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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Steamboat, Colorado

with the Flatlands Ski Association (FSA)
January 20 - 27, 2019



Vance Peterson, Kim Copenhaver, El Siebert, Brian & Cindy Moore, Dan Kautzman, Joe Reitman, Joe Fassel, Phil Bintz, Danny & Janice Hitzfelder, Dave Burden, Gail Shears, Len Szmurlo, Simon & Jamie Lewis, Ben Stickler, Andy Rabick, Hillary Stickler, Teri Hammon, Dave Griffith, Steve Grunberg, Kim Lee and Pat Connelly at the Flatland Ski Association awards banquet

Full race results

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Sunrise on the way there

Road to Colorado

Strange lobby decorations, part 1

Strange lobby decorations, part 2

Phil at the lobby

Lobby area

Condo master bedroom

Condo second bedroom

Living room view from above

Dining area view from above

Third bedroom

Outside view, part1

Outside view, part 2

Condo dining area

Condo stairway

View towards the valley

New gondola coming

At the base of the lift Sunday afternoon

Setting up balloons

Inflating the blue balloon

Inflating the yellow balloon

Blue balloon closeup

Teri and Phil with the balloons

Watching the blue balloon

Yellow balloon closeup

Balloon with Colorado symbol

Green balloon

Lots of balloons

Orange balloon with lights

Teri with the balloons

Balloons lit up

Dave and Joe

Kim cooking dinner

Bathroom view Monday morning

Joe and Dave waiting for the shuttle bus

Rental office

Joe and Dave at the office entrance

Monday morning valley view

Gondola view

Valley view between the trees

Phil, Joe and Dave

Phil, Joe, Dave and Teri

Broad valley view

Dave with valley view

Dave resting above the valley

Wide traverse

Dense birch trees

Wide easy run

Joe resting

Joe tired out

Interesting trees

Teri and Phil on the lift

Monday morning view from the lift

Teri on Monday morning

Dave and Joe on the lift

Dave and Joe closeup

Long uphill view from the lift

Snowy trees

Picnic tables

Top of the Tornado and Nelson runs

Race area with jump

Parachutist with smoke

Upper race area

Watching the parachutist

Parachutist about to land

Parachutist landing

Second parachutist landing

Colored smoke closeup

Parachutists waving to the crowd

Next to the race course looking downhill

At the starting gate

Racer on the course

Phil at the course

Racer wipeout

Snowboarder jumping

Dave and Joe at the course

Another wipeout on the course

Collecting the equipment

Bad landing after a jump

More racers on the course

Snowboard racers

Simultaneous jumps

Snowboarder down

Dual snowboard flips

Frosty scenery

Clearing valley view

Looking west

Valley view closeup

Teri and Dave on the lift

Phil, Dave and Steve in the hot tub

Dave and Joe in the condo Monday evening

Kim, Richard, Kim and Phil waiting for the Tuesday morning shuttle bus

Teri at the shuttle stop

Buddy Werner memorial

Memorial closeup

Kim, Kim, Richard and Phil on Tuesday morning

Pleasant Tuesday morning landscape

Teri on Tuesday morning

Kim, Phil, Kim and Richard

Skinny trees

Tuesday afternoon valley view

Kim, Kim and Teri on the lift

Wide easy run on Tuesday afternoon

Phil and Teri Tuesday afternoon

Impressive valley view

Twisted dead trees

Tuesday afternoon rest stop

Approaching the base

Richard and Dave on the Wednesday morning shuttle bus

Dave resting on Wednesday morning

Sun peeking through the clouds

Wednesday morning rest stop

Snowy Wednesday morning

Kim, Phil and Richard

Kim on Wednesday morning

Phil near the lodge

Joe on Wednesday morning

Phil and Richard on the lift

Lots of new snow on the trees

Phil and Kim

Snowy woods

Kim resting in heavy snow

Kim and Phil in deep snow

Phil. Kim and Teri

Kim and Phil in heavy falling snow

Snowy woods looking uphill

Teri on Wednesday afternoon

Teri and Phil resting in heavy falling snow

Thursday morning snow in condo parking lot

Thursday morning snow, part 2

Thursday morning snow, part 3

Getting ready to ski on Thursday morning

Jamie, Danny, Janice, Len, Simon, Gail and Joe

Phil, Kim and Kim

Eight club skiers

Foggy view from the lift

Thursday morning rest stop

Phil on Thursday morning

Len and Dave

Kim, Janice and Phil

Dave's Thursday morning photo stop

Len's Thursday morning photo stop

Dave, Kim and Kim

Len and Jamie

Phil and Simon

Len, Phil, Simon and Jamie

Teri on Thursday morning

Thursday afternoon valley view

View to the south

Danny, Janice and Kim

Len near the trees

View from the base up along the lifts

Len, Danny and Jamie on the lift

Jamie and Teri on the lift

FSA race course

Len, Simon, Danny, Jamie and Janice overlooking the valley

Valley view to the south

Steamboat Ambassador and Jamie

Preparing for the snowshoe race

Verifying snowshoe race listings

Omaha snowshoe race team

Snowshoe teams waiting to race

Getting in position for the snowshoe race

Snowshoe race underway

Snowshoe race, part 2

Snowshoe race, part 3

Snowshoe race, part 4

Snowshoe race, part 5

Snowshoe race, part 6

Snowshoe race, part 7

Snowshoe race, part 8

Snowshoe race finish

Snowshoe race team after the race

Hillary, Joe, Jamie and Phil

Skier statue

Waiting for the shuttle bus back to the condos

Tree lights with heavy snow

Kim, Hillary and Teri waiting for the welcome party gondola

Hillary and Teri at the gondola

More waiting for the gondola

Richard, Kim, Dave and Dan at the FSA welcome party

Omaha welcome party table, part 1

Omaha welcome party table, part 2

Omaha welcome party table, part 3

Andy and Pat at the welcome party

Welcome party food

Teri and Phil at the welcome party

Billy Kidd speaks at the welcome party

FSA welcome party crowd

Getting the crowd's attention

Teri with Billy Kidd

Billy Kidd with El

Kim at the condo kitchen Friday morning

El on Friday morning

FSA challenge race start area

Getting in line for the men's race

Dave at the starting gate

Dave racing

View down the race course

Skiers waiting to race

Len in the race line

Len at the starting gate

Len racing, part 1

Len racing, part 2

Phil waiting to race

Racers lining up

Racers at the starting gate

Joe waiting to race

Len, Dave, Simon and Dan waiting for their second run

El at the starting gate

Club skiers in the racing line

Joe at the starting gate

Joe racing

View down the blue race course

Janice and Jamie in the women's race line

Teri waiting to race

Jamie and Teri

Kim waiting to race

Dan, Joe and Phil in the racing line

Saturday afternoon sunset at the condos

Condo shuttle stop late Saturday afternoon

Kim, Brian, Cindy, Andy and Pat at the FSA awards banquet

Simon, Dan, Dave and Joe at the awards banquet

Richard, El, Hillary and Ben

Len, Kim, Richard and El

Awards banquet overview, part 1

Awards banquet overview, part 2

Awards banquet buffet

Awards banquet food

Dave, Joe, Steve, Len and Kim

First awards banquet speaker

Making a point

Getting awards

Hillary with medal

Club group picture

Richard, Teri, Phil and Hillary

Teri's racing picture

Joe, Dave and Dan

Checking the race results

Blue lights

Sunday morning at the condo parking lot

Condo office roof

Snowy Sunday morning view from the lift

Sunday morning valley view

Len resting on Sunday morning

Simon resting

Teri with valley view

Phil and Jamie

Long easy run

Simon, Phil, Jamie and Len

Frosted snowy trees overlooking the valley

Jamie, Phil and Len

Dense mixed vegetation

Open glade

Len skiing down a long traverse

Teri on Sunday afternoon

Jamie and Simon on the shuttle bus after skiing

Teri on the shuttle bus

Len and Phil on the shuttle bus

Going up Rabbit Ears Pass on the way home

Near the top of the pass

Deep snow and thin low clouds at the top of the pass

Descending the east side of the pass

Bridge over Rt 40 on the way home