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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Telluride, Colorado

with the Flatlands Ski Association (FSA)
January 22 - 27, 2022


Jim & Michele Wolyniec, Vance Peterson, Joe Reitman, Phil Bintz, Sherry Adams, Andi Neumann, Tim Adams, Dee & Mark McCracken, Jamie Lewis,

Cindy Johnson, Rebecca Hutchinson, Pat Connelly, Teri Hammon, Simon Lewis, Len Szmurlo and Mark Johnson

Facebook slideshow

Full race results

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Palmyra Cabin outside view

Cabin interior

Master bedroom

Master bathroom part 1

Master bathroom part 2

View from the bedroom

View from the balcony

Near the fireplace

Mark, Phil and Dee

Pool and hot tub at the Mountain Lodge

Teri and Simon getting ready for chili dinner

Len, Michele and Jim

Vance, Mark, Dee, Lisa and Pat

Simon and Rebecca

Saturday evening dinner gathering

Vance, Sherry, Tim and Cindy

Rebecca, Michele, Jim and Simon

Teri, Sherry, Tim, Cindy, Sue and Len

Banquet facilities at the Telluride Conference Center

Atomic Maverick skis for raffle

Wine for raffle, part 1

Wine for raffle, part 2

 Headphones for raffle

Omaha's FSA schedule

Sunday morning view from the cabin

Enough food for an army

Teri, Rebecca, Sue, Vance, Len, Michele, Jim, Phil and Simon

Teri and Mark

Top of the Open race course

Wilson Peak on Sunday morning

Along the race course

Bottom of the race course

Vance and Phil in the Open Race start gates

Phil on the course

Vance on the course

Phil on the left, Vance on the right

Phil finishes

View through the birch trees

Sunday afternoon traverse

Teri on Sunday afternoon

Andi, Joe and Mark

Pat with a helmet on!


Simon waiting to race



Phil and Mark

Len in the starting gate

Len on the course

Phil at the starting gate

Phil on the course, part 1

Phil on the course, part 2

Mark at the starting gate

Mark on the course, part 1

Mark on the course, part 2

Herb at the starting gate

Linda at the starting gate

Pat at the starting gate

Pat on the course

Herb at the 2nd starting gate

Simon at the 2nd starting gate

Simon on the 2nd course

Len waiting to race

Wayne and Len in the starting gates

Len at the 2nd starting gate

Len on the 2nd course

Phil in the race line

Phil after the race





Jamie, Len and Joe working Sunday evening

Sunday evening sunset, part 1

Sunday evening sunset, part 2

FSA President Ryan Breding at the FSA welcome party

Simon, Jamie, Joe, Andi and Vance

Len, Sue, Dee and Mark

Cindy, Mark and Pat

FSA welcome party potato and chili

Rocky, John and Kathy

Welcome party dance, part 1

Welcome party dance, part 2

Welcome party dance, part 3

Relaxing at the welcome party

Welcome party dance, part 4

Welcome party dance, part 5

Pat at the welcome party

Joe, Andi, Jamie and Rebecca on the dance floor

Dancing the night away

Dee, Stefanie and Teri

Lisa on Monday morning

Jamie on Monday morning

Phil and Teri on Monday morning

Teri at the top of the NASTAR race course

Teri on the course

Teri and Jamie on Monday morning

Rebecca's photo stop

Teri and Stefanie

Jim and Rich


Wilson Peak on Monday morning

Monday morning valley view

Goronno Ranch

Covid seating

Paul and Teri on Monday afternoon

Phil and Teri's photo stop

Teri and Phil on Wednesday morning

Teri and Paul on the lift

Monday afternoon mountain view

Bad Idea run lol under the lift

Bad idea

Lizard Head peak

Mountains and trees

Teri's Monday afternoon photo stop

Wide open run

Traverse next to the cliff

Mountain Lodge, part 1

Mountain Lodge, part 2

Rock formation

Tall trees with valley view

Monday afternoon scenery

Ridge with cliffs

Bluebird day

Rebecca and Simon

Teri resting

Jamie, Phil, Mark and Vance

Getting snowshoes on

Denice and Scott

It had my name on it!

The club snowshoe team

Mark, Jamie, Vance and Phil

Penny giving instructions

Hollis and Kelli at the start of the race

Get your water ready

Waiting to race

Mark starts the race

Mark walking with the cup of water

Mark running uphill to tag the next runner

Jamie walking with the cup of water

Jamie pouring it in the tube

Jamie running uphill to tag the next runner

Vance walking with the cup of water

Vance running uphill

Vance about to tag Phil

Phil walking with the cup of water

Phil running uphill to finish

Sunset in the mountains

Homemade cherry and apple pies

Tuesday morning view from the cabin

Mark, Jamie, Rebecca, Michele, Jim, Vance, Mark, Simon, Andi, Sue, Len and Pat

Mountain Village commons area

One of the gondolas converted to dining

Gondola seating

Gondola wrap

Jamie on Tuesday morning

Andi and Jamie

Teri and Jamie on Tuesday morning

Wide open landscape

Teri and Phil on Tuesday morning


Andi, Jamie and Phil at the Novice race

Sue on the course

Novice racers


Lisa on the course

Simon, Jamie, Joe, Phil and Rebecca at lunch in the cabin

A little snow in the afternoon

Teri and Herb at the FSA awards banquet

Len, Pat, Mark and Dee at the FSA awards banquet

Sherry, Tim and Teri

Vance, Andi and Joe

Rebecca, Michele and Jim

Teri and Simon at the FSA awards banquet

Simon and Phil

FSA awards banquet dinner Chicken parmesan, pasta, salad and tiramisu

Lori, Teri and Lana

Andi, Denice and Linda

Andi at the awards banquet

FSA awards table

FSA awards closeup


Simon, Harold and Charles

Tom, Phil and Mark

Jim, Kip and Michael

Jim and Simon

FSA race chairs

FSA vice president Daphne Reitz

Club relay team 3rd place award

Jamie, Mark, Phil and Vance

Jamie with FSA medal

FSA Highest Score Small Club Team award to Omaha

Club FSA medal winners

back Mark, Vance, Jamie, Phil, Jim

front Andi, Teri, Simon

Blueberry pancakes for Wednesday morning breakfast

Wednesday morning view from the cabin

Morning view from the cabin, part 2

View from the cabin, part 3

Len and Joe at Wednesday morning breakfast

Pat, Mark, Jim, Andi, Phil, Mark, Teri, Joe, Simon and Len

Len, Mark, Pat and Joe

Mark's photo stop

Simon's photo stop

Hollis and Phil

Club skiers resting

Mark - it's this big

Mark, Simon, Len, Andi and Jamie at the top of the See Forever lift

Wednesday morning valley landscape

Wide easy run

Jamie and Andi in the moguls

Jamie and Andi, part 2

Long ridge

Rugged landscape

Deep valley

Andi's photo stop

Joe, Jamie, Len, Simon, Phil, Pat, Jim and Andi

Joe, Jamie, Len, Simon, Phil, Pat, Jim, Andi and Teri

The town of Telluride viewed from the Plunge run

The town of Telluride viewed from the gondola

Andi and Len in the gondola

Phil in the gondola

Teri in the gondola

Phil, Len, Simon and Pat

Jamie, Andi and Joe

Teri leading the way on Wednesday afternoon

Teri and Jamie on the poma lift

Joe, Andi and Jamie

Wednesday evening sunset, part 1

Sunset, part 2

Sunset, part 3

Phil, Pat, Sue, Jim and Michele at Wednesday evening dinner

Len, Simon, Andi and Joe

Andi, Jim, Jamie and Simon - all ambassadors at Copper

Cindy, Len and Dee

Simon, Lisa and Sherry

Sue, Mark and Mark

Vance, Pat, Phil, Michele and Jim

Phil, Michelle and Jim

Michele, Jim and Andi

Thursday morning sunrise on the peaks

Teri-silver FSA medal, Bronze Nastar, FSA Vice President...

FSA President next year-the adventure continues!