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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Mammoth, California

with the Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council (CMSC)
February 27 - March, 2023


Jamie, Teri, Phil and Kelsey on the lift Wednesday afternoon

Facebook slideshow - Monday 2/27

Facebook slideshow - Tuesday 2/28

Facebook slideshow - Wednesday 3/1

Facebook slideshow - Thursday 3/2

Facebook slideshow - Friday 3/3

Click on image to view full size

Condo bedroom

 Condo bathroom

Condo living room

Monday morning view from the condo

Swimming pool and hot tubs

Condo porch

Working on the swimming pool

Heavy snow at the condos

Snow piles at the building entrance

Local roadway with heavy snow

Buried signs

Driving in the snow

Entering the town of Mammoth Lakes

Lots of snow at the supermarket

Jamie and Phil back at the condo

Lunchtime view from the condo

More work at the pool

Removing the pool cover

Local traffic

Poor visibility and big snowbanks

Parking near the condos

Lots of snow

Buried sign

Heated pool

Outdoor grills

Teri at the ski lockers

Phil and Jamie at the ski lockers

Jamie and Kelsey

Eagle Lodge entrance

At the base of the Eagle lift

Walking to the Eagle Lodge

Jamie, Kelsey and Phil

Near the base of the lift

Inside the Eagle Lodge

Big snowbanks

Kelsey near the snowbanks

Teri near the snowbanks

Heavy snow, low visibility

Walking near the condos

At the condo entrance

Teri and Phil in the pool

Jamie and Kelsey in the pool

Teri, Phil, Jamie and Kelsey

Teri, Kelsey and Phil

Pool area

Teri, Kelsey, Jamie and Phil

Kelsey's snowy hair

Phil's snowy hair and glasses

Teri with snowy pool cap

Kelsey and Phil

Heavy snow Monday afternoon

Pool area on Monday evening

Pool area Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning at the base of the lift

View from the lift looking uphill

Teri and Phil on the lift Tuesday morning

Kelsey, Jamie and Teri on the lift

Waiting in the lift line Tuesday morning

Blowing snow on Tuesday afternoon

Teri on Tuesday afternoon

Phil on Tuesday afternoon

Blowing snow viewed from the lift

Back at the condos Tuesday afternoon

Giant snowbanks along local roads

Shack surrounded by deep snow

Difficult driving

Buried signs Tuesday afternoon

Too much snow

Teri back at the condo on Tuesday evening

Tuesday evening view from the condo

Kelsey, Phil and Jamie in the hot tub

Kelsey, Phil, Teri and Jamie in the hot tub

Lined up in the hot tub

Phil at the condo Tuesday evening

Tuesday evening dinner, part 1

Tuesday evening dinner, part 2

Wednesday morning view from the condo

Big roadside snowbanks

Challenging conditions

Lots of snow on the roof

Narrow walkway

Jamie and Phil shopping for gear

Church steeple

Tunnel in the snow

No traffic

Do not block trail sign

Parking along the road

Clearing the condo access road

Jamie and Kelsey back at the condo

Phil back at the condo

More snow on Wednesday morning

Big steep snowbank

Local shops

Kelsey and Jamie on the lift

Teri and Phil on the lift Wednesday afternoon

Wednesday afternoon view from the lift

Fallen skiers under the lift

Deep ungroomed snow

Kelsey near the trees

Dimly visible sun

Teri on a wide run

Teri's photo stop

Teri and Jamie Wednesday afternoon

Long lift line

Back at the base

Thursday morning view from the condo

Pool area on Thursday morning

Phil at breakfast

Jamie, Phil and Kelsey at breakfast

Thursday morning breakfast

Top of the lift Thursday morning

Teri and Kelsey on the lift Thursday morning

Phil and Teri on the lift with downhill view

Uphill view from the lift on Thursday morning

Pleasant Thursday morning landscape

Jamie, Kelsey and Teri going uphill

Teri and Phil going uphill

Deep tracked snow

Wide open landscape

Quiet and peaceful

Kelsey and Jamie at the mammoth exhibit

Mammoth exhibit closeup

Reflected view from the lunch area

Lunch break

Thursday lunchtime

Kelsey and Jamie at lunch

Teri and Phil at lunch

Kelsey and Jamie at the mammoth exhibit

Teri and Jamie at the mammoth exhibit

Phil and Teri at the mammoth exhibit

Mammoth exhibit closeup

Near the McCoy station restaurant

No crowds on Thursday afternoon

Uphill view of multiple lifts

Nobody around

Climbing up to the outdoor mammoth statue

Teri and Phil at the mammoth statue

Teri and Phil closeup

Buried outdoor mammoth statue closeup

Thursday afternoon downhill valley view

Closed due to avalanche danger

Teri and Jamie on the lift Thursday afternoon

Approaching the base

Watching a skier below the lift

Steep terrain

Downhill view along the lift

Long snowbank

Wide open terrain

Buried sign Thursday afternoon

Condo entrances on Thursday afternoon

Pool area Thursday afternoon

Pool closeup

Teri closeup in the pool

Hot tubs Thursday afternoon

At the pool fence

Drinks menu

Boba chocolate drink

Soup bowl menu

Pho Vietnamese soup

Kelsey, Jamie, Teri and Phil at Thursday dinner

Kelsey at the condo Friday morning

Friday afternoon view from the lift

Nice weather on Friday afternoon

Access road with big snowbanks

Skiers at the top of the lift

Downhill view from the lift Friday afternoon

Bluebird sky, big valley view

View to the north

Leaving the ski area

Narrow road, big snowbanks

Garage entrance

Another garage entrance with big snowbanks

Friday evening sunset

Back in town Friday evening