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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Christmas Party
December 3, 2023

Front-Joe Reitman, Maggie Little, Janet Tuttle, Teri Hammon. (Middle row) Kay Weinstein, Dee McCracken, Dale Weinstein, Linda Grunberg, El Siebert, Cindy Moore,

Bill Hronek, Ester Evans, Nancy Burden, Pebbles Forster, Jordyn Hargis-Forster, Ellen Forster, Mel Evans. (back row) Jason from Mt Crescent, Mark McCracken, Phil Bintz,

Steve Grunberg, Brian Moore, Ben Novograd and Dave Burden.

Facebook slideshow

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Before dinner

Gift exchange table

Drinks before dinner

Mel unwraps popcorn and chocolates

Pebbles unwraps her gift

The gift was meat and cheese

Waiting on the next gift

Steve chooses a gift

Hot sauces

Ben gets a gift

Dee chooses the pretty purple bag

Dave looking to steal

Pebbles steals the chocolate shot from Dee


El deciding to steal

El steals the chocolatini from Ben

Ben gets another gift

Ben gets Irish whiskey (that won't last long)

Janet chooses a gift

Janet unwrapping

Phil chooses a gift

Phil has honey and canned apricot jam

Dale, Kay, Steve and Linda

More stealing

Still more stealing

Ben steals the meat and cheese assortment

Ellen gets another gift

It's a marshmallow launcher

Mark unwrapping his gift

It's a cool ski plaque

Brian steals the Irish whiskey

Bill steals the hot sauce

Dale steals the Irish whiskey from Brian

Brian stealing

Merlot wine gift

Dee with the Merlot

Nancy looking to steal

Nancy stealing

Teri and Mark

Dale stealing the Merlot

Dee chooses another gift

Dee with battery storage

Dave looking to steal again

Dave chooses a gift instead

Dave gets the waffle maker and pancake mix

Ester had the best steal - Irish whiskey from Nancy!

Ester with the whiskey

Nancy chooses yet another gift

Nancy unwraps the hot chocolate and mug

Joe looking to steal

Joe steals the waffle maker

Dave steals the Irish whiskey

Ester chooses another gift

Dale steals the Irish whiskey

The gift exchange is almost done

Mark chooses another gift

Maggie steals the Irish whiskey

Kay gets the marshmallow launcher

Ellen chooses another gift

Linda steals

Dee steals

Brian steals the Irish whiskey again

Maggie steals the electric salt and pepper grinders

Steve ends it all with the final gift