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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Alta,  Snowbird, Solitude, Brighton and Deer Valley, Utah
February 20-27, 2022


Fred, Gretchen, Teri, Jamie, Mary, Sarah, Kim, Simon, Phil, Pat and Steve at Alta

Facebook slideshow

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Phil and Mary at the Red Rock Brewery Sunday evening

 Simon, Jamie and Teri at the Red Rock Brewery

Morning view of the Crystal Inn

Living room at the Crystal Inn

King bedroom at the Crystal Inn

Hot breakfast at the hotel on Monday morning

Fred, Kim and Mary at breakfast

Phil and Pat at the bus stop

Steve, Simon and Sarah at the bus stop

Jamie, Kim, Steve, Sarah and Simon at the bus stop

Mary, Phil, Kim, Pat and Steve about to ski at Alta

Sarah and Teri at Alta

Sarah, Jamie and Simon

Kim, Steve, Phil and Jamie

Phil, Jamie and Pat

Steve, Phil, Jamie, Pat and Teri

Jamie and Teri on Monday morning

Steve getting back into his skis after finding the dip

Steve, Kim, Pat, Simon and Phil

Simon, Jamie and Kim at lunch at Alta

Old skis hanging in the cafeteria

Teri, Kim, Jamie and Simon

Teri and Phil on Monday afternoon

Snowing heavily on Monday afternoon

Snowing very hard during lunch

The tow rope on Monday afternoon

The trip up on the tow rope

Steve and Teri on the tow rope

Simon, Jamie and Phil on Monday afternoon

Simon, Jamie, Mary, Gretchen, Fred and Sarah at the Alta bus stop

Steve at the Alta bus stop

Teri at the Alta bus stop

Jamie, Mary and Teri on the bus

Phil on the bus

Jamie and Pat on the bus

Monday evening at Red Robin

Dinner at Red Robin - it's a roasted pepper

Tuesday morning sunrise from the hotel window

Steve, Sarah, Simon, Jamie, Phil, Mary and Kim at the bus stop

Pat waiting for the bus

Sarah, Teri and Jamie at the bus stop

Mary, Jamie and Teri on the bus

Pat, Simon and Sarah on the bus

Preparing to ski on Tuesday morning

View from the base at Snowbird

Short walk to Peruvian lift at Snowbird

Mary on Tuesday morning

Sunrise over the mountain on the Peruvian lift

Sun on the mountain

Tunnel entrance

Jamie and Sarah by the Chips run

Jamie on Tuesday morning

Jamie and Teri on Tuesday morning

Fred, Simon and Phil

Spectacular views

Fred on Tuesday morning

The Snowbird tram mechanical room

Jamie and Sarah with hot chocolate at Creekside Grill lunch

Whipped cream moustaches

Teri . . . I am tired

Tuesday lunch - Jamie, Sarah, Fred and Simon

Fred, Simon and Mary

Phil at lunch

Teri, Mary, Jamie and Sarah on the lift Tuesday afternoon

Jamie, Mary, Sarah and Teri

Fred's Tuesday afternoon photo stop

Simon's Tuesday afternoon photo stop

Phil's photo stop

Pat's photo stop

Steve, Simon, Fred and Phil

Jamie and Mary

it was a 10! Poles and skis left on the mountain, recovered by a boarder

Cloudy Tuesday afternoon view

Sun setting from the hotel window

View from the hotel window, part 2

A skier's room

Phil working on skis

The site of the welcome party dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory

Restaurant entrance

Sarah, Gretchen, Fred, Simon, Debbie and Ellen at the Tuesday evening welcome party

Pat, Steve and Sarah at the welcome party dinner

Debbie, Ellen, Pebbles and Phil

Teri at the welcome party dinner

Waiting on others to arrive

The streetcar in the middle of the building

Fred, Gretchen, Sarah, Steve, Pat and Teri

The selfie group photo - Phil, Pebbles, Ellen, Debbie, Jamie, Simon, Kim, Fred, Gretchen, Steve, Pat and Teri

Pat, Steve, Sarah, Gretchen, Fred, Mary, Simon, Kim, Jamie, Debbie, Ellen, Pebbles, Phil and Teri

Presentation was not a strong point but the chicken was delicious

Pat, Jamie, Mary, Steve, Phil, Simon and Fred at the bus stop on Wednesday morning

On the bus to Solitude, up Big Cottonwood Canyon

Phil, Pat, Simon, Teri, Steve, Jamie, Fred at Solitude

Wednesday morning view at Solitude

Cute child's book in the shop at Solitude

Phil and Jamie at the bus stop on the way back to the hotel

Wednesday evening Chinese dinner menu

Beef and snow peas

Complex Chinese food

Pat, Phil, Steve and Simon at the Mandarin Garden

Simon and Phil walking to the bus stop on Thursday morning

The mountains to the east

The bus stop on Thursday morning

Phil at the bus stop

Thursday morning at the transfer station

Thursday morning view, part 1

Thursday morning view, part 2

Waiting for the bus to Brighton - Gretchen, Mary, Fred, Kim, Sarah, Phil, Teri, Jamie, Simon

Brighton parking lot

On the lift Thursday morning

Sarah, Teri, Mary and Jamie

View from the top at Brighton

Brighton summit view, part 2

Brighton summit view, part 3

Brighton summit view, part 4

Teri at the top at Brighton

Sarah at the top at Brighton

View from the top of the lift

Mary, Sarah, Jamie, Phil and Simon

Thursday morning Brighton valley view

Lots of snow near the summit

View along the lift

Mary and Teri on Thursday afternoon

Snowy woods

Pretty day

View from a run at Brighton

Remains of a skier's lunch

Simon and Mary at the Brighton lunch room

Mary and Sarah doing lunch at Brighton

Phil and Simon at lunch on Thursday

Phil after lunch

Snowboard progression

View from the top of Great Western Lift, part 1

View from the top of Great Western lift, part 2

Top of the Great Western lift

Toboggans lined up at the top of the lift

It was an Easy out if you were a rabbit!

Mary on Thursday afternoon

Vacant warehouse view from the hotel window

Friday morning view of the mountains

Sarah, Mary, Jamie and Gretchen at Deer Valley

Teri with Sarah, Mary, Jamie and Gretchen

Friday morning Deer Valley landscape

Above the top of the Quincy Express lift

Long smooth run

Sarah, Simon and Fred at lunch at Deer Valley

Phil, Jamie and Gretchen at Deer Valley lunch

Fred and Mary

Teri at Deer Valley lunch

Sarah and Mary on Friday afternoon

Sarah at the Deer Valley base

All the skis lined up in front of the building

Sarah and Mary at Deer Valley

Jamie, Fred and Simon

Teri, Phil, Jamie, Simon, Sarah, Fred, Gretchen and Mary at

 Deer Valley

Snowy spruce tree

Historical remnant of an old mine

Mine description

Simon and Phil after warming up

Jamie, Fred and Gretchen

Phil, Mary and Sarah

Friday afternoon valley view

Jamie on the wide easy run

Deer Valley runs

Near the base at Deer Valley

Teri on Friday afternoon

View to the east

Afternoon view along the lift

Deer Valley landscape, part 1

Deer Valley landscape, part 2

Deer Valley landscape, part 3

Teri on the Deer Valley gondola

View from the gondola, part 1

View from the gondola, part 2

View from the gondola, part 3

View from the gondola, part 4

View from the gondola, part 5

View from the gondola, part 6

Phil on the Deer Valley gondola

On a wide easy run behind the ski patrol

Simon, Jamie and Phil at Deer Valley

Friday afternoon landscape, part 1

Friday afternoon landscape, part 2

Friday afternoon landscape, part 3

Snow showers viewed from the hotel window

The window with a view

The hot tub at the Crystal Inn

Dinner at Chuck-A-Rama also known as UpChuck-A-Rama

Fred and Jamie on Friday evening

Simon and Phil on Friday evening

Phil's dessert at Chuck-A-Rama

Each evening, Teri's car stored all the skis.  We would then get them back out the next morning

Saturday morning at the bus stop - Jamie, Kim, Mary, Simon, Gretchen, Fred, Phil

Teri and Jamie on Saturday morning

Saturday morning sun rising behind the mountains

The line for the Peruvian Express lift at Snowbird

Jamie in the lift line

View from the lift line

Waiting in line - Simon, Jamie, Teri and Phil

Jamie, Phil, Kim, Teri and Fred in line

On the Peruvian Express lift

The tunnel was open, waiting in line

Simon, Jamie and Teri in line. First time through the tunnel for Jamie and Simon

Inside the tunnel

Tunnel interior, part 1

Tunnel interior, part 2

Tunnel interior, part 3

Tunnel interior, part 4

Tunnel interior, part 5

Tunnel interior, part 6

Tunnel interior, part 7

Tunnel interior, part 8

Tunnel interior, part 9

Tunnel interior, part 10

Tunnel interior, part 11

Tunnel interior, part 12

Tunnel interior, part 13

Tunnel interior, part 14

Tunnel interior, part 15

Tunnel interior, part 16

Tunnel interior, part 17

Tunnel interior, part 18

Tunnel interior, part 19

Tunnel interior, part 20

Tunnel interior, part 21

Tunnel interior, part 22

Tunnel interior, part 23

The light at the end of the tunnel

Mineral Basin, part 1

Mineral Basin, part 2

Simon and Jamie on the Mineral Basin side of the tunnel

Fred, Phil Simon, Jamie, Kim and Teri on the Mineral Basin side of the tunnel

Phil, Simon, Jamie and Kim on Saturday morning at Mineral Basin

Mineral Basin trails

Simon and Jamie on Lupine Loop

Crashed helicopter

Second crashed helicopter

Crashed helicopter scenery

Helicopter parts

Investigating the second crashed helicopter

Mineral Basin morning lift line

Helicopter investigation, continued

Snowbird valley view

Jamie and Teri on the Mineral Basin lift

Mineral Basin valley scenery

Both of the crashed helicopters

Snowbird ridge scenery

On the ridge at Snowbird

Basin Express lift line

Kim, Jamie, Simon and Phil

Resting on the ridge

Jamie and Simon going through gates to Alta

Phil, Fred and Simon at Alta

Kim, Simon, Phil and Jamie at Alta

Lunch at the top of the Snowbird tram with Fred and Jamie

Phil at Saturday lunch

View from inside the restaurant

Teri with the top of the tram in the background

Afternoon lift lines at Mineral Basin

Outside view from the restaurant, part 1

Outside view from the restaurant, part 2

Outside view from the restaurant, part 3

Tram coming up, part 1

Tram coming up, part 2

Tram upper terminal

Phil, Fred, Jamie and Simon at the restaurant

Outside view from the staircase

Snowbird landscape on Saturday afternoon

Saturday afternoon landscape, part 2

Saturday afternoon landscape,

part 3

Lower outside view of the tram terminal

Saturday afternoon valley view

Trees above the valley

Wide valley view

Saturday evening dinner at the Macaroni Grill with Sarah, Fred, Simon, Gretchen and Jamie

Macaroni Grill menu, part 1

Macaroni Grill menu, part 2

Phil, Jamie, Gretchen, Simon, Steve, Fred, Sarah, Mary and Teri

Sarah, Fred, Steve and Simon

Gretchen, Jamie and Phil

Mary and Teri at the Saturday evening dinner


Spaghetti and meatballs

Pasta with complex mixture

Sarah, Fred, Steve, Simon and Gretchen

Mary, Simon, Phil, Jamie and Sarah at Sarah's room for banana cake from Mary

Mary, Simon, Phil and Jamie

Packed and ready to go Sunday morning

Had to get the car washed


Teri and Jamie in the car wash lol



The packed car

We almost had room for people

Packed into the car - Teri, Mary and Phil

On the way back, part 1

On the way back, part 2

On the way back, part 3

On the way back, part 4

On the way back, part 5

On the way back, part 6

On the way back, part 7

Entering Colorado from Utah

In western Colorado, part 1

In western Colorado, part 2

The Sky chutes at Copper Mountain