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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Telluride, Colorado

with the Flatlands Ski Association (FSA)
January 31 - February 5, 2021


 Mark & Cindy Johnson, Mark McCracken, Jamie Lewis, Vance Peterson, Phil Bintz, Len Szmurlo, Teri Hammon, Simon Lewis, Tom Cave and Tim Adams

Click on image to view full size

Condo living room

Condo kitchen

Master bedroom

Tom and Phil putting on ski boots

Skis in the hallway

Large bird on the roof

Waiting at the condo entrance

Condo driveway

Phil, Mark and Tom ready to ski on Sunday morning

Teri, Phil, Mark and Tom

Newly groomed slope

Wide easy run

Teri on Sunday morning

Cindy resting on a smooth easy run

Cindy & Mark

Tim resting

Cindy & Mark resting

Sunday morning Tom and Mark

Mark and Tom

Mark and Cindy

Teri and Phil

Impressive cliffs

 Mark, Tim and Cindy

Nice Sunday afternoon scenery

Checking the ski area maps

Scenic traverse

View from the lift

Traverse through the woods

Valley view through the birch trees

Mark and Teri on the lift

Sunday afternoon rest stop

Tom, Mark and Phil back at the condo

Italian dinner on the stove

Tom at dinner

Tom, Mark and Phil at Monday morning breakfast

Monday morning at the condo

Condo second bedroom

Steep Monday morning scenery

Jamie on Monday morning

Len on Monday morning

Simon on Monday morning

Peaceful Monday morning scenery

Teri's Monday morning photo stop

Narrow valley view

Teri with valley view

Valley view closeup

View from the gondola

Jamie and Simon on the gondola

View of the Mountain Lodge from slopes

Phil resting on Monday afternoon

Teri on Monday afternoon

Jamie on a wide easy run

Wide open area

Simon on a wide easy run

Looking uphill

Phil near the trees

Jamie, Simon and Len

Dinner pie

Tuesday morning at the condo

Phil waiting to ski

Tom preparing to ski

Mark preparing to ski

Tuesday morning scenery

Outdoor seating at the mountain village

Tuesday morning rest stop, Tim and Cindy

Tuesday morning rest stop, Tom

Tuesday morning valley view

Phil, Cindy, Mark, Mark and Tom

Tuesday morning view to the west

Phil with valley view

Tom with valley view

Tom closeup

Mountaintops in the clouds

Simon and Len with valley view

Len, Phil, Simon and Jamie

Len, Phil, Teri, Simon and Jamie

Steep landscape

Len, Phil and Jamie

Jamie and Phil on the ridge

Ridgetop wide easy run

Wide traverse

Len and Simon

Phil and Jamie rest stop

Teri on Tuesday morning

Len and Simon on the lift

Uphill cliff below the lift

Steep terrain near the top of the lift

Steep ridgeline in the clouds

Phil, Simon, Teri, Jamie and Len on Tuesday afternoon

Phil and Len on a wide easy run

Tuesday afternoon valley view through the trees

Traverse along the cliff

Jamie on the poma lift

Wide easy run with valley view

Simon and Jamie's photo stop

Straight down towards the valley

Tuesday night at the base

Wednesday morning breakfast at the condo

Mark at breakfast

Phil at breakfast

Mountain Lodge building

Tom on Wednesday morning

Mark on Wednesday morning

Jamie on Wednesday morning

Mark and Phil about to ski

Trail near the condos

Teri and Mark on Wednesday morning

Teri and Phil on Wednesday morning

Teri and Tom on Wednesday morning

Tom and Mark on freshly groomed snow

Tom and Mark closeup

Jamie, Mark, Phil, Simon and Len

Len's Wednesday morning photo stop

Tom, Teri, Jamie and Cindy

Pleasant Wednesday morning landscape

Jamie, Mark and Phil

Phil taking a break

Tom, Jamie and Mark

Simon resting

Teri and Simon

Checking the trail map

Sun, clouds and a long jagged ridge

Blowing snow near the ridge

Wednesday morning view from the lift

Steep ridge and trees

Cindy on a wide open trail

Mark and Len descending the trail

Valley view through birch trees

Wide open run towards the valley

Jamie and Simon on Wednesday afternoon

Phil and Mark resting

Jamie, Simon and Len on Wednesday afternoon

Clouds and snow flurries over the valley

Phil, Simon and Jamie resting on Wednesday afternoon

Vance's photo stop

Phil, Simon, Len and Jamie on Wednesday afternoon

Phil with valley view

Len's Wednesday afternoon photo stop

Jamie at the end of the skiing day

Late Wednesday afternoon view from the gondola

View to the west

Uphill view from the gondola

Gondola midstation

Town of Telluride viewed from the gondola

Simon and Len on the gondola

Gondola passing over the chairlift

Town of Telluride gondola base station

Skis on a bicycle

Star on the hilltop

Downtown Telluride, part 1

Downtown Telluride, part 2

Downtown Telluride, part 3

Packed up at the condo on Thursday morning

Snowy road out of the condo

Snowy Thursday morning landscape

Thursday morning roadside view

Driving back home through the mountains

Nice scenery in the mountain pass

Reddish cliffs

Steep roadside

Broad valley

Not much traffic

Isolated peak, part 1

Isolated peak, part 2

Snowy interstate on Friday morning

Kearney Arch on the way home Friday afternoon