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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Whitefish, Montana

with the Flatlands Ski Association (FSA)
January 27 - February 3, 2023


Steve, Vance, El, Pat, Brian, Simon, Dave, Joe, Tom, Phil, Tim, 

Maggie, Carmen, Jamie, Donna, Mark, Teri, Cindy, Mark, Sherry, Andi, Dee and Jessie

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Full race results

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Saturday morning at the condo

 Condo complex

Tom, Mark, Phil, Vance, Donna and Carmen

Donna and Teri at the shuttle bus stop

Tom and Mark

Rime covered trees near the top on Saturday morning

Saturday morning snow ghosts

Mark on Saturday morning

Phil on Saturday morning

Tom's photo stop

Saturday valley view

Peaceful valley

Tom and Mark resting

Phil resting

Mark near the summit

Summit view, part 1

Summit view, part 2

Frozen lake on Saturday afternoon

Lake shoreline

Condo bedroom

Saturday evening lake view from the condo

Snow and ice on the lake

Saturday evening sunset

Deer near the condo on Sunday morning

Sunday morning lake view

Deer on the frozen lake

Mark, Tom and Teri Sunday morning

View from the lift

Snow statue near the lift

Sunday morning valley view

Mark and Tom on Sunday morning

Jamie and Andi

Sunday morning rest stop

Jamie and Andi practicing technique

Phil and Mark at the race course

Downhill view towards the race course

Waiting to race

At the starting gate

Phil waiting to race

On the lift Sunday morning

Uphill view from the T-bar

Bill and Joe's Sunday afternoon photo stop

Phil and Mark waiting to race

Pat waiting to race

Teri and Herb

Simon waiting to race

Phil, Simon, Pat, Mark and Paul

Preparing to race

Pat About to start

Simon and Vance

Simon at the starting gate

Vance at the starting gate

Mark, Mark and Phil

Base lodge

Simon about to race

Phil at the starting gate

Tom waiting for the shuttle bus

FSA President Teri at the welcome party

FSA sponsor Boulevard poster

Steve, Jamie, Simon and Maggie at the FSA welcome party

Carmen, Donna and Andi

El and Joe

Andi, Donna, El and Joe

Dave and Vance

Phil and Teri at the FSA welcome party

Brian, Pat and Cindy

Sherry, Tim and Mark

Jessie, Tom and Dee

Getting food at the dinner buffet

Oklahoma City ski club members

Omaha Ski Club table at the welcome party

Cornhusker ski club table, part 1

Cornhusker ski club table, part 2

Getting salad at the buffet

Dee, Mark and Brian

FSA welcome party speaker

FSA welcome party meal

Bill at the welcome party

Dancing under black lights

Carmen and El

Dancing under normal lights

Dancing, continued

Brian and Teri

Stuffed grizzly

Ryan, Teri and Phil

Welcome party DJ

Phil at Monday morning breakfast

Monday morning breakfast preparation

Snowy foggy Monday morning on the slopes

Phil on the ridge top

Phil, Mark and Tom

Lots of runs

Race course

Donna waiting for the women's race

Jamie waiting to race

Andi, Jamie, Donna and Phil at the women's race line

Women's race starting gate

Donna starting

Jamie, Donna and Andi resting at the end of a cold ski day

Vance, Jamie, Phil and Mark

At the snowshoe race

Snowshoe racing discussions

Mark, Phil and Jamie

Getting ready

Club racing team

Ready for the snowshoe race

Snowshoe race underway

Next group of racers

Snowshoe race, continued

Phil on snowshoes

Jamie finishing up

Vance finishing up

Mark finishing up

Frozen lake late Monday afternoon

Monday sunset

Tuesday morning at the condo

Deer on Tuesday morning

Deer on Tuesday morning, continued

Deer searching for food

At the base lodge Tuesday morning

Tom on Tuesday morning

Teri's Tuesday morning photo stop

Tuesday morning view from the lift

Tom and Teri on the lift

Teri and Mark on the lift

Phil and Tom Tuesday morning

Phil, Tom, Teri and Mark

Downhill view from the lift

Snow and rime ice on the trees

Heavy icing

Summit restaurant

Mark near the snowy trees

Tom resting Tuesday morning

Mark resting Tuesday morning

Mark at the trails intersection

Near the race course

Andi, Jamie, Teri, Simon, Tom and Mark

Foggy steep run

Andi, Jamie and Mark

Tom's photo stop on Tuesday morning

Teri and Jamie

Andi, Joe, Dave, Teri,

Carmen, Donna, Jamie, Simon,

and Mark

Uphill view in deep snow

Open area along the ridge top

Mark's ridge top photo stop

Donna and Jamie checking the maps at Tuesday lunch break

Andi and Joe at Tuesday lunch

Teri and Phil at Tuesday lunch

Mark takes a wrong turn

Mark crawls out of the gully

Jamie, Donna, Simon, Phil, Carmen and a mountain host

Shore of the frozen lake Tuesday afternoon

FSA medals at the awards banquet

FSA awards cup and plaques

FSA awards banquet room

Boulevard worker with awards banquet beverages

Boulevard Brewing memorabilia

FSA awards activities director

Awards banquet DJ

Awards banquet underway

Awards banquet, continued

Awards banquet meal

National Ski Federation rep

Receiving the FSA plaques

FSA Club race chairs

Vance, Linda and Julie

Happy skiers at the banquet

Brian, Joe and Pat

Mark, Cindy, Maggie and Dave

Donna, Andi, Jamie and Simon

Donna, Andi and Jamie

Teri and El

Dave, Teri and Carmen

Phil at the awards banquet

Racing awards announcements

Mark, Dee, Sherry, Tim and Bill

Teri and Herb at the awards banquet

FSA staff

Donna receives award from Phil

Donna, Jamie and Andi with awards and the stuffed grizzly

FSA racing staff

Mark with award

Phil with Omaha club award

Club award closeup

Jamie, Andi, Donna and Teri

Andi, Donna, Jamie, Mark, Teri and Tom with awards

Ryan and Teri

Tom and Phil with awards

Teri and Phil at the awards banquet

Mark preparing to ski on Wednesday morning

Teri and Mark ready to ski

Wednesday morning view from the condo

Waiting for the shuttle bus

Carmen, Phil and Andi high up on the mountain

Joe and Dave

Foggy Wednesday morning valley view

Ski patrol working on the lift

Rime ice on the lift

Clearing skies, deep snow

Teri and Phil Wednesday afternoon

Phil resting near the trees

Andi, Paul, Simon and Jamie

Impressive valley view

Back at the condo late Wednesday afternoon

Sunset over the frozen lake late Wednesday afternoon

Sunset, continued

Deer looking for food after sunset

Relaxing at the condo

Getting ready for Wednesday dinner

Dave, Pat, Maggie, Mark and Julie

Phil, Andi, Maggie and Tim

Teri and Andi

Vance, Simon, Mark, Brian and Bill

Dinner underway

Steve closeup

Relaxing near the fireplace

Dinner discussions

Tom and Jessie

Garlic bread

Wednesday dinner with lasagna

Sitting around

Brian, El and Pat

Bill, Linda, Joe and Dee

Linda, Joe, Dee, Dave and Steve

Thursday morning view from the condo

Deer at the lakeshore Thursday morning

Valley view from the top of the ridge

View from the road

Open trail with snow ghosts

Wide open ridge top

Valley view and snow ghosts

Teri's Thursday morning photo stop

View from the lift Thursday morning

Phil, Simon and Teri on the lift

Snowy trees viewed from the lift

Approaching the top

Four snow ghosts

Snow ghosts viewed from the lift

View near the top

Snow ghost closeup

Bent over snow ghost

View to the north

Approaching the top of the lift the lift

Teri on the lift Thursday morning

Mark's Thursday photo stop

Wide traverse through snow ghosts

Mark and Phil Thursday afternoon

Resting near the snow ghosts

Below the top of the lift

Narrow traverse

Snow ghosts and valley view

Jamie's Thursday afternoon photo stop

Phil, Simon and Mark

Snow ghosts on top of the ridge

Phil's Thursday afternoon photo stop

Phil near the trees

Tim, Simon and Jamie

Mark watching the run

Sherry, Cindy, Jamie, Tim, Simon, Phil and Mark

Teri with six club skiers

Tim, Simon, Phil and Mark

Phil, Jamie, Tim and Teri on the lift

Long run towards the valley

Simon at the top of the ridge

Rime ice on the ski lift

Thursday lunch gathering

Jamie, Simon, Teri and Phil at lunch

Jamie and Joe

Joe and Teri

Teri with Thursday afternoon valley view

Late Thursday afternoon

Jamie on Thursday afternoon

Phil on Thursday afternoon

Teri and Jamie closeup

Teri leaving the hot tub

Late Thursday afternoon at the master bedroom

Living room area

Dining area


Frozen lake view late Thursday afternoon

Phil, Tim, Dave, Carmen, Cindy, Maggie and Simon

Simon, Joe and Steve

Mark, Dave and Sherry getting Thursday's dinner

Joe, Andi, Dave, El and Tim

Relaxing after Thursday's dinner

After dinner conversations

Thursday evening at the second bedroom

Full moon over the lake early Friday morning

Deer near the condo Friday morning

Phil at the condo Friday morning

Condo decoration

Condo pictures

View from the condo Friday morning

Friday morning at the base

Chair 4 Snow Ghost Express

Friday morning valley view

Simon, Phil and Teri on Friday morning

Friday morning at the snow statue

Jamie, Paul, Simon, Teri and Phil

Jamie and Teri Friday morning

Snow ghosts near the lift

Friday morning view from the lift

View along the ridge

Jamie on Friday morning

Simon on Friday morning

Teri and Jamie on the lift

Two snow ghosts

Near the top of the lift

Snow ghosts overlooking the valley

Dramatic scenery

Steep slope

Drifted snow ghosts

Jamie, Simon, Paul and Phil

Jamie and Simon on the long traverse

Teri on the long traverse

Resting on top of the ridge