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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Steamboat, Colorado

with the Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council (CMSC)
February 24 - March 3, 2018

Group photo at the Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council awards banquet

Full race results

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Saturday morning on the road

Approaching the mountains

Going up

Fresh snow

Snowy interstate

Tunnel west of Denver

Old mining stuff

Snowy tailings pile

Loveland Pass closed

Bighorn sheep next to the interstate

Snow in the mountains

Heavy snow in Rabbit Ears pass

Going over the pass

Going down the pass, part 1

Going down the pass, part 2

Going down the pass, part 3

Runaway truck ramp

Valley view from the pass

Down in the valley

Approaching Steamboat Springs

City limits

Condo master bedroom

Condo second bedroom

Condo bathroom

View from the condo

Condo hallway

Condo kitchen

Condo living room, part 1

Condo living room, part 2

Condo dining area

Strange condo decorations, part 1

Strange condo decorations, part 2

Teri baking a pie

Teri with pie

Pie closeup

Kitchen counter with food

Snowy Sunday morning parking lot

Dave preparing to ski

Ben and Phil preparing to ski

Waiting for the Sunday morning shuttle bus

Phil, Dave and Felix

Dave and Phil on the shuttle bus

Joe on the shuttle bus

Teri and Joe on the bus

Dave about to ski

Joe about to ski

Joe on fresh snow

Phil, Dave and Felix on fresh snow

Sunday morning photo stop

Teri on Sunday morning

Teri, Dave and Phil on the lift

Snowy view from the lift

Dense fog near the summit

Joe, Phil, Dave and Felix

Joe, Phil, Dave and Teri

Pleasant Sunday morning landscape

Dave and Phil on the ridge

Joe on the ridge

Sunday afternoon valley view, part 1

Sunday afternoon valley view, part 2

Looking uphill under the lift

Frost on the trees

View to the south

Trails to the south

Teri on Sunday afternoon

Snow covered creek

View under the lift, part 1

View under the lift, part 2

Valley view through the trees

Joe on a bump run

Time to rest

Lift view approaching the top

Joe and Phil on the lift

Dave and Teri on the lift

Ridge view, part 1

Ridge view, part 2

Phil and Dave in the hot tub

Sunday night view from the base

Night skiing near the base

Sunday night scenery

Maggie and Teri

At the CMSC welcome party

Welcome party announcements

Welcome party decorations

Welcome party gathering

Trip leader discussions

Welcome party food

Maggie, Teri, Phil, Dave and Joe

Maggie, Felix, Phil, Dave, Joe and Ben

Teri and Phil at the welcome party

Dave, Joe and Ben checking the trail maps

Ben, Mark and Maggie

Mark, Dave, Joe and Felix returning from the welcome party

Ben, Maggie and Joe on the bus back to the condos

Phil, Felix, Ben and Maggie on the shuttle bus

Phil and Felix late bight snack and ski tuneup

Phil making Monday morning breakfast

Teri making Monday morning breakfast

Monday morning view from the condo

Felix and Dave at breakfast

Dave breakfast closeup

Felix, Joe, Dave, Phil, Mark and Teri

Felix, Joe, Dave, Phil, Mark and Ben

Monday morning valley view

Wide snowy scenic run

Teri's Monday morning photo stop

Phil and Joe resting

Joe, Felix, Mark, Ben and Dave

Phil, Joe, Dave, Felix, Mark and Ben

Phil's Monday morning photo stop

Broad valley

Descending on the traverse

Phil, Mark, Ben and Felix

Teri and Phil about to race

Phil racing, part 1

Phil racing, part 2

Teri out of the starting gate

View down the race course

Ben out of the starting gate

Moose warning sign

Peaceful Monday morning landscape

Phil's photo stop

Dave's photo stop

Ben's photo stop

Joe's photo stop

Monday midday view from the top

Mountain picnic food line

Phil and Felix at the mountain picnic

Teri, Dave, Phil, Maggie and Felix at the mountain picnic

Teri, Dave, Phil, Maggie, Felix, Mark and Joe

Ben, Dave, Phil, Maggie, Felix, Mark and Joe

Outside the mountain picnic

Phil and Maggie on the long traverse

Phil, Ben, Maggie and Mark

Phil, Maggie and Teri

Maggie turning

Maggie near the top

Scraggly trees

Phil and Teri on the lift Monday afternoon

Gathering at the top of the gondola

Monday afternoon valley view

Valley view between the trees

Trail signs near the summit

Bird closeup

Maggie and Mark

Phil, Dave and Ben

Maggie and Ben

Phil and Teri

Joe without one ski


Tornado trail sign

Monday afternoon landscape

Maggie resting

Skinny trees

Phil with valley view

Wide open run

Phil near aspen trees

Dave and Felix

Ben and Maggie on a wide slope

Maggie on the wide slope

Phil, Maggie, Dave, Ban and Felix

Wide open traverse

Joe with valley view

Felix, Joe and Phil on the way to the hot tub

Dave, Felix and Phil

Hot tub area

Maggie, Ben, Dave, Phil, Joe and Felix

Mark and Felix at Monday evening dinner

Felix, Dave, Ben and Joe

Phil, Dave and Ben at dinner

Teri and Phil with pies

Apple pie closeup