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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Summit County, Colorado
March 19-24, 2023


Dave, Jamie, Jeff, Brian, Phil, Andrea, Fred, Len and Teri

Facebook slideshow

Click on image to view full size

Base of the lift at Keystone Sunday morning

 At the top of the lift

Phil on the gondola

Wide open area

Keystone valley view

Jamie and Phil's photo stop

Jamie, Phil and Teri on the lift

View through the trees

Jamie's photo stop

Wide easy run

Teri's Sunday afternoon photo stop

Keystone snow fort

Snow fort entrance

Easy Sunday afternoon skiing

Sunday evening dinner, part 1

Sunday evening dinner, part 2

Brian, Fred, Pat and Gretchen at Monday morning breakfast

Preparing to ski at Copper Mountain Monday morning

Phil, Teri Fred, Pat, Jeff, Andrea and Brian at the base of the American Flyer lift

Terrain park near the base

Walking up to the Flyer lift

Jeff, Andrea, Brian, Jamie, Pat and Phil

Phil, Teri, Andrea and Jamie

 Dave's Monday morning photo stop

Andrea, Dave, Jeff and Jamie

Jeff, Jamie, Brian, Pat and Phil

Smooth skiing on the wide open run

Brian's Monday morning rest stop

Len on the smooth open slope

Jeff, Brian and Andrea

Teri and Phil on Monday morning

Dave, Jamie, Jeff, Brian, Phil, Andrea, Fred and Len

Brian, Len and Pat

Jeff's photo stop

Brian's photo stop

Phil's photo stop


Jamie's Monday morning photo stop

Andrea's photo stop

Dave's photo stop

Len's photo stop

Pat and Len



Brian and Phil

Phil and Teri

Easy wide run with fresh snow

Teri resting

Jamie, Dave, Brian, Andrea, Phil and Pat

Dave, Andrea, Phil and Pat

Jeff, Jamie and Brian

Jamie, Brian, Dave, Andrea, Phil, Jeff, Pat and Len

Lunch with Len, Jeff, Dave, Andrea, Jamie and Brian

Len, Jeff and Dave

Phil on the lift after lunch

Teri on the lift after lunch

At the top of Copper Mountain

Phil, Dave and Jeff after lunch

Pug Ryan's Monday dinner stop


Pug Ryan's entrance

Andrea, Gretchen, Jamie, Pat, Brian and Phil

Coleslaw, fries, fish and tartar sauce

Phil, Jeff, Andrea, Gretchen, Jamie, Pat, Brian, Simon and Fred

Teri, Phil, Jeff and Andrea

Evening view

Night view

Teri and Gretchen at the illuminated ball

Phil and Teri at the illuminated ball

Tuesday morning view from the motel

Lake Dillon view

Teri and Jeff at the motel breakfast

Andrea, Brian, Fred, Phil, Jamie and Jeff about to ski Tuesday morning

Easy run on Tuesday morning

Phil, Fred, Jamie and Andrea

Teri, Fred, Jamie and Andrea

Well groomed run

More easy skiing

Jeff, Fred, Brian, Pat, Phil and Dave at lunch

Phil, Dave, Len and Andrea

Chinese restaurant

Phil waiting to ski on Wednesday morning

At the central Copper Mountain base area

Teri and Phil on the lift Wednesday morning

      Fred and Jamie on the lift

Wednesday morning view from the lift

Phil, Fred and Jamie

Teri, Phil, Fred and Jamie

Jamie and Teri

Jamie, Len, Dave, Fred and Phil

Back at the base

Wednesday afternoon view from the motel

Motel bedroom part 1

Motel bedroom part 2

Bedroom picture

Second bedroom picture

Fred, Gretchen and Jamie at Wednesday dinner

Simon, Jamie, Gretchen, Fred, Dave, Phil and Teri

Fancy chocolate and cream dessert

Chocolate cake

Lake Dillon view on Thursday morning

Lake Dillon view, part 2

Mid mountain construction

Upper mountain view to the west

Thursday morning valley view

Phil, Andrea and Jamie starting a run

Andrea, Billy and Phil

Kim, Phil, Andrea, Jamie and Billy

Kim, Phil, Andrea, Jamie and Billy resting at mid mountain

Fred, Kim, Andrea, Phil, Dave, Jeff, Len, Billy and Jamie

Kim on a wide slope

Kim, Dave, Len and Jeff

Andrea, Billy, Kim, Dave and Jeff

Len resting

Teri's Thursday afternoon photo stop

Phil, Len, Andrea. Billy, Jeff, Jamie and Fred

Thursday afternoon view from the lift

Clearing skies

Uphill view from the lift Thursday afternoon

Phil and Teri on the lift Thursday afternoon

Thursday afternoon summit ridge view

Mostly cloudy valley view

Phil on Thursday afternoon

Dave on Thursday afternoon

Arapahoe Cafe outside view

Arapahoe Cafe backdoor entrance

Dave and Fred at Thursday evening dinner

Gretchen and Teri

Arapahoe Cafe history

Jeff, Dave and Fred

Phil at the Arapahoe Cafe

Checking out the decorations

Len, Gretchen, Teri, Phil, Fred, Dave and Jeff

Rib, fries and coleslaw

Fancy dessert

Len, Jamie and Phil on Friday morning

Teri and Jamie with matching hoodies

Len and Phil Friday morning

Valley view from the top

Upper ridge view

Phil, Len and Jamie Friday morning

Base viewed from above

Uphill view from the lift on Friday morning

Mid mountain restaurant area

Solitude restaurant

Jamie and Phil at Friday lunch break

Friday afternoon view from the lift

Heavy falling snow

Jamie and Teri on the lift Friday afternoon

Leaving the Copper base area

Leaving Colorado Saturday morning

Heavy snow and traffic on I-70