife panel, part 3

Vance closeup

Teri closeup

Skiing down the crest of the ridge, part 1

Skiing down the crest of the ridge, part 2

Variably spaced trees

Teri ahead of the trees

Long shadows

Thursday afternoon view from the lift

Trees and thin high clouds

Resting on the ridge

Skiers along the fence

Maroon Bells view, part 1

Maroon Bells view, part 2

Long fence

Quiet landscape

Distant peak

El resting Thursday afternoon

Len resting

Simon, Jamie, Vance and Phil

Preparing for the snowshoe race

Omaha Ski Club

snowshoe race team

Ben, Hillary, Phil and Jamie

Club team ready to race

Snowshoe race, part 1

Snowshoe race, part 2

Snowshoe race, part 3

Snowshoe race, part 4

Snowshoe race, part 5

Hillary snowshoe racing

Phil snowshoe racing, part 1

Phil snowshoe racing, part 2

Jamie snowshoe racing, part 1

Jamie snowshoe racing, part 2

Jamie snowshoe racing, part 3

Snowshoe race, continued

End of the snowshoe race

FSA welcome party

Preparing to race on Friday morning

Preparing to race, part 2

Preparing to race, part 3

Dave waiting to race

Wayne and Dave in the racing line

Simon waiting to race

Dave at the starting shack

Dave racing

Len waiting to race

Phil at the starting shack

Phil racing

El waiting to race

Vance waiting to race

Len in the racing line

Len at the starting shack

Len racing, part 1

Len racing, part 2

Phil's second start

Phil's second run

Ben in the racing line

Ben about to start

Ben racing

Teri about to race, part 1

Teri about to race, part 2

Waiting near the start shack,   part 1

Waiting near the start shack,     part 2

Waiting near the start shack,    part 3

Watching the race course

Lining up for the second run

Jamie waiting to race

Teri and Jamie waiting to race

Jamie in the racing line

Jamie racing

Teri at the starting shack

Teri racing, part 1

Teri racing, part 2

More racers in line

Simon at the race area

Racing line, continued

Teri at the racing line

Jamie approaching the starting shack

Jamie starting her second run

Jamie's second run

Hillary starting

Hillary racing

Dave, Simon, Vance and Len

Jamie's Friday afternoon photo stop

Simon and Jamie's photo stop

Simon on a large open slope

Friday afternoon valley view

Unusual restroom sign

Local BBQ restaurant

Friday evening BBQ dinner, part 1

Friday evening BBQ dinner, part 2

Saturday morning view from the gondola

Len on the gondola Saturday morning

Phil on the gondola

Jamie on the gondola

Len and Phil resting

Saturday morning mountain view

Mountain view, part 2

Mountain view, part 3

Mountain view, part 4

Mountain view, part 5

Len and Phil at the fence

Widely spaced trees Saturday morning

Jamie resting Saturday morning

Wide valley view Saturday morning

Simon, Phil and Len

Dave, Vance, Jamie and El

Simon on a broad open run

Phil and Len on Saturday morning

Pleasant valley view

Approaching the tunnel under the road

Dave, Jamie, Phil, El, Len, Simon and Vance

With pole tips up!

Group gathering, continued

El at the mountain picnic

Mountain picnic food

Above the mountain picnic

Sitting down to eat

At the long mountain picnic table

Mountain picnic, continued

Saturday afternoon mountain view

Saturday afternoon valley view

El, Dave and Jamie

Simon at the fence

Teri at the fence

Vance at the fence

El at the fence

Steep mountains

Long sharp ridge

Trail signs

Valley view along the fence

Vance rest stop

Snowboard decorations

Westin hotel

Omaha table at the FSA awards banquet

Steve, Teri and Phil at the awards banquet

Jamie, Hillary and Ben

Simon and Len

Len, Dave and Jamie

Simon, Dave and Len

Herb and Teri

Vance and El

Awards banquet dinner

Omaha group at the awards banquet, part 1

Omaha group at the awards banquet, part 2

Awards banquet buffet lines

Buffet line closeup, part 1

Buffet line closeup, part 2

Boulevard beer poster

Awards banquet food

Awards banquet dessert

FSA race personnel

Club race representatives

Race director's cup

Herb Schnoetzinger award

Hillary with medal

Ben with medal

Teri, Hillary and Ben with medals

Ben. Len, Dave, El, Vance, Hillary, Jamie, Teri, Simon and Phil

Herb with race director's cup

FSA medals closeup

Snowmass base village on Sunday morning

Art exhibit on Sunday morning

Phil and Simon

Jamie and Len

Dave on Sunday morning

Teri and Dave

Sunday morning valley view

Simon, Phil, Jamie, Dave and Len

Pretty trees, cloudy sky

Lowering clouds and flat light

Jamie on Sunday afternoon

Simon on Sunday afternoon




Jamie and Simon at the end of the day

Heavy I-70 traffic on the way home

I-70 scenery, part 1

I-70 scenery, part 2

I-70 scenery, part 3

Frozen waterfall next to the highway

Frozen waterfall closeup

Damaged trailer

Sunset in the mountains

Last ridge before Denver

More traffic at sunset