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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Winter Park, Colorado
January 2-7, 2023


Joe, Pat, Brian, Phil, Mary, Teri, Kim and Mark

Facebook slideshow

Click on image to view full size

Phil driving to Colorado Monday morning

 Mark, Teri and Mary

Condo master bedroom

Condo hallway and work area

Second bedroom with bunk beds

Condo living room

Monday afternoon view from the condo

Condo dining area

Condo entertainment area

Condo kitchen

Icicles outside the condo window

Mark on the bunk bed

Food at the condo

Mark and Teri preparing dinner

Mark preparing breakfast Tuesday morning

Joe, Pat and Brian

Mark with the frying pan

Phil, Joe, Pat and Brian

Phil, Mary, Mark and Kim ready to ski

Phil, Teri, Mark, Mary and Kim

Phil, Mary, Teri and Kim

Pat and Brian on Tuesday morning

Pat, Brian, Phil, Mary, Mark and Kim

Teri with Pat, Brian, Phil, Mary, Mark and Kim

Pat, Brian, Phil, Mark, Mary, Teri and Kim

Snowy Tuesday morning on the lift

Phil, Brian and Teri on the lift

Mary near the woods

Joe resting

Teri on Tuesday afternoon

Brian, Teri and Joe

Brian, Joe and Mary

Teri, Brian, Joe and Mary

Long traverse

View near the valley

Thin trees

Debbie and Pebbles

Pebbles, Debbie, Billy, Jordyn and Ellen

Jordyn, Ellen, Pebbles and Brian

Jordyn and Ellen on the lift

Tuesday afternoon woods view

Cloudy valley view

Tuesday afternoon $25 soup and beer

Mary on a snowy bench

Snowy Tuesday afternoon at the base

Joe, Mary and Phil

Teri and Phil on Tuesday afternoon

Joe and Phil

Teri and Mary on a snowy bench

Phil at day's end

Joe at day's end

Teri and Mary closeup

Joe and Mary on the bench

Preparing Wednesday morning breakfast

Breakfast in the condo

Kim on Wednesday morning

Pat, Mark, Phil, Mary, Joe, Kim and Brian

Teri, Pat, Mark, Phil, Mary, Joe, Kim and Brian

Pat, Teri, Joe, Phil, Mark, Billy, Kim and Brian

Ellen's photo stop

\At the top of the lift Wednesday morning

Descending a steep slope

Tricky stuff

Wide open slope


Lunchtime gathering

Mary and Brian at lunch

Joe at lunch

Phil and Pat at lunch

Phil checking his equipment

Teri at lunch

Snowy Wednesday afternoon view from the condo

Colorful birds, part 1

Colorful birds, part 2

Rare bird in the woods

Antique sign in the condo

Skiing advice

Another antique sign

Pleasant Wednesday afternoon view

Snowy pine tree closeup

Hernando's pizza pub

Mary, Billy, Pebbles and Ellen at the club welcome party

      Club welcome party, part 2

Billy, Pebbles and Debbie

Pat and Phil

Welcome party, part 3

Welcome party, part 4

Mark, Pebbles, Billy and Debbie

Welcome party, part 5

Welcome party discussions

Mark, Billy, Ellen, Pebbles, Debbie and Mary

Brian, Joe, Kim and Pat relaxing after dinner

Thursday morning breakfast casserole

Teri on Thursday morning

Mary and Mark

Joe and Debbie

Thursday morning view near the condos

Mark on Thursday morning

Joe on Thursday morning

Phil on Thursday morning

Near the top of the mountain

Rest stop

Sun and snowy trees on Thursday morning

Teri and Kim near the top

Mary, Kim and Joe

View under the lift

Mark's photo stop

Lots of snow on the trees

Billy, Pebbles, Jordyn and Ellen on the lift

Jordyn and Ellen near the snowy trees

Jordyn's photo stop

Pebbles photo stop

Jordyn, Ellen and Pebbles on a sunny lift

Pebbles on a long traverse

Sun, trees, snow and clouds

Gathering near the summit

Mark on the lift

Phil on the lift

Quiet Thursday morning landscape

Teri and Mark on the lift

Wide easy trail

Open glade

Snowy forest

Straight traverse

Skiing down the traverse

Impressive view

Kim and Mary on the lift

Clouds over the mountains

Trail signs along the ridge

Mary Jane

Mary waiting for the shuttle bus later Thursday

More trail signs

Heavy snow on the trees

Sun and clouds

Downhill view

Skiing through the trees

Kim, Mary, Joe, Teri and Mark

Phil, Teri and Mark on the lift

Back at the base on Thursday afternoon

Base area

Pebbles, Ellen and Jordyn at the base

View from the condo Thursday evening

Ellen, Jordyn and Pebbles at night

Phil and Teri making breakfast Friday morning

Mark making breakfast

Friday morning breakfast pastry

Joe, Phil, Billy, Kim and Brian

Phil, Billy, Teri and Brian on Friday morning

Friday morning snow around the condos

Mark and Joe at the base

Mark at the base Friday morning

Phil at the base Friday morning

Mark near the woods

No crowds

Joe's photo stop

Phil and Teri on Friday morning

Phil at Friday lunch stop

Joe at Friday lunch stop

Joe, Phil and Kim

Joe resting on a wide run

Kim's photo stop

Joe and Phil on a wide run

Unfrozen creek in deep snow, part 1

Unfrozen creek in deep snow, part 2

Unfrozen creek closeup

Under the parking lot gondola

Ski area shuttle bus stop

Joe and Phil waiting for the bus

Kim and Phil at the hot tubs late Friday afternoon

Swimming pool. part 1

Swimming pool, part 2

Hot tub closeup

Packing up on Saturday morning

Lots of stuff to load up

Mark loading up

Phil loading the car

Snowy condo parking lot

Leaving the condos

Phil, Mark, Mary and Teri on the way back home

Foggy mountains

Winter Park exit

Snowy road to Berthoud Pass

Approaching the pass

Pass traffic

Sun breaking through the clouds

Slowly clearing skies

Patchy fog near the pass

Avalanche area

On the way back in the Colorado mountains

Going east on I-70

Almost out of the mountains

Last big downhill

Sparse vegetation in the Colorado foothills

Approaching Denver

Leaving the foothills

Passing through Denver

Snow in northeastern Colorado

Wrecked semi

Approaching the Nebraska state line

Desolate landscape

Wave clouds in western Nebraska

Kearney Arch over eastbound I-80

Mark, Phil, Mary and Teri almost home

Eastern Nebraska sunset