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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Christmas Party
December 10, 2022

Group gathering


Click on image to view full size

Checking the attendance list

Getting seated

Brian and Cindy

Waiting to eat

Getting updates

At the buffet

Starting to eat

Dinner underway

Enjoying the salad

Gift exchange table

Phil. Cindy, Brian, Maggie, Dave, Nancy and Janet

Ellen, Pebbles, Ben, Kathy and Kim

Steve, Linda, Sally, Don, Vance and Ellen

Steven, Ev and El

Dale, Ron, Joe and Mark

Teri, Cindy and Brian

Dave, Nancy, Janet and Teri

Phil, Brian, Cindy, Maggie, Dave and Nancy

Dale getting her gift

Dale with her gift

Joe opening his gift

Joe examining his gift

Joe displaying his gift

Phil opening  his gift

It's a cup

Steven opening his gift

It's a wine bottle

Nancy opening her gift

Nancy showing her gift

Mark opening his gift

Teri at the gift table

Teri opening her gift

It's Christmas decorations

Pebbles opening her gift

It's another wine bottle

Two wine bottles

Linda getting her gift

Teri getting a second gift after hers was stolen

It's gingerbread

Ron getting a gift

It's wine

Vance getting his gift

It's chocolate graham crackers

Ben getting his gift

It's rum

Brian getting his gift

It's maple syrup

Ellen getting her gift

It's chocolate

Maggie stealing Ben's gift

Ben getting another gift

It's small headlamps

Ben checking out his gift

Kathy stealing Pebbles' gift

Pebbles getting another gift

It's fluffy blankets

More gift stealing, part 1

More gift stealing, part 2

Evaluating the gifts

Watching the gift exchange

Along the long table

Almost done

El gets his gift

Gift stealing, continued

Kathy gets her gift

Janet gets her gift

Merry Christmas!