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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Winter Park, Colorado
February 20-24, 2019


Mark, Teri, Phil, Brian, Pat, Ellen, Jordyn and Pebbles


Click on image to view full size

Wednesday evening lights in downtown Winter Park

 Restaurant dinner menu, part 1

Restaurant menu, part 2

Restaurant menu, part 3

Phil, Amy, Karen, Sharon, Steve, Mark and Tom at dinner

Sharon, Karen, Steve, Tom, Mark, Amy, Teri and Phil

Amy and Tom on the gondola Thursday morning

Mark and Teri on the gondola

Brian, Steve and Pat on Thursday morning

Thursday morning downhill view

Amy's photo stop

Mark's photo stop

Teri's photo stop

Thursday morning valley view

Teri on Thursday morning

Phil, Amy, Mark and Tom

Phil, Tom and Amy

View below the lift

Amy and Mark on the lift

Thursday morning view up the lift

Mark, Amy, Phil and Tom

Mark and Amy at lunch

Mark closeup

Amy and Tom

Mark, Amy and Tom

Panoramic Express lift base

Amy, Phil, Tom, Mark and Teri on the lift

Phil and Tom on the lift

Mark resting Thursday afternoon

Tom and Mark

Phil and Amy on Thursday afternoon

Mark and Teri resting

Clouds along the ridge line

Mark in the trees

Teri skiing in the trees

Teri in the trees closeup

Parsenn Bowl sign

Mark in the trees closeup

Mark and Teri in the trees

Mark fell down

Snowy woods

Mark in the snowy woods

Phil in the bumps and trees

Phil, Mark and Teri in the bumps and trees

Phil in a tough spot

Thursday afternoon valley view

Mark and Phil photo stop

Thursday afternoon trees

Teri with the Mary Jane sign

The Peak bistro and brewery

Thursday dinner menu

Thursday dinner, part 1

Thursday dinner, part 2

Friday morning at the Winter Park base, part 1

Friday morning at the Winter Park base, part 2

Base of the gondola

Pat at the base

At the gondola line

Pat, Brian, Phil and Mark

Friday morning valley view

Friday morning view of the ridges

Brian and Mark

Pat's photo stop

Phil's photo stop

Pat, Brian and Mark in a row

Teri on Friday morning

Pleasant Friday landscape

Friday lunch

Mark at lunch

Phil at lunch

Pat and Brian at lunch

Mark with lunchtime decorations

Teri, Amy, Mark and Karen

Mark, Phil, Brian, Pat, Ellen, Jordyn and Pebbles

Mark resting Friday afternoon

Mark in the snowy woods and falling snow

Teri fell in the trees

Teri Friday afternoon photo stop

Phil and Teri Friday afternoon

Phil, Mark and Teri in heavy snow on the lift

Hot tub ready for use

Smokehouse BBQ restaurant in downtown Winter Park

Friday evening BBQ dinner

Karen, Amy, Ellen, Jordyn, Phil and Pebbles

Pebbles, Teri, Mark, Sharon, Steve, Phil, Karen, Amy, Ellen and Jordyn

Strange decorations

Saturday morning in downtown Winter Park

Best Western motel lodging

Blowing snow on the ridge

Waiting for the shuttle bus on Saturday morning

Phil skiing near the Snoasis lodge area

Fresh snow on Saturday morning

Snoasis area

Mark resting above the valley

View from the top of the lift

Snowy trees on Saturday morning

Teri on Saturday morning

Mark on Saturday morning

Mark oops

View along the lift, part 1

View along the lift, part 2

Strange footprints in the snow

Phil on the lift

Mark on a steep slope near the trees

Snow piling up in the trees

Phil in the bumps and trees Saturday morning

Sunny Saturday lunch break

Blowing snow Saturday afternoon

Long lift line

Saturday afternoon valley view

Mark on Saturday afternoon

Saturday evening dinner

Mark and Tom

Nice cheeseburger

Sunday afternoon on the way home

Sunday evening sunset