OSC Summer 2006 Bash

2006 Election Results

Well, we had our own constitutional crisis when all three candidates received the same number of votes. After a discussion between the Board and candidates, everyone agreed on a random tie-breaker.  The elected candidates for the 2006-2007 are Sally Hammond and Phil Bintz. Thanks to the candidates and OSC members that took time to vote.

June 29th (Thur) Dinner, The Amazing Pizza Machine
Time 7:00 p.m., 139th & S Plaza

Enjoy a great buffet and fun in the arcade rooms. We can golf 9 holes in the dark with glow-in-the–dark golf balls and/or participate in Grand Spree Racing, bumper cars, Spaghetti Bowl and tons of arcade games. For a map and more information, visit www.amazingpizzamachine.com.
Contact: Sally Hammond 493-6056 maspendream@cox.net

July 8th (Sat) Re-planned Canoe/Tubing Day Trip
9:00 a.m., Wal-Mart parking, 182nd and West Center.

Sorry, there are no Omaha outfitters willing to support us on our planned Elkhorn River canoe trip this summer. So, based on a lead from Ron Bechdolt, we discovered an outfitter (Broken Arrow Adventures www.brokenarrowwilderness.com in Fullerton, NE) who services the Loop and Cedar Rivers. Here’s is the plan:
As a day trip, no lodging is required. We’ll meet at the Wal-Mart parking lot at 182nd and West Center at 9 a.m. July 8th. Our caravan will travel 2 hours west on Highway 92 (thru Wahoo, NE) and on to Fullerton. The float trip will begin at noon and last 3-4 hours. After the float we will either have a picnic there or stop at a roadside restaurant on the return trip to Omaha depending on a group vote.

Float options are as follows:
Canoe: $40.00 for 1-3 persons
Tube: $10.00 per person
Horse Tank: $40.00 for 1-4 persons

To signup send a check (payable to OSC) to:
Steve Grunberg, 5015 South 149th Court Omaha 68137
Deadline to signup is July 1st.
Contact: Steve Grunberg 319-1349 mailto:sgrunberg@cox.net

July 12th (Wed) Board Meeting/Bar Party
7:00 p.m., Indigo Joe’s 7425 Dodge Street.

The meeting will start at 6:00 p.m. with the social immediately following at 7. All members and guests welcome.
Note - Indigo Joe’s is a smoke-free business.

July 22nd (Sat) Armstrong Foundation Bike Ride for Cancer
8:00 or 9:00 a.m., Trek Bicycle Store, 7214 Jones St.

The ride will kick off with a pancake breakfast at 8:00 for a cost of $8.  The 12-mile ride starts at 9:00 if you skip breakfast. The ride is organized by Mike Buckley, an avid cyclist and cancer survivor.  An article about Mike and this event appeared in Rainbow Rowell’s column in the Omaha World Herald.  Bring a donation and money for breakfast. Wear a yellow-fight-cancer-color t-shirt or your OSC t-shirt.   
Contact: Sally Hammond 493-6056 aspendream@cox.net

August 2nd (Wed) Board Meeting at Feta's
6:00 p.m., 114th and Dodge in Miracle Hill Plaza

All members welcome.

August 4-6th (Fri-Sun) Getaway to Amana Colonies
Looking for something different?  How about a fun weekend with your fellow club member at Iowa’s Amana Colonies? 
What is there to do, you ask?  Plenty!  First, we’ve booked ten rooms at the Amana Holiday Inn at group rates. This Holiday Inn is NOT your typical motel.  It has an indoor water park www.wasserbahn.com and each room reservation includes five free tickets to the water park for the weekend.  Bring your bike, golf clubs and a cork screw!  The colonies are easy to find whether driving or using the dedicated bike trails due to the way the colonies are laid out. The Amana Colonies 18-hole championship golf course www.amanagolfcourse.com winds through 300 acres of stately white oak trees and forests and was designed to preserve the natural features of the land.  Talk about something different…visit the Little Amana Winery tasting room and sample their unique "Amana Recipe" wines: grape, cherry, rhubarb, dandelion and a full list of berry wines.  Also enjoy the Old Creamery Theatre showing “Lend Me a Tenor” with evening shows and matinees.  Arrive early Friday to visit the artisans and galleries in the evening.  Amana, Iowa is located right off of I-80, just 100 miles East of Des Moines. 
This is a club sanctioned outing and we’ve set it up so that each person can make their own reservations at the Holiday Inn.  Rates are $126 a night, plus tax, with two beds in each room (find a roommate or two and split the costs).  To make a reservation, call 800-633-9244 and use code “OSC” or ask for the Aug 4-5 Omaha Ski Club rate. 
Contact: Ron Bechdolt 321-2678 vp-trips@omahaskiclub.org

Aug 17th (Thur) Dinner at Surfside Club
6:00 p.m. 14445 North River Drive.

Join us for the best fried catfish, chicken and corn fritters in town! (Directions: Loop under the I-680 Mormon Bridge in the Florence section of Omaha and follow North River Drive past Hummel Park. Then follow the signs to the Surfside Club. Men, no muscle shirts or tattered shorts or they won’t let you in – seriously!
Contact: Sally Hammond 493-6056 aspendream@cox.net

August 20th Corporate Bike Challenge
8:00 (42 miles), 8:30 (25 miles) and 9:00 a.m. (10 miles) Heartland of America Park, 8th and Farnam Street

We are again fielding a team for the Annual Corporate Bike Challenge. This is a recreational ride, not a race. The start/finish line is the Heartland of America Park. Lunch follows the ride. All participants will receive a commemorative t-shirt. If we get 20+ to sign up by the deadline, the OSC logo will be placed on the back of our shirts.
To signup send a check for $18.00 (payable to OSC) to:
Steve Grunberg 5015 South 149th Court, Omaha 68137
XXL t-shirts are $2.00 extra. Deadline for signup is July 24th. $5.00 extra for late signups.
Contact: Steve Grunberg 319-1349 sgrunberg@cox.net

Sneak Peek of 2006-2007 Ski Trips (Flatland)
We are currently in the planning stages for upcoming winter trips.  However, here is the big news regarding our Flatland Ski Association trip for next year.  For the first time in its 30+ year history, FSA is holding the annual ski week outside Colorado.  Next year we will meet at Lake Tahoe for a week of skiing, racing and socializing at Heavenly Valley and other nearby ski areas. 
We’ve expanded our trip from the usual four days to an entire week, Jan. 28 – Feb. 4th and have reservations made at Lakeland Village Condos (where we stayed during the last club trip) complete with reasonably priced, roomy condos and convenient shuttles.  Details are still being worked out and we’ll have more information prior to our annual membership trip signup party.
Contact: Ron Bechdolt 321-2678 vp-trips@omahaskiclub.org



Dues are Payable Now

Click Here to access the OSC club membership application.  Print it out and mail it in for another year of Omaha Ski Club fun!

OSC Photo Album
Bike Ride at Wabash Trace – May 7th
Rick’s Café Boatyard – May 9th
Election Party & Picnic – May 21st
Thur. Taco Bike Ride – May 25th
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Safe Summer Tips
What is Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a substance that helps protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays. Sunscreens reflect, absorb, and scatter both ultraviolet A and B radiation to provide protection against ultraviolet A and B radiation. Sunscreen is available in lotion, creams, makeup, gels, and sprays. Using lotions, creams, or gels that contain sunscreens can help protect the skin from premature aging and damage that may lead to skin cancer.

Decoding Sunscreen Labels

SPF Sun Protection Factor and the number next to it refer to the degree to which a sunscreen can protect the skin from sunburn. The higher the number, the more sunburn protection the sunscreen can provide. You should use a minimum of SPF 15 and reapply often.

UV or UVR Ultraviolet radiation from the sun that can cause sunburn, wrinkling, premature aging, and skin cancer and may also interfere with the body's immune system. Look for "broad spectrum" sunscreens that protect from the two types of UV rays.

UVA Ultraviolet A is longer wavelength UV radiation that can penetrate and damage the deeper layers of skin even if the skin feels cool and shows no signs of burning.

UVB Ultraviolet B is the shorter wavelength UV radiation associated with sunburn and other skin damage.

Water Resistant These sunscreens stay on the skin longer even if they get wet from pool water, ocean water or sweat. But water resistant doesn't mean waterproof. Sunscreens with this label still need to be reapplied. Check the label for reapplication times.