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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Brighton, Solitude, Snowbird, Deer Valley and Alta, Utah
March 9-16, 2019


Teri, Phil, Kathy, Chris, Vance and Steve at Brighton


Click on image to view full size

Saturday morning I-80 view in Wyoming

 Sunrise in the rear view mirror

Blowing snow in Wyoming

I-80 in Wyoming, part 1

I-80 in Wyoming, part 2

I-80 in Wyoming, part 3

I-80 in Wyoming, part 4

I-80 in Wyoming, part 5

I-80 in Wyoming, part 6

Wyoming's wildlife

Wyoming scenery

Crystal Inn hotel sign

Crystal Inn hotel entrance

Hotel dining area

Hotel hallway

Hotel room

Phil at Solitude on Sunday

Sunday morning view

Snow and fog at Solitude

In the trees and steeps

Phil at lunch on Sunday

View from the lodge

Teri's Sunday photo stop

Phil on the lift Sunday afternoon

Solitude base area Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon bus back to the hotel

Kathy, Chris and Vance on the shuttle bus

Brighton base lodge

Eagle at the Brighton base lodge

Brighton lodge snowboard decorations

Historical ski pictures

Snowy trees and fog in the valley

Monday morning near the top of Brighton

Challenging terrain

Monday morning valley view

Phil on Monday

Teri on Monday

Vance on Monday

Brighton area boundary sign

Phil resting on a wide slope

Clearing skies on Monday morning

View near the lift

Chris and Kathy on a traverse

Saddle area at Brighton

Overlooking the base

Brighton parking lot and base area

Monday evening sunset

Hoppers parking lot

Hoppers grill

Entering Hoppers for the welcome party dinner

Phil, Vance, Steve, Chris and Kathy at the welcome party

Chris, Teri, Phil, Vance and Steve

Hoppers water glass

Hoppers at night

Snowbird lift on Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning view from the lift

Snowbird ski patrol building

Snowbird valley view

At the base of the tram

Run status board

Base of the Snowbird tram

Phil on the tram

Teri on the tram

Kathy on the tram

Vance on the tram

Downhill view along the tram, part 1

Downhill view along the tram, part 2

Valley view Tuesday morning

Valley view looking uphill

Little Cottonwood Canyon poster

Poster part 2

Phil and Teri at the top of Snowbird

Kathy, Chris, Vance, Teri and Phil

View from the ridge

Starting a long descent

Tunnel entrance

Kathy approaching the tunnel

Inside the tunnel

Tunnel exhibits, part 1

Tunnel exhibits, part 2

Tunnel exhibits, part 3

Tunnel exhibits, part 4

Tunnel exhibits, part 5

Tunnel exhibits, part 6

Tunnel exhibits, part 7

Tunnel exhibits, part 8

Tunnel exhibits, part 9

Leaving the tunnel

Waiting outside the tunnel exit

Kathy and Chris

Pleasant Tuesday morning landscape

View over the ridges

Rest stop near the trees

Snowy ridge

Snowbird trail signs

Tuesday lunch break at the top of the tram

Ready to ski after lunch

Low clouds

Bus back to the hotel

Entering Deer Valley Wednesday morning

Deer Valley scenery, part 1

Deer Valley scenery, part 2

Deer Valley scenery, part 3

Snow and wet roads returning from Deer Valley

Hotel fitness center

Hotel swimming pool

Pool and hot tub

Steve and Phil in the hot tub

Red Rock Wednesday dinner restaurant

Vance, Phil, Kathy, Steve, Chris and Teri at dinner

Restaurant menu

Fried fish

Coleslaw chicken and asparagus

Burger with chips

Italian food

Red Rock restaurant after dark

\State liquor and wine store

Thursday at the Alta base

Ski rack at the Alta base

Alta lift view in foggy heavy snow

Snowy foggy Alta landscape

Phil, Kathy, Vance and Chris at Alta

Kathy in deep fresh powder

Clearing skies

Thursday afternoon view from the lift

View from the lift, part 2

Snowy Alta gully

View from the lift through the trees

Teri, Chris and Phil on the lift

View from the lift, part 3

View from the lift, part 4

Chris in deep powder

Teri on Thursday afternoon

Chris and Vance on a wide open run

Phil and Chris rest stop

Thursday dinner menu