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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Big Sky, Montana
March 10-16, 2020


Teri, Kim, Jamie, Dave, Phil and Steve


Click on image to view full size

On the way to Montana at night with a full moon

 Tuesday morning sunrise over Wyoming

Setting moon

Distant Wyoming mountains

Wyoming roadside

Snowy mountains

Montana state line

Entering the mountains

Montana rest stop

Bucks T4 Lodge sign

Bucks T4 Lodge lobby decorations

 Elk head

Checking in

Motel room, part 1

Motel room, part 2

View from the motel

View from the motel, continued

Tuesday evening sunset, part 1

Tuesday evening sunset, part 2

Tuesday evening sunset, part 3

Tuesday evening sunset, part 4

Sunday evening dinner restaurant

Phil at the restaurant

Dave and Jamie

Restaurant menu

Kim and Dave

Steve at the restaurant

Restaurant decorations

Another elk head

Phil and Steve

Kim, Dave, Jamie, Teri, Phil and Steve at Tuesday night dinner

Fried chicken dinner

Pulled pork dinner

Wednesday morning drive to the ski area

Flat snowy roadside view

Approaching the ski area

Unloading the car

Kim and Jamie ready to ski

Parking shuttle cart

Phil in the parking shuttle cart

Shuttle cart underway

Phil and Kim leaving the shuttle cart

Jamie with a mountain ambassador

Base of the new Ram Charger lift

Jamie and Dave about to ski Wednesday morning

Kim, Steve and Dave at the base of the lift

Dave and Steve on the lift

Jamie, Kim and Phil on the lift

Teri on the lift

Near the top of the lift

On-mountain restaurant

Upper lift terminal building

Top of a wide groomed run

Jamie, Kim and Phil

Phil and Jamie in a wide open area

Scenic wide easy run

Wide path through the trees

Dave, Phil and Jamie rest stop

Kim, Steve, Dave, Phil and Jamie

Wednesday morning scenery, part 1

Wednesday morning scenery, part 2

Lone Peak framed by trees

Kim, Dave, Steve and Phil near a resort sign

Mid-mountain restaurant

Lots of trails

Lone Peak under clearing skies

Lone Peak behind the trees

Impressive view from the lift

Terrain park under the lift

Crossing over a small valley

Snow blowing off Lone Peak

Motel hot tubs

Lone Peak Brewery building

Lone Peak Brewery closeup

Lone Peak Brewery sign

Brewery menu

Beer sign

Wednesday evening welcome party jambalaya

Welcome party bison steak rice bowl

Jamie on Thursday morning

Thursday morning view from the motel

Outside the motel

Loading the cars on Thursday morning

Kim and Jamie scraping ice and snow

On the way to the ski area

Hot air balloon behind the buildings

At the Big Sky parking lot

Steve and Jamie on Thursday morning

Clouds behind the mountains

Kim and Dave's Thursday morning rest stop

Teri's Thursday morning photo stop

Dave, Jamie, Steve and Kim on a wide slope

Phil, Dave, Jamie and Steve

Busy base area

Thursday afternoon view from the base

Jamie with the mountain ambassadors

Wide open bowl area

Base of the upper mountain lift

Upper mountain cliffs

Base area viewed from above

Jamie on the mountain tour

On-mountain private home

Yellowstone Club entrance

Ultra wide easy run

Jamie and Teri on Thursday afternoon

Thursday afternoon trees and Lone Peak

Trails below Lone Peak

Impressive Thursday afternoon scenery

Broad valley view

Jamie on a gladed bump run

Trees and bumps

Thursday evening sunset at the motel

Thursday evening sunset, part 2

Thursday evening sunset, part 3

Thursday evening sunset, part 4

Thursday evening sunset, part 5

Checking in at Milkie's Pizza and Pub

Thursday evening dinner menu

Milkie's bar area

Teri and Phil at Thursday evening dinner

Dave and Jamie getting updates

Steve with pizza

Dave with pizza

Friday morning on the way to the ski area

Lone Peak on Friday morning

Unloading the car on Friday morning

Mountain ambassador with Jamie

Wide Friday morning view

Upper mountain traverse

Valley view from the upper mountain

Upper mountain traverse, continued

Jamie's Friday morning photo stop

Steve's Friday morning photo stop

Dave's Friday morning photo stop

Weathered dead trees

Teri's Friday morning photo stop

Lone Peak behind the scraggly trees

Peaceful Friday morning scenery

Steve and Jamie resting on a long groomed run

Groomed run with valley view

Cliffs view through the trees

Distant valley view

Jamie, Steve and Phil resting

Dave resting

Nice wide run

Teri and Jamie's photo stop

Steve and Phil resting

Phil's Friday morning photo stop

Moss and lichens on the trees

Long wide run through the trees

Friday lunch at the Madison base area

Friday lunch, continued

Phil at lunch

Friday afternoon view from the base

Kim's Friday afternoon photo stop

Friday afternoon scenery

Up above timberline

Lone Peak closeup

Friday afternoon valley view

Night terrors

Friday afternoon view from the lift

Late Friday afternoon at the motel hot tubs

View from the hot tubs

Jamie arriving for Friday dinner at the Lone Peak Brewery

Beer sampler on an old ski

Phil and Dave at the brewery

Steve and Kim at the brewery

Jamie and Teri on Friday evening

Another elk head at the brewery

Stuffed bear

On the way to the ski area Saturday morning

Elk herd near the road

Elk closeup

Elk in the snow

Elk along the ridge

At the ski area parking lot

Raven in the parking lot, front view

Raven in the parking lot, side view

Dave, Jamie, Phil and Kim about to ski

Ramcharger lift base

Saturday morning at the main base area

Waiting at the main base

Getting on the lift


Snow and fog on Saturday morning

Snowy view from the lift

Teri, Kim and Jamie on the lift Saturday morning

Heavy falling snow viewed from the lift

Jamie on the snowy lift

Teri on the snowy lift

Phil in the trees

Jamie in fresh snow

Back at the main base

Lunchtime hot chocolate

Back on the lift under a blue cover

Discussions on the lift

Fresh snow in the trees

Teri's Saturday afternoon photo stop

Jamie's Saturday afternoon photo stop

Leaving the ski area in snow and fog

Back at the motel late Saturday afternoon

Motel sign in the falling snow

Motel entrance

Fresh snow at the motel

On the way to the ski area Sunday morning

Near the ski area entrance

Snowy Sunday morning road

Covid-19 warning at the ski area

Covid-19 details

Clearing skies viewed from the lift

Jamie and Kim on the lift Sunday morning

Teri, Jamie, Kim and Phil on the lift

Deep snow under the lift

Fresh snow on Sunday morning

Lupine run sign

Jamie on Sunday morning

Snowy yurt at the Madison base area

Kim at lunch

Jamie and Kim in heavy falling snow

Long snowy traverse

Jamie, Kim and Teri on the traverse

Dense snow covered forest

Jamie resting on the lift

Snowy forest viewed from the lift

Jamie with valley view Sunday afternoon

Phil and Jamie with valley view

Tree run with clearing skies

At the base Sunday afternoon

Long lift line

Snow statistics

Sunday afternoon view from the lift

Teri and Phil on the lift Sunday afternoon

Phil and Jamie on the lift

Jamie with another valley view

Nice scenery

Phil and Jamie resting

Teri's Sunday afternoon photo stop

Interesting sticker

Jamie, Teri, Kim and Phil on Sunday afternoon

At the end of the last skiing day

Fully loaded vehicle

Big Sky parking lot

Parking lot view

On the way back to the motel, part 1

On the way back, part 2

On the way back, part 3

On the way back, part 4

On the way back, part 5

On the way back, part 6

On the way back, part 7

Back at the motel on Sunday afternoon

Motel parking lot

Kim and Phil packing the car

Kim with skis

Late Sunday afternoon landscape

Ousel & Spur restaurant

Checking in for Sunday evening dinner

Monday morning sunrise on the way back to Nebraska

Wyoming mountain pass

Wyoming roadside cliffs

Mountain pass, continued

Flat Wyoming valley

Hazy Wyoming mountains

Wyoming roadside scenery

Wyoming rest stop with snake warning

Jamie at the rest stop

Interstate 80 in Wyoming

Craggy Wyoming hilltops

Steamy oil refinery

Teri, Jamie and Kim at a rest stop

Wyoming wildlife

Bluffs with horseback rider

Low clouds over the bluffs