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Omaha Ski Club Photo Album

Snowmass, Colorado

with the Cornhusker Ski Club
December 10-15, 2023



(front) Teri Hammon, Mel and Ester Evans, Debbie Williamson, Kathy Spahr, Denice Branum, Jeff Krinsky.

(back) Joe Reitman, Brian Moore, Dave Burden, Billy Coghill, Steve Grunberg, Scott Branum, Ben Novograd, Chris Lohry, Phil Bintz and Mark McCracken

Missing -  Mark and Cindy Johnson and Tim Adams

Facebook slideshow

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Sunday afternoon view from Sneaky's run

 Sunday afternoon valley view

View to the northeast

Phil on Sunday afternoon

Teri and Phil on Sunday

View to the southeast

Smooth groomed trail

Teri's happy place

Condo deck

Condo doorway

Condo walkway

Condo entrance

Condo living room

Queen bedroom

Living room windows and fireplace

King bedroom

Twin bedroom

Mark and Teri Sunday evening

Mark pointing out Phil taking a nap

Joe and Brian

Brian, Cindy, Mark, Phil, Mark and Joe at Monday morning breakfast

Mark and Cindy chopping carrots

Mark helping make salads

Tim, Ben, Phil, Brian, Mark, Cindy, Mark and Joe at the base on Monday morning

Teri with Tim, Ben, Phil, Brian, Mark, Cindy, Mark and Joe

Dave, Steve and Mark at the top of the gondola

Joe and Cindy

Met the Cornhusker ski club at the top of the gondola - Teresa, Todd, Jim, Rich and Steve

At the top of the Elk Camp lift

View of the Maroon Bells

Teri, Joe, Phil, Mark, Ben, Jeff, Dave, Brian, Steve, Cindy and Mark

Monday morning view from the top of Elk Camp

Phil, Mark, Steve and Joe

Joe and Dave

Cindy resting

Dave, Brian and Jeff

Joe resting

Ben resting

Jeff resting

Brian and Dave

Teri's Monday morning closeup

Mark, Mark, Joe and Cindy

Brian, Jeff, Mark, Ben, Dave, Steve, Phil and Cindy

Quiet Monday morning landscape

Mark resting

Uphill view

Dramatic scenery

Deep valley

Mark and Cindy

Jeff, Ben, Steve and Mark

Phil and Teri on Monday morning

Tim resting

Ben, Mark, Cindy, Jeff, Dave and Mark

Phil, Steve and Dave

Joe and Phil

Ben, Phil and Steve

Joe, Ben, Phil, Steve and Dave

Jeff, Phil and Teri at lunch

Lunch at Elk Camp - Billy, Debbie, Brian, Ben, Steve, Joe, Dave, Jeff and Phil

Cindy, Ben and Steve

Monday lunch discussions

Tim, Mark and Scott at lunch

Wide easy trail on Monday afternoon

Teri on the wide easy trail

Monday afternoon valley view

Traverse along the fence

Monday afternoon view to the north

View to the east

Teri, Brian and Phil

Brian, Phil and Teri's photo stop

Phil and Brian resting

Teri and Phil on Monday afternoon

Pleasant Monday afternoon landscape

Brian on an easy slope

Brian, Tim, Mark and Phil waiting for all to arrive for the welcome party

Mark and Cindy at the welcome party Monday evening

Welcome party part 1

Welcome party part 2

Welcome party part 3

Teri and Mark at the welcome party

Welcome party food line

Phil and Chris

      Welcome party discussions

Relaxing at the party

Comparing memories

Brian helping with cleanup after the party

Mark getting ready to ski Tuesday morning

Phil waiting patiently

Joe getting his lunch ready

Teri, Joe, Brian, Mark, Tim, Phil and Ben at the base Tuesday morning

About to ski,. part 1

About to ski, part 2

Ben, Dave, Phil, Mark and Brian

Teri, Ben, Jeff, Phil and Mark on the Village Express chairlift

Joe and Brian on Tuesday morning

Cindy, Joe and Brian

The Ullrhof - our lunch spot

Joe, Tim and Ben

Dave, Mark, Jeff and Joe



Joe, Phil, Mark, Dave, Ben and Jeff

Tim, Phil, Joe, Dave, Mark and Ben

Tim, Phil, Joe and Dave

Tim, Phil and Joe

Wide easy run on Tuesday morning

Distant snowy mountains

Joe and Jeff on a wide easy run

Joe, Jeff and Dave

Joe, Jeff, Dave and Brian

Teri on Tuesday morning

Dave on Tuesday morning

Phil, Mark, Cindy, Joe, Ben and Tim

Mark (sitting on his pole), Jeff, Brian and Dave

Teri, Mark, Jeff, Dave, Brian, Phil, Cindy, Joe, Ben and Tim

Tuesday morning valley view

Ben, Jeff and Dave

Cindy on a wide easy run

Approaching a wooded area

Jeff and Ben at Tuesday Ullrhof lunch

Mark, Tim, Steve and Cindy

Mark and Tim checking the trail map

Scott and Denice Branum, Phil, Billy, Joe, Dave, Ben and Jeff

Mark, Cindy and Steve

Dave and Jeff

Phil and Denice on Tuesday afternoon

Jeff's photo stop

Ben, Scott, Jeff, Phil and Denice

Teri on Tuesday afternoon

Easy cruising run

Scott, Denice, Phil, Ben and Jeff

Great snow, no crowds

Ski boots at the fireplace

Brian, Joe and Phil at Wednesday morning breakfast

Brian, Tim, Mark, Joe and Phil

Mark helping with clean up

Mark getting ready as Joe watches

Village base area Wednesday morning - the instructors were getting ready

Base area with instructors

Phil, Joe, Brian, Mark and Ben waiting to ski

Mark  Phil, Joe, Brian, Mark and Ben

Near the top of the lift Wednesday morning

Ben, Dave, Joe and Jeff at the top of the Elk Camp lift

Mark and Mark near the fence

Phil and Teri Wednesday morning

Jeff, Ben, Joe, Mark and Dave

Brian near the trees

Mark, Joe, Ben, Dave, Mark, Brian and Jeff

Ben, Joe, Mark, Mark, Dave, Jeff and Phil

Wednesday morning landscape

Brian's photo stop

Groomed run near the woods

Teri and Brian on Wednesday morning

Jeff, Mark, Joe, Ben, Mark, Phil and Brian

Teri with Jeff, Mark, Joe, Ben, Mark, Phil and Brian

Wednesday lunch at Elk Camp - Ben, Cindy, Mark and Denice

Dave and Jeff at lunch - they share the same birthday

Joe, Dave, Phil, Teri, Steve, Ben, Cindy, Brian and Tim

Phil, Teri and Mark at lunch

Teri resting on a bench

Resting on a boulder

Wednesday afternoon landscape

Phil, Joe, Denice, Chris, Dave and Jeff

Scott on a wide groomed slope

Mark's photo stop

Phil, Joe, Dave and Jeff

Denice and Scott

Mark, Kathy and Chris

Dave, Jeff and Phil

Phil, Joe, Scott, Ben and Denice

Denice and Teri

Fallen tree in deep snow

Loose boulder

Scott, Mark and Ben

Scott, Ben and Denice

Brian and Jeff

Phil, Kathy and Chris

Scott, Mark, Ben and Denice

Kathy, Chris, Denice, Ben, Scott, Mark, Joe and Jeff

Denice, Ben, Scot, Mark and Joe

Chris and Kathy

Dave resting on Wednesday afternoon

Ben, Scott, Mark, Brian, Joe, Jeff and Phil,

Joe and Phil discussing watches Wednesday evening

Empty kitchen area

Wednesday round two for the leftover lasagna, salad and garlic bread

Debbie, Mel, Ester and Brian

Jeff, Phil, Joe and Ben

Steve, Billy, Denice and Scott

Mel, Ester and Brian, celebrating Ester and Brian's birthdays

Happy birthday to Ester (Wednesday) and Brian (Friday)

Mel, Ester, Kathy and Debbie

Dave, Joe, Chris and Ben

Ben, Brian and Mel

Brian and Mark

Breakfast casserole

Mark, Cindy, Brian, Tim and Joe at Thursday morning breakfast

Tim, Phil, Joe and Brian

Teri on the Elk Camp gondola Thursday morning

Mark on the gondola

Near the gondola base station

Phil and Joe at the top of the gondola

Ben, Dave, Phil, Chris and Teri

Thursday morning scenery, part 1

Thursday morning scenery, part 2

Thursday morning scenery, part 3

Joe, Ben, Dave, Chris and Brian

Joe, Ben, Phil, Mark, Chris, Brian and Dave

Teri, Joe, Ben, Phil, Mark, Chris, Brian and Dave

Narrower trail through the woods

A little more challenging

Ben, Chris and Joe

 Phil and Mark

Mark skiing towards a valley view

Joe on fresh corduroy

Thursday lunch at the Ullrhof with Ben, Dave and Joe

Chris, Brian and Mark

Phil and Tim at lunch

Thursday afternoon scenery, part 1

Thursday afternoon scenery, part 2

Base of the Big Burn lift

Ben, Dave and Joe

Chris and Brian

Paintball course

Blissful helix

Helix plaque

Phil taking his boots off at the end of the skiing day

Phil after skiing

Joe icing his knee

Typical skiers room - stuff everywhere - at least the bed was made

Cindy, Debbie, Billy and Ben at Zane's Bar watching Husker volleyball

Phil and Dave at Zane's

Joe, Steve, Ben, Kathy and Mark watching the game

Tim, Steve and Kathy at Zane's

Teresa and Lori

Brian, Joe and Mark

Teri, Brian, Joe and Mark

Husker volleyball

Kathy, Lori, Teresa and Chris

Dave, Cindy, Debbie and Billy

Brian, Steve, Kathy and Chris

Dave, Debbie, Teri, Joe, Mark, Brian and Phil at the base area

Billy, Debbie, Mark, Brian, Dave, Phil and Joe

Base area at night, part 1

Base area at night, part 2

Base area at night, part 3

Firepit at the base

Brian and Debbie by the firepit

Mark, Phil and Billy

Firepit closeup

The pool at the Tamarack condos

Another view of the pool

One of the two hot tubs

The second hot tub

Snowmass village mall area

Snowmass village mall central walkway, part 1

Snowmass village mall area central walkway, part 2

Phil and Tim back at the condo

Mark and Joe back at the condo

Friday morning at the condo

All packed up

Phil and Teri went to ski before heading back

The steps to the base area that we climbed every morning

Phil in the gondola Friday morning

Teri in the gondola Friday morning

View from the gondola

Construction near the base area

Friday morning landscape, part 1

Friday morning landscape, part 2

Friday morning landscape, part 3

Friday morning landscape, part 4

Maroon vista

Teri and Phil Friday morning

Snowy Friday morning valley

A bluebird day

Phil near the top of Elk Camp

Teri near the top of Elk Camp with the Maroon Bells in the background

Driving home- approaching Glenwood Springs

Nice scenery on the way back

I-70 in Glenwood Canyon