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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Election Party
May 13, 2023



(back) Sally, Don, Gretchen, Brian, Cindy, Sonja, Vance, Pebbles, Ellen, Dale, Phil, Ben, Mark, Teri, Joe and Fred.

(front) Cindy, Janet, Linda, Steve, Bill, Kim and Maggie

Facebook slideshow

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Janet, Sonja, Ellen, Kim, Linda, Sally and Steve

Don, Pebbles, Phil, Fred and Joe

Maggie and Janet

Ben, Gretchen, Maggie, Janet and Sally

Mark, Phil and Joe

Cindy, Brian, Mark, Steve and Bill

Janet, Maggie, Don, Kim and Ellen

Phil and Fred at the grill

Ellen, Brian, Cindy, Maggie and Gretchen

Teri and Brian

Brian and Cindy

Dale, Joe, Mark, Phil and Fred

Sonja, Gretchen, Pebbles, Maggie, Vance, Steve, Dale, Linda, Ben, Joe and Mark

Steve, Dale, Linda, Ben, Joe, Mark and Phil

Kim, Sonja, Brian, Cindy, Maggie, Vance and Steve

Cindy, Bill, Sally, Don and Kim

The food table

Vance, Joe, Fred and Cindy