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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Taos, New Mexico
February 18-23, 2020


Teri, John, Brian, Pat, Chris and Kathy


Click on image to view full size

Approaching New Mexico, part 1

 Approaching New Mexico, part 2

Approaching New Mexico, part 3

At the New Mexico border

New Mexico foothills

New Mexico mountains

Dinner in New Mexico

Taos Valley Lodge sign

Check-in driveway

Parking lot

Fresh snow on Wednesday morning

Gently falling snow

Local drive to the Taos ski area

Taos ski area access road

Taos Ski valley area entrance

Heavy fog on the lift

El and Phil on the lift

Teri, El and Phil on the lift

El and Phil resting in the fog

Phil and Brian resting in the fog

Pat, Brian and Teri on Wednesday morning

Steep snowy woods

El on a long traverse

Brian resting on the traverse

Pat, Phil and El on the traverse

Snowy creek bed

Tall trees in heavy snow

Approaching the Taos main base

John, Brian, Pat, Kris, Kathy and Phil

Brian resting on the saddle

Phil's Wednesday morning photo stop

Teri and Brian closeup

Pat, John, Kathy, Chris and Phil

Brian, Pat and Phil on Wednesday afternoon

Wooded valley view

Pat and Phil

Long traverse

Pat and Brian on the traverse

Don't panic sign at the base

Taos Lodge pool

Wednesday evening hot tub gathering

Lodge bedroom

Wednesday evening dinner menu

Mexican food

El ready to ski on Thursday morning

Teri and Phil on the lift

Clear conditions Thursday morning

Explosives warning sign

Frosted trees

Ski patrol building

Scenic overlook

Steep ridge

Teri's Thursday morning photo stop

Wide scenic run

Big moguls under the lift

Bumpy open area

Phil resting in the open area

Snow and icicles on a cliff

Steep woods

Phil and Pat skiing in the bowl

Pat and Phil resting

Lunch break

Lunchtime ski rack

Mountains framed by trees

Steep open area

Thursday afternoon valley view

Expansive view

Taos sign

Brian at the end of the day

Road out of the ski area

Taos Mesa Brewing

Local bank

Downtown Taos

Thursday welcome party dinner, part 1

Thursday welcome party dinner, part 2

Local coffee shop on Friday morning

On the way to the ski area

Strange roadside stuff, part 1

Strange roadside stuff, part 2

Lots of sagebrush

Alternate road to the ski area

Drive to the ski area on Friday morning

Narrow road in the valley

Roadside pinnacles

Friday morning on the slopes

Adjusting equipment after getting off the lift

Chris resting on Friday morning

Kathy watching the scenery

Ski patrol checking Chris's leg

Loading Chris on the toboggan

All bundled up

Toboggan ride to the base

Kathy and Chris at the clinic

Stella's menu

El at Stella's for Friday evening dinner

Teri and Phil at Stella's

Spaghetti with meatballs and vegetables

Sausage with noodles, bread and vegetables

Pork tenderloin with spaghetti, bread and vegetables

Unusual mural

On the way to the ski area Saturday morning, part 1

On the way, part 2

On the way, part 3

On the way, part 4

On the way, part 5

On the way, part 6

On the way, part 7

On the way, part 8

On the way, part 9

On the way, part 10

On the way, part 11

On the way, part 12

On the way, part 13

On the way, part 14

On the way, part 15

Near the ski area entrance

El and Phil at the car on Saturday morning

Ski area sign

Walking to the lifts

El's Saturday morning photo stop

Pat's Saturday morning photo stop

Brian's Saturday morning photo stop

Teri and Brian

Brian and El on a wide easy run

El on a wide easy run

View from the lift

El on the lift

Teri on the lift

Ski patroller with dog meeting skiers

Back at the base at the end of the skiing day

Relaxing at the base

El at the base

Rathskeller entrance

El, Brian, Pat and Phil at the Rathskeller

Brian, Pat, Phil, Teri and El

Stained glass window

Rathskeller decorations

Rathskeller menu

Back at the car

Parking lot view

Parking lot shuttle stop

On the way back, part 1

On the way back, part 2

On the way back, part 3

On the way back, part 4

On the way back, part 5

On the way back, part 6

Rio Grande Gorge bridge plaque

Phil at the bridge

Teri at the bridge

Phil and El at the bridge

Rio Grande Gorge scenery

Rio Grande Gorge closeup, part 1

Rio Grande Gorge closeup, part 2

Rio Grande Gorge closeup, part 3

Phil and Teri at the Rio Grande Gorge bridge

Rio Grande Gorge scenery, continued

Remembrance cairn

Sagebrush closeup

Jack Campbell scenic historic marker

Points of interest

Mountains and clouds

Pueblo architecture

Back at the motel

Motel parking lot

Chinese restaurant menu for Saturday evening dinner

On the way back home Sunday morning

Distant mountains and clouds

Long straight two lane road

Mountains and valleys

No traffic

In the dry valley

Isolated mountain

Distant snowy mountains

Strange building on the ridge

Hay storage

San Luis historic district

Mountains ahead

Dry grassland

Clouds ahead

Out of the mountains

Abandoned house