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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Summit County - Copper Mountain, Colorado
December 8-12, 2021


Ben, Phil, Randy, Andy, Billy, Scott, Teri, Denice, Jamie, Ellen, Pebbles, Fred, Pat, Simon, Brian, (front) Debbie, Len and Gretchen

Facebook slideshow

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Morning sky approaching the mountains

 Through the tunnel and headed for Dillon

Decorated boat in Dillon

Lake view from the motel

Fresh snow on Thursday morning

Arapahoe Cafe next to the motel

Phil at the top of the Excelerator lift

View from the top of the lift

Teri and Phil on the Flyer lift

Teri with the Highpoint run in the background

Some grass showing under the Flyer lift

View from the Highpoint run

Flyer lift

Phil on Thursday morning

Cloudy valley view

Snow gun blowing snow

Well covered open runs

Phil resting

Phil and Teri near the base

Teri on Thursday afternoon

Phil, Scott and Denice

Teri's photo stop

Great snow!

Phil, Gretchen, Fred, Denice and Scott

Scott, Randy, Phil and Denice

Scott, Randy, Phil, Denice and Teri

Thursday afternoon view from the hot tub

Phil in the very warm hot tub

The other view from the hot tub

Lake Dillon

Motel breakfast area used for the welcome party

Chocolate desserts - thanks Len!

Phil and Teri at the welcome party

Fruit and green salads - thanks Simon and Jamie!

Pebbles, Debbie, Billy and Ellen

Simon and Phil

Fred, Gretchen, Denice and Scott

Randy and Len

Andy, Brian and Pat

Welcome party in the breakfast area

The motel lobby

Motel lobby, part 2

More snow Friday morning, Fred preparing to clean his truck

Lake Dillon view from the motel Friday morning

Andy, Phil, Ben, Len and Brian

Andy, Phil, Ben, Len, Brian and Teri

Pat, Andy and Brian

Fred, Scott, Ben and Phil

Pebbles and Phil

Pat, Lucy and Andy at Jack's at the main Copper Mountain base

Phil and Teri (bad helmet hair) at Jack's

Andy and Ben at Jack's

Lucy, Fred and Gretchen

Lucy and Nick ("Lefty Lucy") playing at Jack's

Brian on Saturday morning after injuring his knee

Fog on Lake Dillon Saturday morning

Saturday morning view from the breakfast area

Saturday's sunny skies

Ben on Saturday morning

Freshly groomed Highpoint run

Valley view with the Flyer lift

Wide open slope

View going up the Storm King T-bar lift

View near the top

Teri and Phil on the T-bar

Looking down the T-bar lift

At the top of the lift

Teri at the top of the lift

Timberline lift opened

View from the Timberline lift

Pretty designs in the snow

Bluebird day

Phil and Ben on Saturday morning

Phil and Teri on Saturday morning

Saturday morning valley view, part 1

Saturday morning valley view, part 2

Snowmaking near the Timberline lift

More snowmaking

Incredible lift lines - record attendance on Saturday

Sunset over Lake Dillon back at the motel

Lake Dillon view late Saturday afternoon

The motel room on Sunday morning - preparing to leave

Phil getting ready to load the car